March 27, 2012




Song Title


R. Scott Bolton MOTLEY CRUE Piece of Your Action Too Fast for Love 1981
  KISS Secretly Cruel Asylum 1985
  AEROSMITH Falling in Love (Is Hard on the Knees) O Yeah  
  3 INCHES OF BLOOD Metal Woman Long Live Heavy Metal 2012
  THE HANDFUL Your Loss is Freedom Wooden Indian 2011
  MADMAZE Caught in the Net Frames of Alienation 2012
  BIG BANG Franco is Dead Diez Tragos 2012
  AGAINST THE WALL Look Up at the Sky Things are Not Like They Said 2012
  END OF SEPTEMBER Fallen End of September 2012
  OVERKILL Electric Rattlesnake The Electric Age 2012
Christopher J. Kelter


Fight Night Seven Deadly 2012


The Blackmobile Storm Seeker 2011


Against the Grain Visqueen 2007


Drawn to the Flame The Burning 2004
Jeff Rogers HUNTRESS Eight of Swords Spell Eater 2012
  GORY BLISTER H.I.V. (Heretic Infested Blister) Earthsick 2012
  SABATON Aces in Exile Coat of Arms 2010
  LIONS AMONG WOLVES Mind of a Child Dreamer EP 2012
Snidermann BELPHEBEGOR Impaled Upon the Tongue of Satan    
  CIANIDE Death Metal Manic    
  DECAPITATED Homo Sum    
  MEAT LOAF Party of One Hell in a Handbasket 2012
  SYNAPSES The Iron Steam    
  TERAMAZE Machine    
  THE GATES OF SLUMBER Slan the Weak    
  THE MELVINS National Hamster    
  900 POUND GORILLA F'd Up in the Head 900 Pound Gorilla 2006
  TRIBUNE The Succubus Elder Lore/The  Dark Arts  

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