November 1, 2011




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R. Scott Bolton MACHINE HEAD Witch Hunt (Rush cover) Unto the Locust (Special Edition) 2011
  VOLUMES Behind the Curtain Via 2011
  DEATH Trapped in a Corner Individual Thought Patterns (Deluxe Edition) 2011
  BURY YOUR DEAD Bluebeard Mosh N Roll 2011
  LANCE KING Manifest Destiny A Moment in Chiros 2011
  LOU REED & METALLICA Iced Honey LuLu 2011
  MEGADETH Guns, Drugs and Money Thirte3n 2011
  WILLIAM SHATNER Space Truckin' (Deep Purple cover) Seeking Major Tom 2011
  MOTORHEAD Dead Men Tell No Tales Bomber 1979
  MOTORHEAD You'd Better Swim Spongebob Squarpants: the Movie soundtrack 2004
Christopher J. Kelter        
Jeff Rogers        

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