May 29, 2012




Song Title


R. Scott Bolton BONFIRE Cry 4 Help (Long Version) Cry 4 Help EP 2012
  A CALL TO SINCERITY The Novelist Foundations 2012
  LYKAION Free From All Your Fears Nothin' But Death 2012
  PATRICK HEMER Thorn in My Flesh For All Eternity EP 2012
  ANGER AS ART Master Becomes the Slave Disfigure 2009
  RUTHLESS Bury the Axe Metal Without Mercy (re-release) 2009
  SEVENTH CALLING Blood of the Divine Prelude to Madness 2009
  MIRRORMAZE Walkabout Walkabout 2012
  MERCURY TIDE Satan Sister Killing Saw 2012
  FREAK KITCHEN Honey, You're a Nazi Land of the Freaks 2009
Christopher J. Kelter SHADOWS FALL Lost Within Fire From the Sky 2012
  PREMONITION 13 Modern Man Premonition 13 2011
  TURBONEGRO Hot & Filthy Retox 2007
  MERCENARY Black and Hollow Architect of Lies 2008
Jeff Rogers SHADOWS FALL The Unknown Fire from the Sky 2012
  A TRAGEDY IN PROCESS The Human Condition Mechanical Weather 2012
  HELLDORADOS You Live, You Learn, You Die Helldorados 2012
  P.O.D. Lost in Forever Murdered Love 2012

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