"The Missing Link" (Self-produced; 2005)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

"The Missing Link" will keep you guessing. The first track of this two-track EP, "What I Forgot," starts out with a brief but brutally heavy guitar intro and then unfolds into a soft, sweet verse ... for awhile. Then, back comes that crushing heaviness. Add a typically blistering yet perfectly appropriate guitar solo by fretmaster Michael Sobygge and "What I Forgot" is, you should pardon the pun, unforgettable.

"Virulence," the EP's second and last track, begins with a slow pace, backed by a Satriani-like solo sweep. It isn't long, however, before the song crescendos into a driving chorus of hard rock guitars and powerful vocals. Plus, you get another brilliant solo from Sobygge.

"The Missing Link" might be an apt title for this short but enjoyable CD. It's a step away and above the band's previous releases, displaying vast improvement in the vocals department (courtesy new singer Jacob Froberg) and better overall songwriting. The only downside is the production is a little rough and it would be nice to see it jacked up just a notch in the future.

Two songs is never enough to tell you much about a band's style and/or progress, but "The Missing Link" is definitely a step forward for Melodic Meltdown. Here's to hoping a full-length CD is in the band's future.

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"Second Skin" (Self-produced)

Reviewed by Snidermann

Every once in a while, we at have had the glad opportunity to deal with some pretty awesome guitarists, but not many can match the stunning brilliance of Michael Søbygge (see our reviews of his solo projects). 

Michael's latest project is in the form of a band, Melodic Meltdown, and their new CD proves once again why Michael Søbygge is one of the premier metal guitarists in today's heavy music scene. Not only can Michael play heavy, chord related riffs, he can instantly explode with laser-sharp leads that, to put it as simply as possible, just shred. 

What's more, Michael allows the other members of the band to shine as well. Considering the talent performing on "Second Skin," Søbygge has made the right decision. The musicians that form Melodic Meltdown complement and enhance one another and Michael's jaw-dropping guitar style. 

Okay, sometimes the vocals are a bit rough, but that is basically the only (and very minor) flaw I noticed from this excellent release. Michael Søbygge is a name any heavy metal guitar enthusiast should know and remember.

Melodic Meltdown: Michael Sobygge - guitars & backing vocals; Lars Binderup - vocals; Lasse W. Whener - bass; Martin Bech - drums.

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"Experiencing Pain" (Self-produced)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

I have never shied away from guitar-oriented rock; "Experiencing Pain" becomes yet another facet of the musical diamond of hard rock that shines brightly no matter your preference in music. I became familiar with Melodic Meltdown's hotshot guitarist Michael Sobygge from his solo instrumental work. Then I learned that Sobygge had a vocal band called Melodic Meltdown. At first I wasn't too enthused to learn about this - I've always taken the work of talented instrumental guitarists who create their own vocal-fronted bands with a grain of salt (for evidence, I need only identify the lingering scars left from the few attempts to get through Tony MacAlpine's vocal band effort "Eyes Of The World" by the aptly titled band MacAlpine).

However, the exception to the rule is more rare than you might think. But I'm fortunate that I've come across one of the exceptions to the rule. Melodic Meltdown's "Experiencing Pain" is a pleasant surprise. Sobygge's shredding is scaled down enough to make the hard rock style of Melodic Meltdown into an effective rock record.

As you have no doubt guessed, the focal point of Melodic Meltdown is the exuberant and exhilarating guitar work of Michael Sobygge. But surprisingly enough, while the six-string talent of Sobygge shines through at all times, Melodic Meltdown is a band that has written some taut hard rock songs that don't forget that the song is king and technical flashes, while they have their place, are usually best left to brief and complementary flourishes.

In recent years my musical tastes have moved away from the particular style performed by Melodic Meltdown, but that didn't stop me from enjoying "Experiencing Pain" in the least. Melodic Meltdown are likely to have their greatest success in Europe and South America where this style still sells records. Guitar fanatics, regardless of locale, should be interested at the very least in learning more about Melodic Meltdown. I hope the folks at guitar-oriented labels like Guitar 9 Records and Grooveyard Records are taking notice of Melodic Meltdown. As I understand it "Experiencing Pain" is demo that has not yet been officially released to the public; quite frankly I'm not sure if it ever will see the light of day as an official release. In any case, "Experiencing Pain" stands as a testament to an artist's ability to utilize his skills properly in whatever format he's working in. 

"Experiencing Pain" was produced by Melodic Meltdown.

Melodic Meltdown is Lars Binderup on vocals, Michael Sobygge on guitar, Lasse W. Whener on bass, and Martin Bech on drums.

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