Hard Rock / Heavy Metal / Punk Rock Release Dates



Lyres of Ur Singles Collection
Famishgod Rotting Ceremony Xtreem Music
  Bokassa Molotov Rocktail Napalm Records
Dead Romantic Voices
Deformatory Inversion of the Unseen Horizon
  Doctor Smoke Dreamers and the Dead Ripple Music
  Little King Amuse de Q  
  Mysterizer The Holy War 1095 Rockshots Records
Never End The Cold and the Craving Brutal Records
  The Picturebooks Major Minor Collective Century Media Records
Ronnie Wood Band Mr. Luck - A Tribute to Jimmy Reed, Live at the Royal Albert Hall
Saint Vice Nighttime Hwy Hicktown Records
Symbol of Salvation Symbol of Salvation Iron Grip Records
  Trna Istok Candlelight Records
Various Artists Mystery Metal Mixtape Vol. 8 - German Metal Iron Grip Records
Vengeance Demo Iron Grip Records
  Lesbian Bed Death The Witching Hour Shellshock Distribution
  Aborted ManiaCult Century Media
  Between Worlds Between Worlds Frontiers Music SRL
Centenary Death ... The Final Frontier CDN Records
Chrome Waves The Rain Will Cleanse Transcending Obscurity Records
Coffin Rites Human Erase
  GWAR Scumdogs Live Pit Records
Michael Fulkerson The Death of My Soul
Steve Hackett Surrender of Silence Inside Out Music
  Inglorious Heroine Frontiers Music SRL
Mastiff Leave Me the Ashes of the Earth Entertainment One
  MC Roads No Nostalgia  
Mehhenet Ng/ambu Gilead Media
Anette Olzon Strong Frontiers Music SRL
Perfect World War Culture Patrichor
Pirosant Know Thyself Digmetalworld
Replicant Malignant Reality Transcending Obscurity Records
Rotted Through /the_Depths
  Seven Spires Gods of Debauchery Froniters Music SRL
Shumaun Memories & Intuition
  Sober Truth Laissez Faire, Lucifer Pit Records
Andrew W.K. God is Partying Napalm Records
Sober Truth ACFM Records
Stray Gods Stray Gods Symmetric Records
Vandallus Vandullus 4
Crown Lands White Buffalo Spinefarm Records
Null Rays Everyone's Dead
  Apostolica Haerectica Ecclesia Scarlet Records
  Arcturus Stars and Oblivion - The Complete Works (1991-2002) Prophecy Records
A Secret Revealed When the Day Yearns for Night Lifeforce Records
  Deviates Holding Out  
  A Dying Planet When the Skies are Grey Lifeforce
  Candlebox Wolves  
  Charlotte Wessels Tales from Six Feet Under Napalm Records
  CroMagnum Born Free King Metal Records
Edge of Paradise The Unknown
  Employed to Serve Conquering Spinefarm
  EMT Resolute A Chance for Metal Records
Freakshow Freakshow
  Kadabra Ultra Heavy Psych Sounds Records
Mutant Blast Detonation Wormholedeath Records
  Robin Red Robin Red Frontiers Music SRL
  Robledo Wanted Man Froniters Music SRL
Shadecrown Solitarian Inverse Records
  Sleep Token This Place Will Become Your Tomb Spinefarm
Shadow Rebels On the Ride
  Phil Styles The Anchorhold Trepanation Recordings
  Kasim Sulton Kasim 21  
Tales of the Old The Book of Chaos Pride & Joy Music
  Vega Anarchy and Unity Frontiers Music SRL
Vengeful War Neurosis CDN Records
Vrag Harcom
StumpTail Goat Rodeo Sacrifice: The Sound of Summer CDN Records
Rob Gravelle Mouse in a Maze
Snipers of Babel Gabriel
  Aeon Zen Transversal  
Cyan For King and Country
  Decay ThOrnMENThoRn! Loud Rage Music
 A Pale Horse Named Death  Infernum in Terra Long Branch Records/SPV
Excalibur The Bitter End (re-issue)
  Forgetting the Memories Vemod Long Branch Records
  Judas Knife Death is the Thing with Feathers Translation Loss Records
  Mad Invasion Devil's Calling  
Skepticism Companion Svart Records
  Sleep Token This Place Will Become Your Tomb Spinefarm
Thy Row Unchained Rockshots Records
  Various Artists Death Metal Power from Beyond HorrorPainGoreDeath Records
  Veilburner Lurkers in the Capsule of Skull Transcending Obscurity Records
Velvets Velvets The Sign
Ancient Settlers Library of Tears Crusader Records
Baron Carta In a Concrete Room
Sixty Miles Down Gotta Get Out
  Zoe Back into the Light Brennus Music
Gaylord Crown of Joy (A Sublime Sun Thriving Amongst Dying Stars)

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