October 8, 2013
5pm - 8pm PST



Song Title


R. Scott Bolton MOTORHEAD Queen of the Damned Aftershock 2013
  THE POODLES Bring Back the Night Performocracy 2011
  KICK Highway to the Sun Memoirs 2013
  ACTIVATOR Left Unsaid Activator 2013
  VIXEN Suffragette City (David Bowie cover) Live & Learn 2007
  VIXEN Edge of a Broken Heart (live) Live in Sweden 2007
  VIXEN Bad Reputation Rev It Up  
  VIXEN Rev It Up Rev It Up  
  VIXEN Hell Raisers Vixen 1988
  VIXEN I Want You to Rock Me Vixen 1988
Christopher J. Kelter ALICE IN CHAINS Phantom Limb The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here 2013
  PREMONITION 13 Senses Premonition 13 2011
  WITCHERY None Buried Deeper Symphony for the Devil 2001
  PELICAN Deny the Absolute Deny the Absolute (single) 2013
Jeff Rogers TRIVIUM Drowned and Torn Asunder Ascendancy  
  RA Fallen Angel Duality  
  ICON FOR HIRE Make a Move    
  MONSTER MAGNET 2000 Light Years from Home (Rolling Stones cover) 4 Way Diablo 2007
Snidermann CORE DEVICE Sixth Sense What I've Become  
  DARK SALVATION Im Nebelwalk Bargthron    
  HYMOPTSIS Hopless Misanthropic Slaughter    
  KRAMPAS Paralysis Paralysis for free download  
  LED ZEPPELIN Gallows Pole III  
  NINE INCH NAILS The Collector With Teeth  
  PARADISE LOST Cardinal Zero Tragic Illusion 25 (The Rarities)  
  CYNICISM Demon Ridden Portrait of Extinction  

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