October 19, 2010




Song Title


R. SCOTT BOLTON DEAD LANGUAGES Ancient Astronauts (demo) Demo 2010
  EXECUTIONER Crime Through Corruption Unmastered Mixes 2010
  PANZER BASTARD Fatherless son of a War Machine Centurion 2010
  CITIZEN USELESS I Don't Owe You Anything Hardcore Punk from Indonesia 2008
  ANTIBODIES Anxiety Attack Live Fast, Die Old School  
  RAMPANT DECAY I Wish All My Friends Were Dead Insult  
  REVILERS Road Rage I Was High on Life ... And Then I Built Up a Tolerance 2010
  PSYCHO Animal Psycho 2010
  LUNGLUST Closed Casket Demo 2010
  LED TO THE GRAVE Metalwhore Sent to Burn 2010
  KYLESA Don't Look Back Spiral Shadows 2010
  TANK War Machine War Machine 2010
  KID ROCK Born Free    
  FORBIDDEN Immortal Wounds Omega Wave 2010
  MEGADETH Dawn Patrol Rust in Peace Live 2010
  ZUUL Warhammer Out of Time 2010

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