April 24, 2012




Song Title


R. Scott Bolton SWEET New York Groove New York Connection 2012
  KILL CLOUSEAU Bite Naughty Shadow Puppets 2012
  TORPEDOHEAD Rotten Radio   2012
  RUSH Headlong Flight Clockwork Angels 2012
  ROYAL THUNDER Whispering World CVI 2012
  TERRAMAZE Through the Madness Anhedonia 2012
  MY DYNAMITE Raise Your Glasses My Dynamite 2012
  SOUNDGARDEN Live to Rise Avengers Soundtrack 2012
  BIBLE OF THE DEVIL Raw and Order For the Love of Thugs and Fools 2012
  KISS All for the Glory Sonic Boom 2009
Christopher J. Kelter


Memento Mori Memorial 2006


On the Ground Give Them Rope 1997


Enemy Prayer Fire Make Thunder 2012


The Money Changers Corrsion of Conformity 2012
Jeff Rogers SONATA ARTICA I Have a Right Stones Grow Her Name 2012
  PYTHIA The Circle The Serpents Curse 2012
  TRIXTER Tattoos & Misery New Audio Nation 2012
  DEUXVOLT Breathless Union of Opposites 2012
Snidermann ALICE COOPER Run Down the Devil Dirty Diamonds  
  ALICE COOOPER Zombie Dance Dirty Diamonds  
  ATOM SMASH Hold in My Head Beautiful Alien  
  AXAMENTA The Midnight Grotesque    
  BYZANTINE By Stick Figure    
  GREEN DAY Going to Pasalacqua    
  MUNICIPAL WASTE The Fatal Feast    
  SCREAMING SHADOWS Holy Knights    
  UNLEASHED Rise of the Maya Warriors    
  WYKKED WITCH The Ultimate Deception    

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