Hard Rock / Heavy Metal / Punk Rock Release Dates



Funeral Chant Dawn of Annihilation Carbonized Records
Mad Anthony Party Heaven Hell Whatever! Eonian Records
Shock Wave Force Ethics Xtreem Music
Bone Tower We Will All Die One Day No Funeral Records
Bornholm Apotheosis Napalm Records
Bullet for My Valentine Bullet for My Valentine Spinefarm
  Churchburn Genocidal Rite Translation Loss
Steve Conte Bronx Cheer
Crazy Lixx Street Lethal Frontiers Music SRL
Dreameater Cold Famined Records
  Fans of the Dark Fans of the Dark Frontiers Music SRL
Fornhem Stamman fran Berget Trollmusic
Green Desert Water Black Harvest Small Stone Recordds
Lucifer for President Asylum My Kingdom Music
Memoria Avenue Memoria Avenue Ripple Music
Mother Iron Horse Under the Blood Moon Ripple Music
Narnia Soli Deo Glroia - 25 Years Sound Pollution
Nashville Pussy Eaten Alive Singing Pig Records
Nequient Infinite Regress Fefarious Industries
Octarine Sky Close to Nearby
Omnium Gatherum Origin Century Media
Alan Parsons The Neverending Show - Live in the Netherlands BMG
Schattenmann Chaos
Varius Concordance
Ultra Raptor Into Blackness Century Media
200 Stab Wounds Slave to the Scalpel Maggot Stomp
All Hail the Yeti Within the Hollow Earth Minus Head
  Bonded Into Blackness Century Media
Dawn of Solace Flames of Perdition Nobel Demon
Eyes Wide Open Through Life and Death Arising Empire
  Groundbreaker Soul to Soul  
L.A. Guns Checkered Past Frontiers Music SRL
Monument of Misanthropy Unterweger Transcending Obscurity Records
Nova Spei Sequentis Bam&Co-Heavy
Signum Draconis The Divine Comedy: Inferno Rockshots Records
The Unity The Devil You Know Steamhammer
Unleashed No Sign of Life Napalm Records
Abcession Rot of Ages Transcending Obscurity Records
Artifas Reflections
Confusion Master Haunted Exile on Mainstream
Daxma Unmarked Boxes Blues Funeral Recordings
Dream Unending Tide Turns Eternal 20 Buck Spin
  Eldritch EOS Scarlet Records
Khemmis Deceiver Nuclear Blast
The Lurking Fear Death, Madness, Horror, Decay Century Media
Mindless Sinner Missin' Pieces Pure Steel Records
Nervochaos Dug Up (Diabolical Reincarnations)
Nightland The Great Nothing Scarlet Records
Nervochaos Dug Up (Diabolical Reincarnations)
Our Darkest Days Snakes & Ladders Thousand Island Records
Carl Sentance Electric Eye Drakkar Entertainment
Snake Mountain Revival Everything in Sight Ripple Music
Solar Cross Echos of the Eternal World Transcending Obscurity Records
Swallow the Sun Moonflowers Century Media
Volumes Happpier? Fearless Records
Vrsty Welcome Home Spinefarm
Dirtbag Republic Tear Down Your Idols Shock/Vanity Music Group
  Eternity's End Embers of War Prosthetic Records
Fortress Don't Spare the Wicked High Roller Records
Hollow Tower Rockshots Records
  Hitten Triumph & Tragedy High Roller Recordds
Imminence Heaven in Hiding Arising Empire
  Imperialist Zenith Transcending Obscurity Records
Imperial Triumphant An Evening with Imperial Triumphant
In Mourning The Bleeding Veil Dalapop
Jonas Lindberg Miles from Nowhere
Kirkerbran / Visegard Kirkegard (split) Odium Recordds
  Lockup The Dregs of Hades Listenable Records
Servant Bleed by the Light of a Thousand Stars Black Sunset / MDD
Teeth Finite Translation Loss Records
Waltari 3rd Decade Anniversary Edition
Vaneno Struggle Through Absurdity EP Raging Planet Records

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