January 22, 2013




Song Title


R. Scott Bolton HALESTORM Rock Show The Strange Case of... 2012
  HELLOWEEN Wanna Be God Straight Out of Hell 2013
  THE DROPKICK MURPHYS Burn Signed and Sealed in Blood 2013
  HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD Dead Bite Notes form the Underground 2013
  HOLY GRAIL Ride the Void Ride the Void 2013
  HELL OR HIGHWATER Crash and Burn Begin Again 2011
  LITTLE CAESAR Hard Rock Hell American Dream 2012
  BROWNSVILLE STATION Rock n Roll is Better Than Music Still Smokin' 2012
  CHROME MOLLIE Sumthin' You Need Chrome Mollie (EP) 2012
  CREEPER War Machine Welcome to Room 9 2012
Christopher J. Kelter LYNCH MOB Slow Drag Sound Mountain Sessions 2012
  EXIVIOUS An Elusive Need Exivious 2009
  ARCH ENEMY Silverwing Burning Bridges 1999
  HELMET Vaccination Betty 1994
Jeff Rogers COHEED and CAMBRIA Domino the Destitute The Afterman: Decesion 2013
  DAVE SHARMAN Trucker Exit Within  
  BROADWAY CALLS Lucky Lighter Comfort/Distraction 2013
  HELL OR HIGHWATER Gimme Love Begin Again 2012

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