Hard Rock / Heavy Metal / Punk Rock Release Dates



Barfbag Let's Stop a War! Stay Gold Records 11/03/2020
Orianthi O N 11/06/20
The Casket Lottery Short Songs for End Times Wiretap Records 11/06/2020
Nitesoil Abusement Park Self-released 11/06/2020
Eternal Idol Renaissance   11/06/2020
The Submliminals United State Flying Nun Records 11/06/20
After the Fall Welcome to the new S.A. RFL Records 11/06/20
Angelica Rylin All I Am Frontiers Music SRL 11/06/20
L'Uomo Nero Andiamo Nel Deserto Desert Records 11/06/2020
Lykantropi Tales to Be Told Despotz Records 11/06/20
MRTV1 Oomniscient Hallucinatory Delusion Transcending Obscurity 11/06/2020
Final Dawn Mina Olen Pimeys Self-released 11/06/2020
Isiulusion I Follow the Flow Black Sunset / MDD 11/09/2020
Cerebellion Beyond Our Failures   11/11/20
Swans Children of Gog (remaster) Young God/Mute Records 11/09/20
Chris Manning Destination NoLifeTilMetal Records 11/11/20
Scream at the Sky Scream at the Sky   11/11/2020
Cerebellion Beyond Our Failures   11/11/2020
Lie Still Severing the Hands of Manipulation and Hate Horror Pain Gore Death Productions 11/13/2020
L.A. Guns Renegades Golden Robot Records 11/13/2020
Death Dealer Conquered Lands Steel Cartel 11/13/2020
Humanity is Cancer Humanity is Cancer EP Redefining Darkness Records 11/13/2020
Katla Allt Peta Helvitis Myrku Prophecy 11/13/2020
December Noir The Renaissance of Hopoe Lifeforce 11/13/2020
AC/DC Power Up Sony 11/13/2020
Ysgaroth Storm Over a Black Sea   11/13/2020
Fuck the Facts Pleine Noirceur Noise Salvation 11/20/2020
King Uv Wyrms Lord ov Thornes   11/20/20
Jinger Alive in Melbourne Live Napalm 11/20/2020
Ilsa Preyer Relapse Records 11/20/2020
Without Mercy Seismic Bloodblast 11/20/2020
Subterraen (France) Rotten Human Kingdom Transcending Obscurity Records 11/20/20
Killer Be Killed Reluctant Hero Nuclear Blast 11/20/20
Record Thieves Wasting time Thousand Islands Records 11/24/20
Dark Tranquillity Moment Century Media Records 11/20/2020
Bisonte Ancestral Punishman   11/24/2020
Electric Hydra Electric Hydra Majestic Mountain Records 11/27/2020
Ocean Hills Santa Monica AFM Records 11/27/2020
Within The Ruins Black Heart Entertainment One 11/27/2020
Painted Shield Painted Shield Loosegroove Records 11/27/2020
Revolting (Sweden) The Shadow at the World's End Transcending Obscuirty Records 11/27/2020
Arrayan Path Archegonoi Pitch Black Records 11/27/2020
Shadows Fall Of One Blood (re-issue)   11/27/2020
Baroness Live at Maida Vale BBC - Vol II Abraxan Hymns 11/27/2020
Awaken Out of the Shadows Pure Steel Records 11/27/2020
End of Mankind Anterieur a la Lumiere Mallevs Records 11/27/2020
Hateful Set Forever on Me Transcending Obscurity Records 11/27/2020

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