Hard Rock / Heavy Metal / Punk Rock Release Dates


MAY 2021

Grafting the Vine Golden Gate
Ren Marabou Valhalla Waits
  Rituals of the Dead Hand With Hoof & Horn Dunkelheit Produktionen
Soziales Hetzwerk Provokateur
Wolfstar Apotheosis
Fang Spun Helga (first digital release) Die Laughing/Golden Robot Records
Lucid Sins Cursed Totem Cat Records
+oc Pandemonium
  Acid's Trip Strings of Soul Heavy Psych Records
  Aduanten Sullen Cadence Self-released
American Television Adolescence Wiretap Records
Ape Vermin Arctic Noise Koloss Records
  The Aristocrats Freeze! Live in Europe 2020  
Arachnes A New Day (reissue) Music for the Masses
Beastwood The Long Road to Ho Coffin & Bolt/Golden Robot
  Crystal Winds Return to the Dark Age Sleaszy Rider Recordds
  Cvlt ov the Svn We are the Dragon Napalm Records
Dawn Ray'd Wild Fire Prosthetic Records
Deadwolff Deadwolff (cassette edition) Metal Assualt Records
  Desolation Empire of the Damned Sleaszy Rider Records
  Diamante American Dream  
The D.O.O.D. Kill the Light
False Memories The Last Night of Fall Frontiers Music SRL
  Fragment of Soul Axiom of Choice  
Ghost Iris Comatose Long Branch Records
Immortal Synn Force of Habit
Kataan Kataan Prosthetic Records
  Kayak Out of this World Inside Out Music
La Nausee Battering Ram Spectral Hound Records
Led to the Grave Pray for Death Horror Pain Gore Death
  Lord Vampyr The Vampire's Legacy Sleaszy Rider Records
  Robin Mcauley Standing on the Edge Frontiers Music SRL
Moon Coven Slumber Wood Ripple Music
Night Demon Night Demon (Expanded Edition) Iron Grip Records
  Nightshadow Strike Them Dead  
Pentral What Lies Ahead of Us
Procul Harum Missing Persons (Alive Forever) Esoteric Antenna
Renaissance 50th Anniversary: Ashes are Burning
Riverboat Gamblers Ramotorhead
Reality Gray Beneath This Crown Blood Blast Distribution
Round Eye Culture Shock Treatment
Rymo Kinetic
  Saliva Every Twenty Years EP Megaforce
Save the World Two Frontiers Music SRL
  Scarved Flashback Sleaszy Rider Records
  Servant Leader Raised by Wovles Pt 2  
  Skarlett Riot Invicta Despotz Records
  Somberwind Remain Sleaszy Rider Records
Sonic Haven Vagabond Frontiers Music SRL
  Mike Spiro Traveling Cowboys Frontiers Music SRL
Stone Whiskey Rebels of the Sun
  Sumo Cyco Initiation Napalm Records
Supervoid The Giant Nothing Subsound Records
Terminalist The Greaet Acceleration Indisciplinarian
Tommy's Rock Trip Beat Up by Rock'n'Roll Frontiers Music SRL
Zwiespalt Distanz
The Chris Rolling Squad Cannonball Holocaust
Before & Apace The Denisovan Self-released
Lawrence Wallace Lost at Sea
Illusory Crimson Wreath Rockshots Records
Levara Automatic
Zodiak Sermons (Reissue) Translation Loss Records
Antioch V Pure Steel
Bala Maleza Century Media
Belvedere Hindsight is the Sixth Sense Thousand Island Records
Bernth Elevation
Block Parent Sick Year, Bro! Glue Gun Records
Canvas Solaris Chromosphere Divebomb Records
Dodsferd Skotos Transcending Obscurity Records
Don't Believe in Ghosts Solutions
Dope Sagitarius Sacred Pieces Buddhabug Records
Dordeduh Har Prophecy Records
The Ember, The Ash Fixation Prosthetic Records
Galleons Galleons Famined Records
High Reeper / Hippie Death Cult Split Doom Sessions Vol. 5 Heavy Psych Sounds
Levara Levara  
Mouth for War Life Cast in Glass 1126 Records
Osyron Kingsbane: Deluxe Edition
Project Roenwolfe Edge of Saturn Divebomb Records
Scar of the Sun Inertia Napalm Records
  Seventh Crystal Delirium Frontiers Music SRL
Siniestro Vortexx Black Lodge Records
Solanum Ruled by the Cruel Horror Pain Gore Death
Subterranean Masquerade Mountain Fever Sensory Records
Sunbomb Evil and Divine Frontiers Music SRL
Per Wiberg All is Well in the land of the Living, But for the Rest of Us ... Lights Out. Despotz Records
Wolverine A Darkened Sun Soundtrack Sensory Records
Astrakhan A Slow Ride Towards Death Sound Pollution
Celtic Hills Mystai Keltoy Elevate Records
Oldskull Nether Hollow of No Return Inhuman Assault Productions
Various Artists Metal! Live in Bahrain, Vol. 2 Total Metal PR
Ice War Sacred Land Fighter Records
Chthonic Chthonic Megaport 2021
August Burns Red Leveler: 10th Anniversary Edition ABR Records
An Autumn for Crippled Children As the Morning Dreams We Close Our Eyes Prosthetic Records
Derev Leap of Faith EP
  The Devil Wears Prada ZII Solid State Records
Digital Negative Digital Negative Hostile 1 Tapes
Dosferd Skotos Transcending Obscurity Records
Emperors & Angels Emperors & Angels Curtain Call Records
Emptynest Nesting the Void EP Volcano Records
End You Aimless Dread Pax Aeternum
Flying Penguin Orange Hicktown Records
Gate Til Nord EP Indie Recordings
Godless Throne Damnation Through Design
Gridfailure Dismemberment Cabaret
  Hanging Garden Skeleton Lake Lifeforce Records
Hundred Headless Horseman Apokalepsia Inverse Records
Illusory Crimson Wreath Rockshots Records
I, Pariah Dystopian Visions
The Jailbirds Jungle EP Golden Robot Records
Leach Lovely Light of Life Brutal Records
Laura Meade The Most Dangerous Woman in America
Leach Lovely Light of Life Brutal Records
Lord of Pagathron Age of Curse Woodcut Records
Monster Magnet A Better Dystopia Napalm Records
Morbid Breath In the Hand of the Reaper Redefining Darkness Records
Nobody Eternal Infernal Inverse Records
Obsolete Theory Dawnfall My Kingdom Music
Odeium Deus Brutal Slaughter Womrholedeath
Rapid Strike Rapid Strike
Revisionist The Emptiness of Gravity EP
Robots of the Ancient World Mystic Goddess Small Stone Records
Sa-Roc The Sharecropper's Daughter Deluxe
Skeletal Remains Beyond the Flesh (re-issue)
Skeletal Remains Condemned to Misery (re-issue)
Skeletal Remains Desolate Isolation (re-issue)
Thundermother Heatwave AFM Records
The Tragically Hip Saskadelphia Universal Music
Trick or Treat The Unlocked Songs Scarlet Records
Vexed Culling Culture Napalm Records
Wolf Theory WLFTHRY Volcano Records
Zgard Place of Power Schwarzdorn Productions
Down the Void Groovy Wolf in the Sky Lilith
Pennies by the Pound Heat Death of the Universe Lilith
Upper Lip Deep Within Pride & Joy Music
Debauchery Monster Metal Massacre Records
Vile Haint Vile Haint Moonlight Cypress Archetypes
Angstskrig Skyggespil Despotz Records
Bleeth Harbinger Seeing Red Records
Damnation Majesty in Degradation Loud Rage Records/Pest Records
Debauchery Monster Metal Massacre Records
Dead Soul Revival Down for the Last Time
Eclipser Pages
Engraver Behind Wormhole Death Records
  GWAR The Disc with No Name Pit Records
Hellryder The Devil is a Gambler Rock of Angels Records
Karpenter Sleepless Rockshots Records
Kill the Imposter The Violence Sessions  
King of Asgard Svartrvior Trollmusic
Notule Wretched Abyss Translation Loss Records/Church Road Records
  Sadistik Forest Obscure Old Remains Transcending Obscurity
Schismopathic The Human Legacy
Silver Talon Decadence and Decay M Theory
Stormruler Under the Burning Eclipse Napalm Records
  Justin Sullivan Surrounded EarMusic
  Unidad Trauma Arte Medica Siniestra EP Concreto Records
Various Artists Still Wish You Were Here: A Pink Floyd Tribute Cleopatrca
The Vicious Head Society Extinction Level Event Hostile Media
The Wring Wring2: Project Cypher

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