Hard Rock / Heavy Metal / Punk Rock Release Dates



  Grisly Salting the Earth
Vile Cynic Agony
Circus of Rock Come One, Come All Frontiers Music SRL
Cruzh Tropical Thunder Frontiers Music SRL
Despite You West Side Horizons Tankcrimes
Dragged Under We'll Do It Live EP
Empty Streets Age of Regret
Long Shadows Dawn Isle of Wrath Frontiers Music SRL
Mayank Mayank Frontiers Music SRL
Nitt Land Ritual Napalm Records
Supreme Conception Empires of the Mind
Supreme Unbeing At the End of the Day
Vriess Vriess
  Crossbones' Creed Troublemaker  
  Aporium Aporium  
Grinding Fear Distored Dreams
Aenigmatum Deconsecrate 20 Buck Spin
Alchemy of Flesh Ageless Abominations Redefining Darkness Records
Blacktop Mojo Blacktop Mojo
Destruction Live Attack (Blu-Ray) Napalm Records
Diskord Degenerations Transcending Obscurity Records
Gost Rites of Love and Reverence Century Media
Ground Force Tree of Life
  Jamart Jamart  
Rebel Priest Lost in Tokyo Batcave Records
Typhoid Rosie Queen of Swords
Unreqvited Beautiful Ghosts Prophecy Records
Barbarian Prophecies Horizon Base Record Production/Hacatombe Records
Tyler Cantrell Enigmatic Machine Man Records
Winter Nights Sky Burial
Ren Marabou All Hail Odin
Paradoxcide Savior
  Antisaint Vaticinate Self-released
  Boneyard Oathbreaker Wormholedeath Records
Brackish Tide Hold On
Choke Me Hauntology
  Glass Mimic Stitches  
  Gloop Crayon Sun Grimoire Records
  Lamb of God Sacrament (15th Anniversary Edition)  
  Necronautical Slain in the Spirit Candlelight Records
  Noutaja Never Meant to Save Us Inverse Records
  Oceanhoarse Dead Reckoning Noble Demon
  Settle Your Scores Retrofit Mutant League Records
  Sodom Bombenhagel Steamhammer
Sullen Guest Come with Me
  Sun of the Suns TIIT Scarlet Records
Telma Eye for an Eye
Unforged Eye for an Eye Fastball Music
  Valentine Demos from the Atic  
White City Graves One of Us
  The Blood of Christ Frozen Dreams (re-issue) CDN Records
  The Blood of Christ The Lonely Flowers (re-issue) CDN Records
Silenced Minstrel Volume 666
Turanis Turanis
Gang of Old Ladies Raped by Ghosts
Aisles Megalomania
  Maze of Terror Offer to the Fucking Beasts  
  Being of Entropy Being of Entropy  
  Blackstone Cherry The Human Condition (expanded; digital only) Mascot Records
Bodyguerra Fire and Soul Fastball Music
  Botanist/Thief Cicatrix/Diamond Brush split Prophecy Records
Comet Control Inside the Sun Tee Pee Records
Marshall Crenshaw The Wild, Exciting Sounds of Marshall Crenshaw: Live in the 20th and 21st Century Sunset Blvd Records
Danko Jones Power Trio Sonic Unyon Records
Gloo How Not to Be Happy Hassle Records
Kal-El Dark Majesty
  Leprous Aphelion InsideOut Music
  Low Flying Hawks FUYU Magnetic Eye
  Moon Unit Differences in Language and Lifestyle PRT Records
Neal Morse Band Innocense and Danger Inside/Out Music
Our Place of Worship is Silence Disavowed and Left Hopeless Translation Loss Records
Oxygen Destroyer Sinister Monstrosities Spawned by the Unfathomable Ignorance of Human Kind Redefining Darkness Records
Post Luctum Acceptance
  The Protest Death Stare Rockfest Records
Rival Order Beyond the Ashes
The Slow Death Siege Transcending Obscurity Records
  Sons of Alpha Centauri Push Exile on Mainstream
Summoner's Circle Chaos Vector Blood Blast Distribution
Tesseract Portals Kscope
Thief The 16 Deaths of My Master Prophecy Productions
Thyrfing Vanagand Despotz Records
  Tiny Tree XI Onama Media Group
Toxic Ruin Nightmare Eclipse M-Theory Audio
Venues Solace Arising Empire
White Stones Dancing into Oblivion Nuclear Blast Records
  Wormwood Arkivet  
  Wulfgar From the Ashes Downfall Records
The Maledict Remembrance

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