Hard Rock / Heavy Metal / Punk Rock Release Dates


APRIL 2021

Carl Verheyen Sundial Cleopatra Records
Raven's Call Obscure Fate (EP) Inverse Records
Sweet Isolation Boulevard Aviator Entertainment
Avaland Theater of Sorcery Rockshots Records
Blue Ox Holy Vore
Bridge Burner Disempath Hibernation Release
Byrthing Visage  
Cactus Tightrope Cleopatra Records
Evil Drive Demons Within
Helstar Clad in Black Massacre Records
Jointhugger Reaper Session EP Majestic Mountain
Journey Into Darkness Multitudes of Emptiness Deformething Productions
Mortify Grotesque Buzzsaw Defilment Horror Pain Gore Death
Mythic Sunship Wildfire Tee Pee Records
No Hope for the Lost The Pilgrimage EP Octave Studios
Plaguewielder Covenent Death Disorder Recordings
Pulse ImPulse Worlmholedeath Records
Social Scream From Ashes to Hope
Christ St. John I'm Dreaming
Kenny McCormick Alien  
  Ornimental Red, White ... and Wrath  
I, Pariah Dystopion Visionts
Yatsu The One with the Mosh Riffs
Arion Vultures Die Alone AFM Records
Assertion Intermission Spartan Records
Baron Crane Commotions (reissue) Mrs. Red Sound
  Ricky Byrd Sobering Times BFD/The Orchard
Chaser Dreamers Thousand Island Records/Soundspeed Records
Cheap Trick Another World
  Dark the Suns Suru Raivosi Sydameni Pimeydessa Inverse Records
The End Machine Phase2 Frontiers Music SRL
Final Error Dead Man Walking Kernkraftritter Records
FM Tough It Out Live!
Horndal Lake Drinker Prosthetic Records
  Infinite and Divine Silver Lining Frontiers Music SRL
  Lazer Beam Lazer Beam LCF Recors
Les Chants Du Hasard Livre Troisieme
  The Limit Caveman Logic Svart Records
Lynyrd Skynyrd Live at Knebworth '76 Eagle Rock
Mark Mallman Happiness
Neckbeard Noose Assosrted Remains 10oz Weasel Box Studio
  One Hundred Thousand Zodiac  
Screamachine Screamachine Frontiers Music SRL
Soothsayer Echoes of the Earth Transcending Obscurity Records
  Sweet Oblivion Relentless Frontiers Music SRL
  Nad Sylvan The Stolen Child Inside Out Music
  Texas Taliban Runs on Hate Pavement Entertainment
  Throne Pestilent Dawn Redefining Darkness Records
  The Treatment Waiting for Good Luck Frontiers Music SRL
Zao The Crimson Corridor
Bewitcher Cursed Be thy Kingdom
Black Light Firestealer
  David Cook The Looking Glass  
Escape the Fate Chemical Warfare
Marty Friedman Tokyo Jukebox 3 The Players Club/Mascot
Gerald Gradwohl Group Episode 6 Cleopatra
  Haunt Beautiful Distraction Iron Grip Records
Peter Hermansson Second Glance GMR Music
Icon of Sin Icon of Sin Frontiers Music SRL
Jo Below No Control (EP) Inverse Records
Deine Lakaien Dual Prophecy Productions
Melkor Brandmale Crawling Chaos Records
Monarch Future Shock
Pathfinders Ares Vallis Music-Records
  Temple Balls Pyromide Frontiers Music SRL
There Were Wires Somnambulists (reissue) Iodine Records
  Vetter Av Sublim Natur Duplicate Records
Wednesday 13 Necrophaze - Antidote Nuclear Blast
While She Sleeps Sleep Society Spinefarm
  Devilz by Definition The Bitter Remains of Human Consumption  
The Offspring Let the Bad Times Roll
Until the Sun Drowning in Blue
  Atlas of Elysian Through the Threads of Reality
Necralant Temples of Ruin Upside Underground Productions
  Black Wail Born on Fire EP Rhyme & Reason
  Gilby Clarke The Gospel Truth Golden Robot Records
  Crypts of Despair All Light Swalloed Transcending Obscurity
Darwin DawWin 3 Unplugged Cleopatra
Extinguish Extinguish Creator-Destructor Records
Firewing Resurrection Massacre Records
Frozen Crown Winterbane Scarlet Records
  Harker Axiom Wiretap Records
  Hideous Divnity LV-426 Century Media
Locked In The Solemn Leap
  Monnier Monnier Horror Pain Gore Death
Mother of All  Age of Solipsist Black Lion Records
  Noeta Elm Prophecy
Omega Nebra Dusktone
  Paraphilia Primordium of Sinister Butchery  
  Paysage D'Hiver Geister Kuntshall Produkteionen
Various Artists Sounds of Hell 3 Sounds of Hell
Vexillum When Good Men Go to War Scarlet Records
Void Vator Great Fear Rising Ripple Music
Warcall Dead End Pt 1 Plan B Music
The Anitkaroshi Extrat, Transform, Debase Mainstream Records
Macabre Demise/Sucking Leech Split Self-released
Coney Hatch Live from the El Macambo
Genuine Inert & Unerring Loud Rage Music
Sylvatica Ashes and Snow Loud Rage Music
John MCris Ark Symmetric Records
  Alchemia Inception Wormholedeath
  Arched Fire Remote Control Wormhole Death
As We Suffer The Fallen Pillars
Axedra Mass Deception
Before We Fall Healed by Fear Inverse Records
Blind Drive Redemption EP
Bloody Hell The Bloodening Rockshots Records
Corky Laing's Mountain Turn Up That Dial Born & Bred Records
  Crypts of Despair All Light Swallowed Transcending Obscurity Records
Dropkick Murphys Turn Up That Dial
  Dukov Death is Okay Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
Evile Hell Unleashed Napalm Records
  Hammerhedd Grant Currents
  Ironbound The Lightbringer Ossuary Records
  Kadaver/Listing Kadaver/Listing Aesthetic Death
King Baal Conjurements Wormhole Death Music
Kulick Sitting in a Quiet Coffehouse
Bob Lord Playland Arcade Bob Lord Music
Lost at Sea Motion Sickness Revial Recordings
Mindless Sinner Turn on the Power Pure Steel Records
OneFromtheNorth Through the Gray Stone to Ravage
Oryx Lamenting a Dead World Translation Loss Records
Plasmodium Towers of Silence Transcnending Obscurity Records
Silent Verdicts Condemned Wormhole Death Records
Temtris Ritual Warfare Wormhole Death Records
Tetrarch Unstable Napalm Records
Trauma Reign of Terror Selfmadegod Records
Various Artists Scavenger Soundtrack Cleopatra Records
Witchbound End of Paradise El Puerto

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