February 26, 2013




Song Title


R. Scott Bolton LITA FORD The Bitch is Back (Elton John cover) Living Like a Runaway 2012
  MY ENDLESS WISHES A Part of Me My Endless Wishes 2013
  SHADOWS PAST An Old Enemy Perfect Chapter 2013
  CREEPER War Machine Welcome to Room 9 2012
  HELLOWEEN Another Shot of Life Straight Out of Hell (Premium Edition) 2013
  WITHIN TEMPTATION Skyfall (Adele cover) Covers 2012
  BLACK ROSE Turn on the Night Turn on the Night 2013
  DUNDERBIEST Forcefed Boar's Head Songs of the Buried 2012
  UGLY KID JOE You Make Me Sick Stairway to Hell 2012
  KISS Hotter  Than Hell (live) Alive! 1975
Christopher J. Kelter        
Jeff Rogers FRANK ZAPPA Don't Eat Yellow Snow * 1974
  METALLICA Trapped Under Ice Ride the Lightning 1984
  RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS Snow (Hey Oh) Stadium Arcadium 2006
  DEVO Snowball Freedom of Choice 1980

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