November 19, 2013
5pm - 8pm PST



Song Title


R. Scott Bolton VENREZ The Beat Goes On (Sonny & Cher cover) American Illusion 2013
  PHATHOM Death of Me The New Piracy 2011
  HEARTSOUNDS Spiraling Internal Eyes 2013
  TONIGHT ALIVE The Fire The Other Side 2013
  KOFFIN KATS Born of the Motor Born of the Motor 2013
  BALANCE AND COMPOSURE Cut Me Open The Things We Think We're Missing 2013
  TRC We Bring War Nation 2013
  HAMMERFORCE Beglets Dostup Zakryt 2013
  KROKUS Hallelujah Rock N Roll Dirty Dynamite 2013
  DUNDERBEAST Father Serpent Songs of the Buried 2012
Christopher J. Kelter        
Jeff Rogers ALICE COOPER (No More) Mr. Nice Guy Alice Does Alice 2010
  ALICE COOPER Eighteen Alice Does Alice 2010
  ALICE COOPER School's Out Alice Does Alice 2010
  ALICE COOPER Elected Alice Does Alice 2010

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