July 1, 2013

5pm - 8pm PST



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R. Scott Bolton ALICE COOPER Freedom Raise Your Fist and Yell 1987
  SWEATY NIPPLES Freedom of Choice (Devo cover) Tribute to Devo  
  STRATOVARIUS Freedom Unbreakable EP 2013
  MADBALL Liberty or Death Infiltrate the System 2007
  KEEL 4th of July Keel 1987
  SWEET 4th of July Give Us a Wink 1976
  SOUNDGARDEN 4th of July Superunknown 2011
  ANGRA Fireworks Fireworks 1998
  CANOBLISS Independence Liberation of Dissonance 2007
  KISS Star Spangled Banner Alive III  
Christopher J. Kelter AMON AMARTH As Loke Falls Deceiver of the Gods 2013
  MOUTH OF THE ARCHITECT Sharpen Your Axes Dawning 2013
  NEAL SCHON The Calling The Calling 2012
  EXTOL A Gift Beyond Human Reach Extol 2013
Jeff Rogers CHEAP TRICK California Man Heaven Tonight 1978
  SOCIAL DISTORTION California (Hustle and Flow) Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes 2011
  THE RUNAWAYS California Paradise Queens of Noise 1977
  KRISTY KRASH MAJORS California Sun (Ramones cover) A Tribute to the Ramones 2003

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