October 2, 2012




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R. Scott Bolton STEVE HARRIS Karma Killer British Lion 2012
  CITADEL BESIEGED Freedom Call The Winter of Evermore 2011
  TRC Sweatbox The Story So Far 2012
  MONGREL The More I Bleed Reclamation 2012
  LOCH VOSTOK Syndrom of Self The Doctrine Decoded 2012
  HOLY DRAGONS Doomsday Angel Zerostorer 2012
  OTTO KINZEL The Trophy We Are All Doomed: The Zodiac Killer 2011
  DOKKEN Burning Tears Broken Bones 2012
  SOULSPELL To Crawl or to Fly Hallow's Gathering 2012
  IRON SAVIOR Heavy Metal Never Dies The Landing 2011
Christopher J. Kelter        
Jeff Rogers NEAL MORSE Momentum Momentum 2012
  JOB FOR A COWBOY Tarnished Gluttony Demoncracy 2012
  EVILE In Dreams of Terror Five Serpent's Teeth 2012
  ARCADIA Torn in Two From Ashes, We Rise 2012
Snidermann CIANIDE Powerhead Hell's Rebirth  
  DESPITE EXILE Mechanical    
  KISS Calling Dr. Love Box Set Disc 2  
  LANG KING Dance of Power A Moment in Chiros  
  OTEP Perfectly Flawed The Ascension  
  PHAZER I've Been Shot Rockslinger  
  POWERMAN 5000 Time Bomb Baby Somewhere on the Other Side of Nowhere  
  RUSH Scars Presto  
  SCORPIONS Hour 1 Humanity Hour, Vol. 1  
  TED NUGENT Motor City Madhouse Ted Nugent  

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