May 18, 2010
The Ronnie James Dio Tribute Show




Song Title


  TENACIOUS D Dio Tenacious D 2001
  RONNIE & THE PROPHETS Walking in Circles Ronnie & the Prophets 1967
  ELF Do the Same Thing Carolina County Ball 1974
  ELF Liberty Road Trying to Burn the Sun 1975
  RAINBOW Long Live Rock N Roll Long Live Rock N Roll 1974
  RAINBOW Man on the Silver Mountain Richie Blackmore's Rainbow 1975
  BLACK SABBATH Children of the Sea Heaven and Hell 1981
  DIO Gates of Babylon (live) Holy Diver Live 2006
  DIO Killing the Dragon Killing the Dragon 2002
  DIO Sacred Heart Sacred Heart 1987
  DIO The Last in Line The Last in Line 1984
  DIO with DEEP PURPLE Fever Dreams (live) Killing the Dragon (expanded edition)  
  DIO Egypt (The Chains Are On) The Last In Line 1984
  RONNIE JAMES DIO/PHILLIP SOUSSEN/RANDY CASTILLO Welcome to the My Nightmare (Alice Cooper cover)    
  BLACK SABBATH The Sign of the Southern Cross The Mob Rules 1981
  ELF Hoochie Koochie Lady Elf 1972
  DIO Lock Up the Wolves Lock Up the Wolves 1990
  DIO Holy Diver Holy Diver 1983
  DIO Rainbow in the Dark Holy Diver 1983
  DIO Dream Evil Dream Evil 1987
  DIO Stand Up and Shout Holy Diver 1983
  BLACK SABBATH Computer God Dehumanizer 1992
  BLACK SABBATH Heaven and Hell Heaven and Hell 1980
  BLACK SABBATH The Mob Rules The Mob Rules 1981
  BLACK SABBATH Neon Knights Heaven and Hell 1981
  HEAVEN AND HELL Atom and Evil The Devil You Know 2009

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