Hard Rock / Heavy Metal / Punk Rock Release Dates



Kavee Metempsychosis Self-released 10/01/20
Sun King Rising Delta Tales PeacockSunrise 10/02/20
Protokult Transcending the Ruins   10/01/20
Sarcoptes Plague Hymns Transcending Obscurity Records 10/02/20
Ellefson No Cover   10/02/20
William Shatner The Blues Cleopatra 10/02/20
Skyless Aeons Drain the Sun CDN Records 10/02/20
Cosmic Reef Temple/Shrinkwrap Killer Split Wave Guardian 10/02/20
Raven Black The Key   10/02/20
Nightmare Aeternam AFM Records 10/02/20
Harmonize Warrior in the Night   10/02/2020
Enslaved Utgard Nuclear Blast 10/02/20
The Pilgrim From the Earth to the Sky and Back Heavy Psyche 10/02/20
Tallah Matriphagy Earache 10/02/20
Amiensus Abreaction Transcending Records 10/02/20
Dialogia Metalurgia   10/02/20
Briqueville Quelle Pelagic Records 10/02/20
Hellion Prime Quesiton Everything Salbot Reigns 10/05/20
Vhaldemar Straight to Hell   10/06/2020
The Messenger Birds Everything Has to Fall Apart Eventually   10/07/20
Alright Brother Deploy - Election Year Mix   10/08/2020
Eye of the Destroyer The Wolf You Feed   10/09/20
Mark Boals & Ring of Fire All the Best! Frontiers Music SRL 10/09/20
Tijuana Punks DFMK Tijuana Punk DFMK Via la Escalera Records 10/09/20
Stardust Highway to Heartbreak Frontiers Music SRL 10/09/20
DGM Tragic Separation Frontiers Music SRL 10/09/20
Sinner's Blood The Mirror Star Frontiers Music SRL 10/09/20
Suicide of Society War Investment Black Sunset / MDD 10/09/20
Black Communion Miasic Monstrosity Dunkeheit Productions 10/09/20
Every Hour Kills Re-Awaken   10/09/20
Ascension of the Watchers Aporcrypha Dissonance Productions 10/09/20
King Parrot Holed Up in the Lair Housecore Records 10/09/20
Coastlands Death Translation Loss Records 10/09/20
Pride of Lions Lion Heart Frontiers 10/09/20
Circuline Circulive Inner Nova Music 10/09/20
Isenmor Sheildbrother   10/09/20
Horrible Death Discography 2013-2019 Horror Pain Gore Death 10/09/20
War Lung Optical Delusions Heavy Psyche 10/09/20
The Troops of Doom The Rise of History Blood Blast Distribution 10/09/20
Greg Puciato Child Soldier: Creator of God DSP's 10/09/20
Arcadian Child Protopsycho Rebel Waves Records/Ripple 10/09/20
Sanctuary The Mirror Black (re-release)   10/09/20
Hexer Realm of the Feathered Serpent Crawling Chaos Records 10/09/20
Shardana Milli Annos Rafchild Records 10/09/20
Ascension of the Watchers Apocrypha Dissonance Productions 10/09/20
Salem's Childe The Sin that Saves You Pavement Entertainment 10/09/20
Every Hour Kills Re-Awaken   10/09/20
Yatra All is Lost Grimoire Records 10/09/20
Supreme Unbeing Enter Reality   10/10/20
Aphonic Threnody The Great Hatred Transcending Obscurity 10/16/20
Bruford Rock Goes to College (re-issue) Winterfold Records 10/16/20
Vintersea The Gravity of Fall (re-release)   10/16/20
Fuzztones NYC Cleopatra 10/16/20
Disciples of Verity Pragmatic Sanction The Label Group 10/16/20
T-Rex Marathon Days Without Incident   10/16/20
Autocatalytica Powerclashing Maximalism   10/16/20
Kneel Ailment Raging Planet / Planet K 10/16/20
Fudge Dust to Come   10/16/20
Summoning the Lich Descend Prosthetic Records 10/16/20
The Damned The Rockfield Files Spinefarm 10/16/20
Bihargam Ove Tenebrae Independent 10/16/20
Infera Bruo Rites of the Nameless   10/16/20
Artifical Eden Artificial Eden Boersma Records 10/16/20
The Myopia Condition Event Horizon   10/16/20
Aphonic Threnody The Great Hatred Transcending Obscurity Records 10/16/20
Lost Symphony Chapter II   10/16/20
Woeful Echo Dampening Existence Share Your Pain Records 10/16/20
Hawkestrel Pioneers of Space Cleopatra Records 10/16/20
Necralant Necralant    
Bellhead Sanity Assassin WTII Records 10/19/20
ThrashWall ThrashWall Firecum Records 10/19/20
Void Inn Edn This Game   10/20/20
Leaves' Eyes The Last Viking AFM 10/23/20
Cortez Salt of the Earth Ripple Music 10/23/20
Anthea Illusion   10/23/20
Hedon (Sweden) In Blasphemy Reborn   10/23/20
Carnal Ruin The Damned Lie Rotting Redfining Darkness Records 10/23/20
Beyond Frequencies Megalomqnia   10/23/20
Slow Fall Beneath the Endless Rains Inverse Records 10/23/20
Greg Lake The Anthology   10/23/20
Brightr // H_ngm_n Split Real Ghost Records 10/23/20
Counting Hours The Will The Vinyl Division 10/23/20
Anthea Illusion Rockshots Records 10/23/20
Defecto Duality Black Lodge 10/23/20
Songs of Anhubis Reversed Reflection Rockshot Records 10/23/20
Hammerfall Live! Against the World   10/23/20
Thantopists Initiation Extreme Metal Music 10/23/20
Kurt Baker Over Now Wicked Cool records 10/23/20
Atlases Woe Portrait Lifeforce 10/23/20
Hedon In Blasphemy Reborn Downfall Records 10/23/20
Bleakheart Dream Griever   10/23/20
Pallbearer Forgotten Days Nuclear Blast 10/23/20
Uncle Woe Phantomescence Packard Black Productions 10/23/20
Songs of Anhubis Reversed Reflection Rockshot Records 10/23/20
Coexistence (Italy) Collateral Dimension Transcending Obscurity Records 10/23/2020
Saul Rise as Equals Spinefarm Records 10/23/2020
Vessel of Light Last Ride Nomad Eel Records 10/23/2020
Clutch The Obelisk Weathermaker Music 10/24/2020
Realms of Chaos The Seed Downfall Records 10/25/20
Sick Society Urn01   10/30/20
Svarta Debriefing Crawling Chaos 10/30/20
Crass Best Before 1984 (Crassical Collection)   10/30/20
Them Return to Hammersmoor SPV/Steamhammer 10/30/20
Ruff Majik The Devil's Cattle Mongrel Records 10/30/20
Throw the Goat Capitol Hell   10/30/20
Hydrogyn The Boiling Point RFL Records 10/30/20
Sarcator Sarcator Refining Darkness Records 10/30/20
Uriah Heep 50 Years in Rock BMG 10/30/20
Convulse Deathstar Transcending Records 10/30/20
Scardust Strangers M-Theory Audio 10/30/20
Romasa Insufferable Cave of Rotting Aspiration Hand of Death Records 10/30/20
Thrust The Helm of Awe Pure Steel 10/30/20
Evildead United States of Anarchy SPV/Steamhammer 10/30/20
The OBGMs The Ends Black Box Music 10/30/20
Casagrande Casagrande Soman Records 10/30/20
Stalker Black Majik Terror Napalm Records 10/30/20
Black Foxxes Black Foxxes Search and Destroy/Spinefarm 10/30/20
Carcass Despicable Nuclear Blast 10/30/20
Fearsore Wetworks   10/30/20
GWAR Scumdogs of the Universe (30th Anniversary Edition) Pit Records 10/30/20
Kallias The Fourth Phase   10/30/2020
Pusicifer Forgotten Days Nuclear Blast 10/30/20
Mr. Bungle The Raging Wrath of the Easy Bunny Demo Ipecac Recordings 10/30/20
Insidious Disease After Death Nuclear Blast 10/30/20
Wade MacNiel Random Acts of Violence Dine Alone Records 10/30/20
Various Artists Vol 4 (Redux) (Black Sabbath Tribute) Magnetic Eye Records 10/30/2020
Various Artists Best of Black Sabbath (Redux) (Black Sabbath Tribute) Magnetic Eye Records 10/30/2020
Yawning Man Live at Giant Rock Heavy Psyche Sounds 10/30/2020
Serpents of Secrecy Ave Vindicta   10/30/2020

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