July 12, 2011



Song Title


R. SCOTT BOLTON MOTORHEAD Killed by Death No Remorse 1984
  MOTORHEAD Deaf Forever Orgasmatron 1986
  MOTORHEAD Eat the Rich Rock N Roll 1987
  OUTLOUD We Came to Rock Love Catastrophe 2011
  PSYCHOSTICK The Root of All Evil Space Vampires Vs. Zombie Dinosaurs 2011
  STRYPER The Trooper (Iron Maiden cover) The Covering 2010
  QUEENSRYCHE Drive Dedicated to Chaos 2011
  BOWLING FOR SOUP I Don't Wish You Were Dead Anymore Sorry for Partyin' 2009
  BATON ROGUE MORGUE Built to Burn High End of the Season 2009
  TNT Barracuda A Farewell to Arms 2011
CHRISTOPHER J. KELTER GHOST Elizabeth Opus Eponymous 2011
  SKINLAB Know Your Enemies Disembody - The New Flesh 1999
  FEAR MY THOUGHTS Bound and Weakened Isolation 2008
  DAATH Cosmic Forge The Hinderers 2007
JEFF ROGERS SEVEN WITCHES Fields of Fire Call Upon the Wicked 2011
  MACHINE HEAD Beautiful Mourning The Blackening 2007
  KINGDOM OF SORROW God's Law in the Devil's Land Behind the Blackest Tears 2010
  RISE AGAINST Kotov Syndrom Appeal to Reason 2008
SNIDERMANN VADER Come See My Sacrifice    
  ANDREW W.K. Everybody's Raging Party All Goddamn Night E.P.  
  KAOS Let God Sort Them out The Pits of Existence 2011
  CYBERSEER Infinite Trance Origin    
  CONFLICTED Never Be Tamed Never Be Tamed  
  CLANDESTINE Fearless The Invalid  
  RATZINGER Slave of the Gods    
  ISEGRIM DEATHSTRIP Code of Consequences    
  FOZZY Under Blackened Skies Chasing the Grail  

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