January 15, 2013
The Asher Media Relations Show




Song Title


Snidermann & TITAN'S EVE Destined to Die Life Apocalypse 2012

R. Scott Bolton

CHARIOTS OF THE GODS Tides of War Tides of War 2012
  TRIBUNE The Succubus Elder Lore/The Dark Arts 2012
  MORTOR Under the Flag Shoot 'em Up 2012
  DARK CENTURY Kill the Crowd Happy Metal Annihilation Volume 2 2012
  ODIUM No Way Out Burning the Bridges to Nowhere 2012
  SCYTHIA Sailor's Accolade For the Bear 2012
  PROJECT MARS Hey! Don't Hold Back 2012
  ALL ELSE FAILS The Burden of Life The Oracle 2012
  THE RABID WHOLE Future Refuge 2012
  AUROCH From Forgotten Worlds From Forgotten Worlds 2012
  ARCANE SAINTS Never Say Die (digital single) 2012
  VESPERIA Pints Held High The Swordsman 2012
  FOCUS Hocus Pocus Focus II (Moving Waves) 1971
  FOCUS Father Bachus X 2013
  XUL Incinerate the Earth Malignance 2012
  EDGE OF ATTACK Forever Edge of Attack 2012
  ADRENECHROME Titan's Fall Hideous Appetite 2012
  SONIC PULSE Bong Zombies Larger Than Life 2012
Christopher J. Kelter


Metalhead Metalhead 1999


Snuff World Painted Blood 2009


Charlie's Out of Prison Last Decade Dead Century 1990


Meridian Summer When Reason Sleeps 2002
Jeff Rogers ANOTHER DESTINY PROJECT Reset   2012
  HER BRIGHT SKIES Lovekills Rivals 2012
  BROADWAY CALLS Lucky Lighter Comfort/Distraction 2012
  WRITE THIS DOWN Renegade Write This Down 2012

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