Hard Rock / Heavy Metal / Punk Rock Release Dates



Leeches A Plague in the Heart of Light   08/01/20
Lunar Chalice Medieval Cults of Heresy   08/01/20
Postuma Moralis   08/03/20
Onslaught Generation Antichrist AFM Records 08/07/20
Deep Purple Whoosh!   08/07/20
Ditchwater Never Say never   08/07/20
Entartung Maleficae Artes Dunkelheit Produktions 08/07/20
WoR Prisoners Bungalo Records 08/07/20
Throw the Fight Settle Your Sins   08/07/20
Slaves To Better Days SBG 08/07/20
Misery Signals Ultraviolet   08/07/20
Ramos My Many Sides Frontiers 08/07/20
Arctic Rain The One Frontiers 08/07/20
Lionville Magic is Alive Frontiers 08/07/20
Fortune The Gun's Still Smokin' Live Frontiers 08/07/20
Angel Morgue In the Morgue of Angels Redefining Darkness 08/07/20
Scars Predatory   08/07/20
Ooze Shivers Robust Fellow Productions 08/07/20
WoR Prisoners Bungalo Records 08/07/20
Not a Toy Not a Toy   08/07/20
Homeplate Derby City   08/14/20
Dennis Haklar & Giovanni Hidalgo Transcendence   08/15/20
Infection (Peru) Beheaded Children Contest   08/15/20
Vicious Rumors Celebration Decay SPV/Steamhammer 08/21/20
Black Elephant Seven Swords Small Stone Records 08/21/20
Reasons Behind Project M.I.S.T. Scarlet Records 08/21/20
Veonity Sorrows Scarlet Records 08/21/20
Kill the Lights The Sinner Fearless Records 08/21/20
Jesus Wept Apartheid Redux Redefining Darkness 08/21/20
Ages Uncrown   08/21/20
Blaqk Audio Beneath the Black Palms   08/21/20
Possession Disentombed Manifestations Xtreem Music 08/21/20
Unto the Wolves Year Three   08/21/20
Vanishing Point Dead Elysium   08/28/20
In Flames Clayman (20th Anniversary Edition)   08/28/20
Dokken The Lost Songs   08/28/20
Atomic Bitchwax Scorpio   08/28/20
Powerman 5000 The Noble Rot   08/28/20
Manticora To Live to Kill to Live   08/28/20
Necrot Mortal   08/28/20
Exist Egotista   08/28/20
Nuclear Warfare Lobotomy MDD 08/28/20
Intoxicated (Florida) Walled EP Seeing Red Records 08/28/20
Spook the Horses Empty Body Pelagic Records 08/28/20
Valvera Cycle of Disaster Brutal Records 08/28/20
Nevalra The Black Flame (re-issue)   08/28/20
Entropy Force Convergence   08/28/20
Poema Arcanvs Stardust Solitude Transcending Obscurity 08/28/20
Alborn Impairative Imagen Records 08/28/20
Burguli Runes Orbis Alia Productions 08/28/20
In Chasms Deep The Wind and Her Lament Independent 08/28/20
Molloa Rilla Viva El Camino   08/31/20

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