October 29, 2013
5pm - 8pm PST
The Halloween Show



Song Title


R. Scott Bolton ALICE COOPER Keepin' Halloween Alive   2009
  ALICE COOPER Skeletons in the Closet Special Forces 1981
  THE SMEARS Halloween Dirty Protest 2012
  MUNICIPAL WASTE The Monster with 21 Faces The Fatal Feast 2012
  DOYLE Bloodstains Abominator 2013
  THE POODLES Vampire's Call Performocracy 2011
  BIBLE OF THE DEVIL Out for Blood For the Love of Thugs and Fools 2012
  MY SON THE BUM Everyday is Halloween (In My World)   2013
  DRONE Bloody Mary For Torch and Crown 2012
  JAMEY ROTTENCORPSE AND THE RISING DEAD Radioactive Zombies The Rise of the Dead 2011
  LITA FORD Devil in My Head Living Like a Runaway 2012
  WARNOT I Am a Ghost His Blood is Yours 2012
  AXEL RUDI PELL Ghost in the Black Circle of the Oath 2012
  RAGE Serial Killer 21 2012
  NAZARETH No Mean Monster Big Dogz 2011
  MAGNUS RISING Frankenstein's Monster Whatever it Takes 2012
  RUNNING WILD Dracula Shadowmaker 2012
Christopher J. Kelter        
Jeff Rogers NEURASTHENIA I'm Walking with a Zombie Possessed by Your Omen 2013
  ORANGE GOBLIN Red Tide Rising A Eulogy for the Damned 2012
  SKELETONWITCH I am of Death (Hell has Arrived) Serpents Unleashed 2013
Theme from "Halloween" (Metal Version)    
Snidermann AC/DC Highway to Hell (live)    
  BLACK SABBATH Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (live) Reuinon  
  ALICE COOPER I Love the Dead (Live) Billion Dollar Babies (Anniversary Edition)  
  AUTOPSY Service for a Vacant Coffin (live) Torn from the Grave  
  BLUE OYSTER CULT Joan Crawford (Has Risen from the Grave) Fire of Unknown Origin  
  DARK TRANQUILLITY Therein (live) Exposures in Retrospect and Denial  
  DIO Holy Diver (Live) Holy Diver Live  
  FRIGHMATRE/FRANK ZITO The Maniac Midnight Murder Mania    
  MACABRE Vampire of Dusseldorf (live) Live at Walkrock  
  MARILYN MANSON Cruci-Fiction in Space Holywood  
  ROB ZOMBIE Demonid Phenomenon (live)    
  SLIPKNOT Pulse of the Maggot (live) 9.0  
  THE CROWN Zombiefied    

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