August 23rd, 2011
The R. Scott Bolton Solo Show
Artists You May Not Know ... But That You Should



Song Title


  BERMUDA Isolationist Isolationist(s)
  FLYSWATTER Can't Kill the Revolution Vendale Park
  ANGELS OF BABYLON Night Magic Kingdom of Evil
  COMPLEX 7 Why? Who? Where? III
  BLUE STAHLI Takedown Blue Stahli
  BOWLING FOR SOUP Here's Your Freakin Song Fishin for Woos
  FOOLS PARADISE Midnight Lover This World
  PUNK ROCK ELVIS My Way Punk Rawk Elvis
  ADMIRAL OF BLACK Bitten by the Rattlesnake The Hand of Chaos
  DESTINATION: OBLIVION The Great Lie The Bridge to No Where
  HABIT OF FORCE Unhinged Submission Denied
  THE CASKET CREW The Sight The Casket Crew
  BATON ROUGE MORGUE Serpent Eyes High End of the Season
  ST. MADNESS Carl the Clown Vampires in the Church
  LESBIAN BED DEATH No Tears Please Designed by the Devl, Powered by the Dead
  ENDLESS VOID Bereaved Apparitions  
  CELLDWELLER Tainted Wish Upon a Blackstar
  ANA KEFR Parasites The Burial Tree
  BLITZKID They're All Dead Apparitional
  DIMMZ Roll the Dice Still Human
  MARY SHELLEY OVERDRIVE Spider on the Ceiling Learn Karate
  SKULL FIST Blackout Heavier Than Metal
  GASHEAD Juarez The Isolationist
  PSYCHOSTICK Because Boobs Space Vampires Vs. Zombie Dinosaurs 3-D
  NINE LIES Nothing Left For Me
  FAREHAVEN Caught in Your Trap Upside Down

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