October 23, 2012




Song Title


R. Scott Bolton KISS Rise to It Hot in the Shade 1989
  WEDNESDAY 13 M.F.T.W. Spook and Destroy 2012
  LORDI Cyberundertaker Bend Over and Pray the Lord 2012
  RICHIE SAMBORA Learning to Fly with a Broken Wing Aftermath of the Lowdown 2012
  SEVEN KINGDOMS Forever Brave The Fire Is Mine 2012
  SNEW Pull My Stinger What's It To Ya? 2012
  WILDESTARR Seven Shades of Winter A Tell Tale Heart 2012
  SKULLHAMMER Born Evil Pay It In Blood 2012
  GOJIRA Pain is a Master L Enfant Sauvage 2012
  THE ROLLING STONES Doom and Gloom   2012
Christopher J. Kelter


Riitiir Riitiir 2012


Mothers of Men The Afterman: Asencion 2012


The Pale Approach A Frail Becoming 2012


Unholy Wars Symphony for the Devil 2001
Jeff Rogers ADIMIRON with Dave Padden of ANNIHILATOR
The Whisperer K2 2012
  PHAZER I've Been Shot Rockslinger EP 2012
  SEEMLESS Haze Seemless 2005
  KLOGER Silk and Thorns Till You Decay 2012
Snidermann DARK TRANQUILLITY Zero Distance Zero Distance EP 2012
  DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT Effervescnet Epicloud 2012
  DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT True North Epicloud 2012
  HEART Fanatic Fanatic 2012
  ILL NINO Evo Epidermia    
  KISS Freak Monster 2012
  RUSH BU2B Clockwork Angels 2012
  SISTER SIN End of the Line Now and Forever 2012
  VESPERIA Pints Held High Voyage from Vinland  

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