August 20, 2013
The Jeff Rogers Solo Show
5pm - 8pm PST



Song Title


  ONEBYONE Burn Uberklasse 2011
  REVOCATION Dismantle the Dictator Existence is Futile 2009
  DEAD BY APRIL Lost Incomporable 2011
  SKILLET Monster Awake 2009
  BRIAN 'HEAD' WELCH Paralyzed   2011
  JAMES DURBIN Outcast Memories of a Beautiful Disaster 2011
  SHINEDOWN Bully Amaryllis 2012
  NEUROTECH Inject Me Now Antagonist 2011
  THE DIRTY YOUTH Fight   2011
  LUNAR PATH The One Behind the Mirror Memento Mori 2011
  SHINING Fish Eye   2011
  EVERGREY Broken Wings Torn 2008
  IN FLAMES Deliver Us Sounds of a Playground Fading 2011
  MANDRAGORA SCREAM Dark Lantern Madhouse 2011
  DEATHSQUAD DEMONGODS Apoclypse Joe Your New Favorite F**king Band 2012
  16 Her Little Accident Deep Cut from Dark Clouds 2012
  GOD FORBID Don't Tell Me What to Dream Equilipbrium 2012
  JOHN 5 Welcome to Violence God Told Me To 2012
  VAN HALEN She's the Woman A Different Kind of Truth 2012
  DEUXVOLT Breathless Union of Opposites 2012
  TREPALIUM Insane Architect H.N.P. 2012
  I AM I Silent Genocide Event Horizon 2012
  WHO CARES Out of My Mind   2012
  TERAMAZE Anhedonia Anhedonia 2012
  THE CULT For the Animals Choice of Weapon 2012
  P.O.D. Lost in Forever Murdered Love 2012
  SHADOWS FALL The Unknown Fire From the Sky 2012
  A TRAGEDY IN PROGRESS The Human Condition Mehanical Weather 2012
  ORANGE GOBLIN Acid Trails A Eulogy for the Damned 2012
  ICON FOR HIRE Get Well Scripted 2011
  COHEED AND CAMBRIA Domino the Destitute The Aftermath: Decision 2013
  HELL OR HIGHWATER Gimme Love Begin Again 2012
  IRON MASK When Every Brave Falls Black as Death 2011
  DAN MUMM Glass Alice A Glimpse Beyond 2012
  IN THIS MOMENT Blood Blood 2012
  DEVICE Villify Device 2013
  ALL THAT REMAINS A War You Cannot Win A War You Cannot Win 2012
  UNISONIC Unisonic Unisonic 2012
  AMARANTHE Hunger The Nexus 2013
  DAVE SHARMAN Hunger Evolution Machine 2013
  LIONS AMONG WOLVES Tribulation   2013
  FIGHT OR FLIGHT First of the Last Life By Design? 2013

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