Hard Rock / Heavy Metal / Punk Rock Release Dates



  Anima Heriticae Ov Behest My Fate Music
Ronnie Atkins 4 More Shots (The Acoustics) Froniters Music SRL
  Charred Prayers of Malediction Horror Pain Death Gore Productions
Crystal Spiders Moireris Ripple Music
Duel In Carne Persona Heavy Psych Sounds
Fate Destroyed Two Toned Hearts
Four Stroke Baron Classics Prosthetic Records
Hydrogyn The Boling Point (Deluxe Edition) RFL Records
Iku-Turso At the Crack of Dawn
Krytos Force of Danger AFM Records
The Matterhorn Project Traverl
Nektar Sounds Like Swiss: Live in Switzerland 1973
Nothing Exists A Creature and Creation Self-released
Olympus Gods Heart of Metal Productions
Torture of Hypocrisy Humanfacture Total Metal Records
Chloe Trujillo Mothers of a New Nation Eleven Magic Music
Universal Disorder Act III: Of Emerging Chaos and Times Forgotten
Varnok Anthropogenic
Wage War Manic Fearless Records
Wingless Nonconform Selfmadegod Records
Opus Best Creation
Country Stormz The Wild Side of Love
Hard Disk Drive Immortal Nightmares Froniters Music SRL
Putrevore Miasmal Monstrosity Xtreem Music
Earthwomb Becoming Imminence Self-released
Sine Desire, Denial and Paramania
Blood Red Throne Imperial Congregation
B.U.S. The Unknown Secretary (re-issue) Heavy Pysch Sounds
Death's Eminence In a Hideious Dream Made True
The Furys The Furys Again Frontiers Music SRL
Gus G Quantum Leap AFM Records
  Houston IV Frontiers Music SRL
Kite Currents Majestic Mountain Records
Mercury Circle Killing Moons Noble Demon
  Norse Ascetic Transcending Obscurity Records
Ophelia's Eye The Demon Behind My Heart
Jeff Scott Soto The Duets Collection, Vlume 1 Frontiers Music SRL
Our Man in the Bronze Age Hexed Endeavors Fr33zhead Records
Raze the Altar Cataclysm Eden
Station Perspective Station Music LLC/Awal
Voidfallen The Atlas of Spirtual Apocalypse Inverse Records
  Wayward Sons Even Up the Score Frontiers Music SRL
Denial of Death The Eternal Rest
Myndsnare Conditioned: Human
Anyone In Humanity
Estriver Outcry Womholedeath Music
Wolf Mal Camino Wormholedeath Music
Deathcvlt Deathcvlt My Kingdom Music
Aeon God Ends Here Metal Blade
Caradras Schattenkonige
Craneium Unknown Heights The Sign Records
Death Rising Lovepoems and Hatetirades
Destinity In Coninuum Crimson Productions/Season of Mist
Devoid Lonely Eye Movement Frontiers Music SRL
Gemini Syndrome 3rd Degree - The Raising Century Media
Grandmaster, The Skywards Frontiers Music SRL
The Hawkins Aftermath The Sign Records
Hexen State of Insurgency (remastered) M-Theory Audio
High Desert Queen Secrets of the Black Moon Ripple Music
  Hippotraktor Meridian Palagic Records
Leverage Above the Beyond Frontiers Music SRL
Liha The Collapse Self-released
Lords of Black Alchemy of Souls, Pt II Frontiers Music SRL
  Perpetual Etude Now is the Time Black Lodge
Rage in My Eyes Spiral
  Reaping Asmodeia Darkened Infinity Prosthetic Records
Skeletoon The 1.21 Gigawatts Club Scarlet Records
  Snafu Exile/Banishment  
Twelve Foot Ninja Vengeance Volkanik Music
Upon Stone Where Wild Sorrow Grow Creator-Destructor
Vildhjarta Masstaden Under Vatten Century Media
Aliens 30 Lbs of Air Metal Postcard
Eternal Silence Timegate Anathema Rockshots Records
Ambigram Amigram
Amon Stehis Port 0: The Queen with the Golden Hair Wormholedeath Music
Apalooza Live at Smokey Van Sessions Ripple Music
Apparition Feel Profound Lore Records
  Atlas Ukko Long Branch Records
Burning Point Arsonist of the Soul AFM Records
Can't Swim Change of Plans Pure Noise
  Cradle of Filth Existence is Futile  
The Cityisours Coma Arising Empire
DED School of Thought Suretone Records
Don't Grow Old/Burr Split Nefarious Industries
Down the Stone Rusty Leash Volcano Recordds
Empty Made of Fire Solid State Records
The End AD It's All in Your Head Fastball Music
Fatham Farewell Kraken Blood Blast Distribution
Furze Black Psych Tormentor Apocalyptic Empire Records
  Green Lung Black Harvest Svart
Leslie Hunt Descend
Kolossus K My Kingdom Music
Livios And Then There Were None Napalm Records
Massacre Resurgence Nuclear Blast Records
The Melvins Five Legged Dog Ipecac Recordings
The Monsters You're Class, I'm Trash Voodo Rhythm Records
Nightland For Once My Name Scarlet Records
  Offensive 1914 Where Fear and Weapons Meet Napalm Records
The Pineapple Thief Nothing But the Truth Kscope
Premiata Forneria Marconi I Dreamed of Electric Sheep Inside Out Music
Ravenous Hubris Feast Beast Records
Rurze Black Psych Tormentor Apolcalyptic Empire Records
Sentinels Collapse By Design
Seputura Sepulnation: The Studio Albums (Box Set)
Slow Crush Hush Quit Panic
The Sonic Overlords Last Days of Babylon M-Theory Audio
UDO Game Over AFM Records
Void of Vision Chronicles 1: Lust
Worm Foreverglade 20 Buck Spin
  Zornheym The Zornheim Sleep Experiment Noble Demon
Persona Animal Self-released
THWHWISYN Grief Songs Engineer Records
Aggression Field of Nightmares XTreem Music
Gut Gut Tepnoc Mu Self-released
Ad Infinitum Chapter II: Legacy Napalm Records
American Teeth We Should Be Having Fun Fearless Records
Anti-Ritual Expel the Leeches
  Bizarre Invocation Codex Transcending Obscurity Records
Coffee Creep Voids Grind to Death Records
Contrition Broken Mortal Coil Century Media
Cyclopean Walls Enter the Dreamlands Steel Gallery Recordds
The Hollywood Stars Live on the Sunset Strip Golden Robot Records
Letzle Instanz Ehernhort AFM Records
Kayodot Moss Grew on the Swords and Plowshares Alike Prophecy
Knivad Insidans Arravnad Suicide Records
  Lucifer IV Century Media
  Insane Wait and Pray (re-issue) High Roller Records
  Motorhead Everything Louder Forever BMG
Order The Gospel Listenable Records
Plush Plush Pavement Entertainment
Thulcandra A Dying Wish Napalm Records
The Arsenicum Potestas Ascensionem 4 30
  Elkapath Black Spiders Symmetric Records

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