March 13, 2012




Song Title


R. Scott Bolton LILLIAN AXE Babylon XI: The Days Before Tomorrow 2012
  DJERV Gruesome Twosome Djerv 2011
  ELECTRIK EMILY Secret Weapon Stiletto Rock 2012
  ELYSION FIELDS Forsaken New Beginnings 2011
  FASTWAY On and On Eat, Dog, Eat 2012
  FEAR REPORT Bloodrust Pandemic 2012
  XANDER DEMOS Chase the Sun Guitarcadia 2012
  DEPARTURE Travel Through Time Hitch a Ride 2012
  JUDAS PRIEST Blood Red Skies    
Christopher J. Kelter


Ritual Godflesh The Harvest Wombs 2011


Two Final Words Pursuit in the Face of Consequence 2001


Slide Saudades de Rock 2008


Partying is Such Sweet Sorrow Ex Lives 2012
Jeff Rogers GOD FORBID Don't Tell me What to Dream Equilibrium 2012
  16 Her Little Accident Deep Cut from Dark Clouds 2012
  DEATHSQUAD DEMONGODS Apocalypse Joe Your New Favorite F**king Band 2012
  SEIZURE CRYPT/RED EYED DEVIL Self-Medicated You've Been Had 2012
Snidermann  A SOUND OF THUNDER Kill that Bitch Out of the Darkness 2012
  AC/DC Money Made Black Ice  
  BRUCE DICKINSON Power of the sun Tyranny of Souls  
  CIPHER SYSTEM The Hunverse on Hold Communicate the Storms  
  IN FLAMES Trigger Reroute to Remain  
  MEAT LOAF Song of Madness Hang Cool Teddy Bear  
  LITA FORD Garden Wicked Wonderland  
  MY RUIN The Soulless Beast A Southern Revelation  
  SAM KAZEROONI Something Wicked Vision  
  SPINESHANK Synthetic The Height of Callousness  

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