April 23, 2013




Song Title


R. Scott Bolton BLACK SABBATH God Is Dead? 13 2013
  GUNSLINGER Breaking Through Breaking Through 2013
  ANTHRAX Big Eyes (Cheap Trick cover) Anthems 2013
  APE MACHINE Angry Man Mangled by the Machine 2013
  BREE I'm the Boss Bree 2013
  LOST SOCIETY I Stole Your Love (Kiss cover) Fast Loud Death 2013
  MY SON THE BUM Speed Chase Toward the Grave Flipside of a Fairytale 2013
  SCOTI SLATE Do Ya Good Fight 2013
  DANKO JONES Legs Rock and Roll is Black and Blue 2012
  CHROME MOLLIE Mama Never Raised No Fool Chrome Mollie (EP) 2012
Christopher J. Kelter        
Jeff Rogers        

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