Hard Rock / Heavy Metal / Punk Rock Release Dates



Code 18 Human Error   09/01/20
Infestatio Unleash the End Sangue Frio Produciones 09/01/20
Layne's Callling Layne's Calling Pavement Entertainment 09/04/20
Simon Collins Becoming Human Frontiers 09/04/20
Noumena Anima Haunted Zoo Productions 09/04/20
Foretoken Ruin Prosthetic 09/04/20
Landfall The Turning Point Frontiers 09/04/20
Magni Magni   09/04/20
Pale Blue Dot Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species   09/04/20
Idiot Robot Idiot Robot Dead Games Records 09/04/20
Hell in the Club Hell of Fame Frontiers 09/04/20
The Hawkins Silence is a Bomb The Sign Records 09/04/20
Perfect Plan Time for a Miracle Frontiers 09/04/20
Don't Sleep Turn the Tide Mission Two Entertainment 09/04/20
Comaniac Art is Dead Metalworld 09/04/20
Afflict I Want It, I Need It (re-release)   09/04/20
The Pineapple Thief Versions of the Truth Kscope 09/04/20
Rising Steel Fight Them All Frontiers 09/04/20
Oxalate Infatuating Sickness   09/04/20
Burial Remains Spawn of Chaos   09/05/20
Tension Rising Penumbra Independent 09/07/20
Sleepsk8 A Paralyzing Fear of Trying Cleopatra Records 09/07/20
Isenmor Shieldbrother   10/09/20
Korgul the Exterminator Sharpen Your Spikes   09/09/20
Tomorrow's Rain Hollow   09/11/20
Desphosphorous Sublimation   09/11/20
The Dark Rites The Dark Hymns Brutal Records 09/11/20
Jupiterian (Brazil) Protosapien Transcending Obscurity Records 09/11/20
Crown of Glory Ad Infinitum   09/11/20
Abyss/Besna Split   09/12/20
Mark Vickness Interconnected   09/15/20
Potter's Daughter Casually Contianing Rage   09/15/20
White Swan Nocturnal Transmission   09/18/20
Semisonic You're Not Alone   09/18/20
Jealous of the Birds Peninsula Canvasback/Atlantic 09/18/20
Pimmit Hill Heathens & Prophets Independent 09/18/20
The Faith Live at CBGB's Outer Battery Records 09/18/20
Various Artists Dirt Magnetic Eye Records 09/18/20
Sinsid Enter the Gates   09/18/20
Indie Place Persistent Visions   09/18/20
Movements No Good Let to Give Fearless Records 09/18/20
Sadistic Embodiment Blood Spell CDN Reords 09/18/20
Douaumont DSCH: String Quartet #8   09/18/20
After Earth Before It Awakes   09/18/2020
Ancst Summits of Despondancy Lifeforce 09/18/20
The Reticent The Oubliette Heaven & Hell Records 09/18/20
Maahes Reincarnation   09/18/20
Various Artists Goditha Symmetric Records 09/21/20
Isabel de Sade Undivided from Desire   09/23/20
Byfist In the End   09/25/20
Brother Firetribe Feel the Burn OMN Label Services 09/25/20
HVRT The Grief That Feeds the Night   09/25/20
The Schytehawkes Streets of Rage   09/25/20
Four Stroke Baron Monoqueen Prosthetic 09/25/20
Mad Nona Mad Mona Self-releaed 09/25/20
Painted Doll How to Draw Fire Tee Pee Records 09/25/20
Repentance God for a Day Art is War Records/Intercept 09/25/20
Reternity A Test of Shadows Black Sunset/MDD 09/25/20
Just Before Dawn An Army at Dawn Raw Skull Records 09/25/20
Crypt Walk Rot Gut Prophecies Horror Pain Gore Death 09/25/20
Cristian Machado Hollywood y Sycamore Coconut Bay / Cheeky 09/25/20
Relize Machine Violence Relapse 09/25/20
Orplid Deus Vult Prophecy Productions 09/25/20
GFM Operation Take Over   09/25/20
War Orphan Closer to Death Than Life Stay Gold Records 09/25/20
The Electric Mud Burn the Ships Small Stone Records 09/25/20
Illuminated Minerva Enigma Adamantine   09/25/20
Laser Dracul Hagridden Majestic Mountain Records 09/25/20
Douamount DSCH: String Quartet No. 8 Pale Noise Media 09/25/20
Ecorse Creek Orchestra Songs from the Watershed   09/25/20
Tear Drop Did You Wanna Love Me to Death? Static Era 09/25/20
Hexx Entangled in Sin High Roller Records 09/25/20
The Reticent The Oubliette Heaven & Hell Records 09/25/20
Svalbard When I Die, Will I Get Better? Translation Loss 09/25/20
Seeds of Mary Serendipity Klonosphere/Seaon of Mist 09/25/2020
Vrimuot O tempora O Mores   09/25/20
Lay It on the Line A Candle In Hell   09/29/20

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