July 10, 2012
The WARPED Tour Show



Song Title


R. Scott Bolton SKIP THE FOREPLAY DJ Nightlife  
  THE SILVER COMET The End of Me My Fear of Flying  
  BORN OF OSIRIS Follow the Signs The Discovery  
  MISS MAY I Hey Mister At Heart  
  VANNA I, The Remover And They Came Baring Bones  
  TONIGHT ALIVE Listening What are You So Scared Of?  
  OF MICE AND MEN O.G. Loko The Flood  
  AFTER THE BURIAL Pendulum In Dreams  
  FALLING IN REVERSE Raised By Wolves The Drug in Me Is You  
  TOMORROWS BAD SEEDS Reflect Sacred for Sale  
  MATT TOKA Say 10 Say 10  
  WARNER DRIVE Miles Away K-GO! 2011
Christopher J. Kelter THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA Mammoth Dead Throne 2011


Spell Eater Spell Eater 2012


Hyperdrive! By a Thread: Live in London 2011 2012


Another Dimension Few Against Many 2012
Snidermann INTO IT. OVER IT. An Evening with Ramsey Beyer    
  POLAR BEAR CLUB Screams in Caves    
  MAN OVERBOARD Something's Weird Man Overboard  
  NEW FOUND GLORY Summer Fling (Don't Mean a Thing) Radiosurgery  
  EVERY TIME I DIE Underwater Bimbos From Outer Space Ex Lives  
  BLESS THE FALL 40 Days Awakening  
  SET YOUR GOALS I'll Walk It Off    
  DIAMOND The Feeling    
  MAKE DO AND MEND Lucky    
  WE ARE THE IN CROWD Rumor Mill    
  DIVIDED BY FRIDAY Forget and Follow    
  I CALL FIVES The Fall Guy    

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