April 26, 2011



Song Title


R. SCOTT BOLTON WOLF Vicious Companion Legion of Bastards 2011
  PEGAZUS Road Warrior In Metal We Trust 2011
  SUM 41 Time for You to Go Screaming Bloody Murder 2011
  THE SWORD Lawless Lands Warp Riders 2010
  THY SYMPHONY Lords of the Seas Harmonizing the World 2010
  AXE Burn the City Down Twenty Years from Home Volume 1 1997
  WHITESNAKE My Evil Ways Forevermore 2011
  SHEAVY Revenge of the Viper 3 Republic 2005
  HIGH ON FIRE Fury Whip Death is This Communion 2007
  WARNER DRIVE Metal Bridge OK K GO! 2011
CHRISTOPHER J. KELTER THE HIDDEN HAND Dark Horizons The Resurrection of Whiskey Foote 2007
  TIAMAT Vote for Love Judas Christ 2002
  RAUNCHY 9-5 Confusion Bay 2004
  THOMAS GILES Medic Pulse 2011
JEFF ROGERS HOOBASTANK My Turn For(n)ever 2009
  BREAKING BENJAMIN I will Not Bow Dear Agony 2009
  FILTER The Inevitable Relapse The Trouble With Angels 2010
  HELMET So Long Seeing Eye Dog 2010
  FATALITY Uppercut http://fatality.bandcamp/uppercut-new-track  
  GALLHAMMER Rubbish  
  IZEOVASIS Weightless  
  KORN Get Up  
  MASK OF JUDAS Progression    
  ACCURSED SPAWN Date Rape Psychosis Death Metal Decapitation  
  ARCHSPIRE Deathless Ringing Death Metal Decapitation  
  INSURRECTION Fracture Death Metal Decapitation  
  STRINGS OF ARES 3 Seeds of Hate Death Metal Decapitation  
  WRETCHEDPAIN The Dawn of Ambition Death Metal Decapitation  
  XYPHOS What Comes Next Death Metal Decapitation  

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