Hard Rock / Heavy Metal / Punk Rock Release Dates



The Boggie Pop Assassin Tears of Gasolline
  Miseo Initium Et Finis  
Noisecide My Desires
Ulvegr Isblod
D'Ercole Hard Core Rock Company
Various Artists Metal Against Coronavirus
The Age of Ore Trying Times
Evil Drive Demons Within Reaper Entertainment Europe
  3 Dreams Never Dreamt Another Vivid Detail My Kingdom
┬GETOTAL ┬GETOTAL Soza Collectif
Angelus Apatrida Angelus Apatrida Century Media
Appalooza The Holy of Hollies Ripple Music
Everdawn Cleopatra Sensory Records
Feskarn Raven's Sky Vegvisir Distribution
Grande Fox Empty Nest
  Grimrmreaper The Tragedy of Being
Komatsu Rose of Jericho Heavy Psych Sounds
Korpiklaani Jylha Nuclear Blast Records
  Melting Mallows Something Sweet  
The Prog Collective Worlds on Hold Cleopatra
  Revulsion (Finland) Revulsion Transcending Obscurity Records
  Sarin You Can't Go Back Prosthetic Records
Terrordome Straight Outta Smogtown
Various Artists Mystery Metal Mixtape Vol. 2 Iron Grip Records
State of Mind State of Mind EP
  Massive Destruktion First Assault  
Disout Mien  
Massive Destruktion First Assault
Alberto Sonzogni September Man Feelmaker-Freemood
Arc of Life Arc of Life Frontiers Music SRL
Blue Hour Ghosts Due Rockshots Records
Tommy Bolin Shake the Devil - Lost Sessions Cleopatra
Camera Obsura Two DOD SelfmadeGod Records
Crystal Viper The Cult Listenable Records
Dead Poet Society -!- Spinefarm Records
  Dio Evil or Divine: Live in New York City (re-issue) BMG
Dio Holy Diver Live BMG
Dozer Vultures (re-issue) Heavy Psych Sounds
  Durbin The Beast Awakens Frontiers SRL
Enemy Awake Fallen World
God is an Astronaut Ghost Tapes #10
Gary Hughes Decades Frontiers Music SRL
Holy Mother Face This Burn Massacre Records
Human Fortress Epic Tales & Untold Stories Massacre Records
Illuminae Dark Horizons Immarama Records
Immortal Guardian Psychosomatic M-Theory Audio
  Inglorious We Wil Ride Frontiers SRL
  Jax Hollow Underdog Anthems  
Joel Hoekstra's 13 Running Games Frontiers SRL
Kreek Kreek Frontiers SRL
Lake of Tears Ominous AFM Records
The Mercy Kills New Rule Golden Robot Records
  The Nova Hawks Redemption Frontiers SRL
Orden Ogan Final Day AFM Records
Para Lia Gone with the Flow
The Pretty Reckless Death By Rock and Roll Fearless
Rest Easy Sick Day EP Mutant League Records
Riverside Out of Myself (reissue) Inside Out Music
Robert Berry's 3.2 Third Impression Frontiers SRL
Rockstar Frame Stand Up ... Jump 'n' Fly Volcano Records/Musicarchy
  Simulacrum Genesis Frontiers SRL
Tortureslave Tools of Torture
Valcata Tower
Wizard Metal In My Head Massacre Records
Arsenic Tea Party The Really Not Good Times EP
Enemy Awake Fallen World  
Drunken Delusions Buzzed & Loaded Volume I & II ULM Media
Xael Bloodtide Rising Pavement Entertainment
  Reina Negra Aquelarre Fighter Records
  Pixels & Sound Sentimentalism
Abigail's Affair Shattered Wormholedeath Records
Angel Martyr Nothing Louder Than Silence Iron Shield Records
Austin Meade Black Sheep Snakefarm Records
  Blˇ­ Serpent Malpermesita Records
Ephemrald Between the Glimpses of Hope Inverse Records
Eternal Idol Rocking with the Idols EP Frontiers Music SRL
From the Depths Back to Life (10th Anniversary Edition) Rockshots Records
Grande Fox Empty Nest  
Gravesend Methods of Human Disposal 20 Buck Spin
Harakiri for the Sky Maere AOP Records
Helalyn Flowers Airesis
Infinity Shred EP002 (Recovery) 3Dot Recordings
  In Tormentata Quiete Krononota My Kingdom Music
JaketheHawk Hinterlands Ripple Music
Knocked Down Anything But Luck Wormholedeath
Lake of Tears Ominous AFM Records
Lizzard Eroded
Malice Divine Malice Divine
Mastord To Whom Bow Even the Trees Inverse Records
Maudiir La Part du Diable
Natural Born Machine Human Pride & Joy Music
Pressure What You See (Vad Du Ser)
Trippie Redd Neon Shark Vs. Pegasus
Saprobiontic Biological Invaders MDD Records
The Scalar Process Coagulative Matter Transcending Obscurity Records
Socioclast Socioclast Carbonized Records
Venomous Tribus Brutal Records
Ricky Warwick When Life was Hard and Fast
Wintereve October Dark Horror Pain Gore Death
Brundarkh Wraith Dominion
  Cave of Swimmers Aurora
Empty Streets Aurora  
  Eternal Return Once Only
Abstrakt Uncreation Inverse Records
Timo Ellis Death is Everywhere
Sorizon Thanatos Rising
Sullen Guest Chapter III Self-released
-(16)- and Grime Doom Sessions Volume 3 Heavy Psych Sounds
Age of Woe Envenom Lifeforce Records
  Badfinger No Matter What - Revisiting the Hits Cleopatra Records
Be-Bop Deluxe Drastic Plastic (box set) Esoteric Recordings
Bonfire Roots AFM Records
Brunhilde To Cut a Long Story Short  
Dead Original Bought and Sold TLG Entertainment
Dead Register Don't Fail Me
Einherjer North Star
  Einherjer Dragons of the North (rei-issue)  
Evergrey Escape of the Phoenix AFM Records
Fellowcraft This is Where You'll Find Me Self-released
Flawes Reverie Red Bull Records
Gabriel and the Apocalypse Alpha Transcendence Remix Edition TLG Entertainment/Ngrooves
Tommy Gibbons Abandoned
Grizzle Fly You Fat Bastard
Ionophore Knells
Jarhead Fertilizer Product of My Environment Closed Casket Activities
Laced In Lust First Bite Rockshots Records
Los Males Del Mundo Descent Towards Death
  Melvins 1983 Working With God Ipecac Recordings
Melvins 1983 Gluey Porcth Treatments (vinly only) Ipecac Recordings
Melvins 1983 Hostile Ambient Takeover (vinyl only) Ipecac Recordings
Moonspell Hermitage Napalm Records
Pardon the Scars Caged Inside The Label Group
Pentesilea Road Petesilea Road
Plague Weaver Ascendant Blasphemy
Sanguisugabogg Tortured Whole Century Media
  The Slumbering Looking for Sorrow Within Ones Fears  
Sorizon Thanatos Rising
Summoning the Lich United in Chaos Prosthetic Records
Torn Away As We Rise  
Anneke Van Giergbergen The Darkest Skies are the Brighest Inside Out Music
Wulfgar From the Ashes Downfall Records
Blackfog One Touch is Enough EP Ground Media Group
  Verwilderd Homo Homini Lupus Est

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