March 19, 2013




Song Title


R. Scott Bolton HOLLOW LIKE ME Motor City Massacre (single) 2013
  ANTHRAX Smokin' (Boston cover) Anthems 2013
  LORDI I Luv Ugly To Beast or not to Beast 2013
  DEATH RAY VISION Shattered Frames    
  HARD SOUL Falling Faster    
  HELLOWEEN Asshole Straight Out of Hell 2013
  WARNOT His Blood Is Yours    
  ARZ Shadow on the Wall Turn of the Tide 2011
  TRC Bastard The Story so Far 2012
  EDGE Nowhere to Hide Heaven Knows 2012
Christopher J. Kelter OMNIUM GATHERUM New Dynamic Beyond 2013
  NILE Language of the Shadows Ithyphallic 2007
  YNGWIE J MALMSTEEN Deja Vu Odyssey 1988
  DEFTONES Swerve City Koi No Yokan 2012
Jeff Rogers PAPA ROACH Burn Time for Annihilation 2010
  VOLBEAT A Warrior's Call Beyond Hell/Above Heaven 2010
  ARANDA One More Lie Stop the World 2012
  IN THIS MOMENT Blood Blood 2012

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