September 14, 2010
The Snidermann Solo Show 2010



Song Title


  2 CENTS Choose Your Illusion Dressed To Kill 2009
  ALICE COOPER From the Inside From the Inside 1978
  ALICE COOPER Wish I Was Born in Beverly Hills From the Inside 1978
  BACHMAN AND TURNER Can't Go Back to Memphis Bachman  and Turner 2010
  BACHMAN AND TURNER Neutral Zone Bachman and Turner 2010
  BACHMAN AND TURNER Rock and Roll is the Only Way Bachman and Turner 2010
  BLACK LABEL SOCIETY Crazy Horse Order of the Black 2010
  BLACK LABEL SOCIETY Overlord Order of the Black 2010
  DARK TRANQUILLITY At the Point of Ignition We are the void 2010
  FOZZY Under Blackened Skies Chasing the Grail 2010
  HEART Stairway to Heaven (live)    
  LITA FORD Crave Wicked Wonderland 2010
  ROB ZOMBIE Jesus Frankenstein Hillilly Deluxe II 2010
  RUSH 2112 2112 1976
  MEAT LOAF Paradise by the Dashboard Light Bat Out of Hell 1977
  STYX Come Sail Away The Grand Illusion 1977
  JUDAS PRIEST Prophecy Nostradamus 2008
  JUDAS PRIEST Awakening Nostradamus 2008
  JUDAS PRIEST dAWN OF cREATION Nostradamus 2008

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