August 16th, 2011
The Christopher J. Kelter Solo Show




Song Title


Classic Theme GUNS N'ROSES Double Talkin' Jive Use Your Illusions I 1991
Classic Theme RUSH I Think I'm Going Bald Caress of Steel 1975
Classic Theme AC/DC Stick Around Backtracks 2009
Classic Theme TESLA
Crazy Days, Lazy Nights The Great Radio Controversy 1989
Post Rock Theme MOGWAI Glasgow Mega-Snake Mr. Beast 2008
Post Rock Theme EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY Trembling Hands Take Care, Take Care, Take Care 2011
Post Rock Theme BATTLES
Incheworm Gloss Drop 2011
Post Rock Theme PELICAN GW Australasia  
Rock Theme QUEENSRYCHE Higher Dedicated to Chaos 2011
Rock Theme DANKO JONES I Think Bad Thoughts Below the Belt 2010
Rock Theme THE WIILDHEARTS The People That Life Forgot Riff after Riff 2004
Rock Theme I MOTHER EARTH Production Dig 1993
Live Theme QUEEN Now I'm Here (live) Sheer Heart Attack (2011 re-issue) 1974/2011
Live Theme KARMA TO BURN Thirty (live) Live in London 2008
Live Theme MASTODON Where Strides the Behemoth (live) Live at the Aragon 2011
Live Theme OZZY OSBOURNE Flying High Again (live) Diary of a Madman (2011 reissue) 1981/2011
Tech Theme OBSURA Universe Momentum Cosmogenesis 2009
Tech Theme NASUM Wrath Shift 2004
Tech Theme SYLOSIS Awakening Edge of Earth 2011
Tech Theme JUNGLE ROT Rise Up and Revolt Kill on Command 2011
Shredder Theme JOE SATRIANI Raspberry Jam Delta-V Crystal Planet 1998
Shredder Theme GEORGE LYNCH Son of Scary Kill All Control 2011
Shredder Theme CHRIS POLAND Club Ded Return to Metalopolis 1998
Shredder Theme STEVE VAI Greasy Kid Stuff Passion and Warfare 1990
Cover Theme ARCH ENEMY Symphony of Destruction (Megadeth cover) Dead Eyes See No Future 2003
Cover Theme DARK TRANQUILLITY Lady in Black (Mercyful Fate cover) The Gallery (reissue) 1995/2005
Cover Theme DEFTONES Sinatra (Helmet cover) B-Sides and Rarities 2005
Cover Theme HELLOWEEN Electric Eye (Judas Priest cover) Treasure Chest 2002

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