Hard Rock / Heavy Metal / Punk Rock Release Dates


MARCH 2021

Dead Original Boght and Sold TLG Entertainment/INgrooves
Gorr Kvit Som Snoen, Kald I Blikket
Joe Macre Bullet Train
Omega Pegasus Season of the Wretched
Warrior Path The Mad King Symmetric Records
Golgotha Remebering the Past - Writing the Future Xtreem Music
Age of Aquarius Out There Rock Company
Hellz Abyss N1FG Revenge of Eve Records
Bewitcher Cursed Be Thy Kingdom Iron Grip Records
  Cobra Cult Second Gear GMR Music
Dreamshade Pale Blue Dot
Fabian Jack Bananas
The Harvest Trail Instinct
Higgs Field Paracusia
Intelligent Music Project VI The Creation
Kristian Montgomery and the Winterkill Band Prince of Poverty
Magefa Exenteration
Nixil All Knots Untied
Pentral Silent Trees
Requiem for Oblivion Hindsight 2020
Skold Dies Irae Collector's Choice Music
Spam Javelin The Three Chords of the Apocalypse Link2Wales Recordds
Sullen Nodus Tollens - Act 1: Oblivion
  Thunder All the Right Noises  
Various Artists Mystery Metal Mixtape Vol 3 Iron Grip Records
Witherfall Curse of Autumn Century Media
Wolf King The Path of Wrath Prosthetic Records
The Word66 On the Way to the Promised Land
Ronnie Atkins One Shot Frontiers Music SRL
Ancient Settlers Autumnus
Aversed Impermanent
Blackmore's Night Nature's Light earMUSIC
Cactus Flowers Solace EP People.Parties.Places
Caskets Open Concrete Realms of Pain Seeing Red Records/Wise Blood Records
Conan Live at Freak Valley Napalm Records
Cynik Scald Darkness and Light
Dead Poet's Society -!- Spinefarm Records
Demiser The Gate Eternal Boris Records
Electric High Go Easy on My Heart EP
Enforced Kill Grid Century Media
Eyehategod Built Beneath the Lies Century Media
  Feral Ghost Say It's Not Too Late  
Gizmachi Look What I've Become
God's Hate God's Hate Casket Activities
Chad Grey Always on My Mind
Heart Healer The Metal Opera by Magnus Karisson Frontiers Music SRL
Gary Hughes Waterside Frontiers Music SRL
Ivy Gold Six Dustry Winds Golden Ivy Records
Chez Kane Chez Kane Frontiers Music SRL
Issa Queen of Broken Hearts Frontiers Music SRL
Mara Djavulstoner Worlmholedeath
Marianas Rest Fata Morgana
Mausoleum/Anatomia Split Horror Pain Gore Death
  Myopic & At the Graves A Cold Sweat of Quiet Dread Grimoire Records
Necropanther In Depths We Sleep
Orden Ogan Final Days AFM Records
Pupil Slicer Mirrors Prosthetic
Saga Symmetry earMusic
Secret Sphere Lifeblood Frontiers SRL
Sepulcros Vazio Transcending Obscurity Records
Sunstorm Afterlife Frontiers Music SRL
Treatment Waiting for Good Luck
Turbulence Frontal Frontiers Music SRL
Varmia Bal Lada
 Various Artists  Heart Healer: The Metal Opera by Magnus Karlsson Frontiers Music SRL
Varmia Bal Lada
White Void Anti Nuclear Blast
Hurriane on Saturn Outsider
  WhatDrivestheWeak Lightbringer  
Fornicus / Ofstingan Split Life After Death / Dark Horizon Records
Misstress Resurrected Blasphemous Records
Terrorential Visions  
Dead Sun Night Terrors Xtreem Music
Ainur War of the Jewels Rockshots Records
Akvan Two Centuries of Silence Subsound Records
A Scent Like Wolves Mystic Auras We Are Triumphant
  Aversed Impermanent
Manuel Barbara Moonrise
Cicadastone Cold Chamber Golden Robot Records
Clouds Taste Satanic Cloud Covered
Demenzia Mortis Anti-Kult Sounds of Hell Records
Depths of Hatred Illusive Obsession Prosthetic Records
Ego Kill Talent The Dance Between Extremes BMG
Everture Emerge Inverse Records
  Gate Doors All Our Sins Wormholedeath
  Gizmachi Omega Kaleid  
  Hammerhedd Grand Currents  
  Hevilan Symphony of Good and Evil Brutal Records
Lizzard Eroded Pelagic
  Lo Talker Don't Hide the Light Pt 2 Arts & Crafts
Machinist / Dead Hand Split Nefarious Industries
Manuel Barbara Moonsire
Nuns of the Tundra The World's Gone Crazy and So Have I EP
Olde Pilgrimage Seeing Red Records
Ra Intercorrupted Wake Up! Music Rocks
Saxon Inspirations Silver Lining Music
  Slow Crush Aurora (re-issue) Quiet Panic
Taken Days Chinese Rocks Wiretap Records
Serj Tankian Elasticity EP Alchemy Recordings/BMG
Too Much Joy Mistakes Were Made
Devin Townsend Devolution Series #1 - Acoustically Inclined, Live in Leeds Inside Out Music
Trollfest Happy Heroes Napalm Records
UDO Live in Bulgaria - Pandemic Survival Show AFM Records
Ultima Symphony of the Night Inverse Records
Various Artists Fanfare for the Common Man: The Official Keith Emerson Tribute Concert Cleopatra
Alexandra Zerner Silhouette  
Warrior Path The Mad King Symmetric Records
Big Big Train The Underfall Yard (re-release) English Electric
Marasmus Necrotic Overload Transcending Obscurity Records
Next Door to Heaven Inside Sliptrick Records
Planeetta 9 Priun Pisska
1782 From the Graveyard Heavy Psych Sounds
Adult Books Grecian Urn Taxi Gauche Records
Aeonblack The Time Will Come Black Sunset
  Jon Anderson Olias of Sunhillow (re-mastered and expanded)  
Apotheus The Far Star Mission (audiobook)
  As Everything Unfolds Within Each Lies The Other Long Branch Records
  Aziola Cry the Ironic Divide Sensory Records
Band of Spice By the Corner of Tomorrow Scarlet Records
Blind Faith Closer Wormholedeath
Blindfolded and Led to the Woods Nightmare Withdrawls
BruteAllies Ash and Nails Wormholedeath
Cathal Coughlan Owl in the Parlour Dimple Discs
Celestial Sanctuary Soul Diminshed Redefining Darkness Records
Cryptosis Bionic Swarm Century Media
Dead Animal Assembly Plant Bring Out the Dead Amalyte Industries
Death of a Dryad HameIn Wormholedeath
Demande a la Poussiere Quietude Hostile My Kingdom Music
Distant Past The Final Stage Pure Steel
District 97 Screenplay
Draken Draken Majestic Mountain Records
The Drowned God Pale Home Solid State Records
GoMa The Dark Monarc Machineman Records
Ionophore Knells
Images of Eden Angel Born Pavement Records
Janina Jade Heart of Rock'n'Roll GMR Music
Juliet Ruin Dark Water
Kill the Con Man Operation Just Cause
Lamb of God Lamb of God (re-issue) Epic Records
Liquid Tension Experiment LTE3 Inside/Out Music
Marasmus Necrotic Overlord Transcending Obscurity
  Memoriam To the End Reaper Entertainment
Mephisto Pentafxion Wormholedeath
Metalite A Virtual World AFM Records
The Mighty One The Torch of Rock and Roll S.A.O.L. Music
  Steven Neufeld Craig's Other Brother Thousand Island Records
Odd Dimension The Blue Dawn Scarlet Records
Plastic Tears Anthems for Misfits Wormholedeath Records
Suzi Quatro The Devil In Me SPV/Steamhammer
Rapid Strike Rapid Strike Wormholedeath
Sanguisugabogg Tortured Whole Century Media
Schysma Schysma Wormholedeath/The Orchard
  Silent Winter Empire of Sins Pride & Joy Music
Space Cadet Lion on a Leash Wiretap Records
Stepson Help Me, Help You SharpTone Records
Joe Strummer Assembly
Synastry Dividing the Double Helix
Tomahawk Tonic Immobility Ipecac
George Tsalkis Return to Power Pure Steel
Various Artists Sunday, Someday Get Better Records
Wheel Resident Human
Wythersake Antiquity Scarlet Records
Yawning Sons Sky Island Ripple Music
Zeit Betonkrebs
Blindfolded and Led to the Woods Nightmare Withdrawls
Falling Doves Electric Dove Cherry Music
Amethyst Straight to Hell  
Meursault Omega Cold Thirst  

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