Hard Rock / Heavy Metal / Punk Rock Release Dates


JUNE 2021

Joe Cardamone Quarentina Sonic Ritual
Hannes Grossmann To Where the Light Retreats Self-released
  Killing Addiction Mind  
Mr. Maggot Before the New Dawn
Superbloom Pollen
All Wasted Burn With Me Wormholedeath Records
Atreyu Baptize Spinefarm
Chief Ghoul These Lycanthropic Blues
cleopatrick Bummer Thirty Tigers/Nowhere Special Recordings
Flotsam & Jetsam Blood in the Water AFM Recordds
Goat Sanctuary Chthonic EP
Leviathan Project It's Their World
Lycanthro Mark of the Wolf Alone Records
Chris Maragoth Burning June
Melancholia Static Church Brutal Panda
Myronath Djevelkraft Hellstain Productions
Necornemesis Some Things Should Stay Underground Horror Pain Gore Death
Plaguestorm Purifying Fire Noble Demon
Red Fang Arrows Relapse Records
Rhapsody of Fire I'll Be Your Hero EP AFM Records
Seputus Phantom Indigo Willowtip
Shun Shun Small Stone
Sigillum S/Macelleria Mobile di Mezznotte Blues and Doped Flowers from Twentryty Three Years After Eschaton Subsound Records
Sojourner Perennial Napalm Records
Somnuri Nefarious Wave Blues Funeral Recordings
  Talk Show Mid Century Modern Wiretap Records
Totally Slow Casual Drag
Van Canto The Power of Eight Napalm Records
  W!zard Definitely Unfinished Luik Music
Mountain of Smoke Gods of Biomechanics, V1.5 Seeing Red Records
Vincent Crowley Beyond Acheron
Triton Davis Stay Alive Rockshots Records
Vulture Lord Desecration Rites
  Brother Against Brother Brother Against Brother Frontiers Music SRL
  Crypta Echoes of the Soul Napalm Records
Dennis DeYoung 26 East, Vol. 2 Frontiers Music SRL
  Dobermann Shaken to the Core Wild Mondays Music/Hours Music UK
Enraged Monkeys No Compromise Hicktown Records
Eremit Bearer of Many Names Transcending Obscurity Records
Exsanguination Spectral Hymns Horror Pain Gore Death
Fausttophel Ultimum Lupus Another Side Records
Flying Cupid All Turns to Dust  
Grayscale Live from the TLA Fearless Records
Hammer King Hammer King Napalm Records
Living Dead Girl Exorcism
Mother of All Age of Solipist Black Lion Records
Mr. Bungle The Night They Came Home Ipecac Recordings
NW77/HCG/DFC/Life in Grave Play Fast, Ride Easy (4-way split) Audio Epidemic Recordings
  One Desire One Night Only - Live in Helsinki Frontiers Music SRL
Orphan Donor Unraveled Zegema Beach Records
Psychic Pawn Eulogy: The Complete Anthology
Sacrifical Slabs Feast for the Crows Self-Released
Sator Basement Noise (re-issue) Sound Pollution
Sinoptik The Calling ONErpm
Smokeheads Never Prick My Pickles Wormholedeath Records
Sven Gali Hurt RFL Records
Terra Odium Nej Plus Ultra Frontiers Music SRL
Witch Cross Angel of Death High Roller Records
World of Damage Invoke Determination
WristMeetRazor Replica of a Strange Love Prosthetic Records
Sami Yaffa The Last Time Livewire/Cargo Records
  Velvet Insane Rock'n'Roll Glitter Suit
Lunar Woods Dead End
  Authority Zero Ollie Ollie Oxen Free  
Black Angel Prince of Darkness
Bloodbeat Process of Extinction Inverse Records
Chalice of Sin Chalice of Sin Frontiers Music SRL
Crobot Rat Child Mascot Records
Crowne Kings in the North Frontiers Music SRL
The Day of the Beast Indisputably Carnivorous Prosthetic Records
Dead Witches/Witchthroat Serpent Doom Sessions Vol. 666 split Heavy Psych Sounds
De Arma Strayed in Shadows Trollmusic
Death Perception Ashes Wormholedeath
Draemora Death Rectangle
Eye of Purgatory The Lighthouse Transcending Obscurity Records
Heavy Temple Lupi Amoris Magnetic Eye Records
Kent Hilli The Rumble Frontiers Music SRL
  L'Alba Di Morrigan I'm Gold, I'm God My Kingdom Music
Lost in Society Stay Jaded EP Wiretap Records
Morgarten Cry of the Lost Inner Wound Recordings
The Mummy Cats Wolverine
Neker Slower Time to Kill Records
Neonfly The Future, Tonight Noble Demon
Orange 9mm Pretend I'm Human (Reissue) Thirty Something Records
Plugs of Apocalypse Sad Songs for Sad Dreamers Volcano Records
Ravger Third Attack
Reinforcer Prince of the Tribes Scarlet Records
Social Disorder Love 2 B Hated AFM Records
Styx Crash of the Crown
  Subway to Sally Eisheilige Nacht - Back to Lindenpark Napalm Records
Thy Kingdom Will Burn Thy Kingdom Will Burn Scarlet Records
Timi Tolkii's Avalon The Enigma Birth Frontiers Music SRL
Tom Morello and the Bloody Beetroots The Catastrophists EP Gold Atlas
Triton Devs Stay Alive Rockshots Records
  Wanderer Liberation from a Brutalist Existence Enteledon Records
Vulture Lord Desecration Rite Red Bull Records
Inner Missing Deluge Inverse Records
The Absence Coffinized M Theory
Alchemysts One Eyed Again / Over & Out (reissue) Tee Pee Records
Artach Sworn to Avenge Depressive Illusions Records
Beartooth Below Red Bull Records
Big Paul Ferguson Virtual Control
Cerebral Rot Excretion of Mortality 20 Buck Spin
Darkthrone Eternal Hails Peaceville
De Arma Strayed in Shadows Trollmusic
Empire of Disease With All My Hate Wormholedeath
Endless Chain Forthcoming Past Rockshots Records
Famous Underground In My Reflection
Fargo Strangers D'Amour Steamhammer
Hellish Form Remains Translation Loss Records
Hiraes Solitary Napalm Records
The Iron Fists Hyenarchy - Scavenger Music Volume 1
Kiss Off the Soundboard: Tokyo 2001 UMe
Lacuna Coil Live from the Apocalypse Century Media
Light the Torch You Will Be The Deadh of Me Nuclear Blast
Lucifer's Hammer The Trip High Roller Records
Maitreya Hyper Reels
Mental Cavity Downtrodden Creator-Destructor Records
Mindfield Seclusion of Sanity Bullet Tooth
Motorhead No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith (40th Anniversary Edition)
Ninth Sphere Oversoul
Frank Palangi Fire of Love
Paraphilia Primordium of Sinister Butchery Brutal Cave Productions
Robert Fripp & The Grid Leviathan
Royal Hunt Paper Blood (re-issue)
Stench Collector Effuvatorium Du Jour Redefining Darkness Records
Stoner Stoners Rule Heavy Psych Sounds
Sunrise Dreamer A World To Know Divebomb Recordds
Devin Townsend Devolution Series #2 - Galatci Quarantine
Urne Serpent & Spirit Candlelight/Spinefarm
VHF (Vinciguerra/Hoekstra/Franklin) Very High Frequency Golden Robot Records
Wildstreet III Golden Robot Records
Xenos The Dawn of Ares Pure Steel
Kvasir 4 Glory or Death Records
  Antologi Chronicles of Catastrophes Vrykoblast Production
Antologi Chronicles of Catastrophes Vrykoblast Production
  Cirith Ungol Half Past Human Cirith Ungol
Four Large Men FLM (re-issue) Heaven and Hell Records
High Voltage Written in Stone (re-issue) Heaven and Hell Records

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