"You Can't Escape Life" (Love Muffin; 2006)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

As bassist for Girth, Adam Rich knows how to crush some bones with devastating force. His solo CD, "You Can't Escape Life," proves that Rich has a lot more up his sleeve as well.

When it comes to genre, "You Can't Escape Life" is all over the place. There's a little folk, there's a little rock, there's a little reggae ... hell, there's a little of everything. What's impressive is that Rich seems as comfortable performing Woody Guthrie/Bob Dylan folk tunes as he does putting the pedal to the metal. And what's refreshing is that Rich seems to enjoy exploring the myriad sounds found within those genres. 

There's the raunchy punk sound of "Perfect," the bluesy "You Can't Escape Life," the Tarantino flamenco of "Vultures," the angry humor of "Go Away Mr. Telemarketer," the driving metal of "Whirling Dirvish," the subtle beauty of "Big Blue,"  the alternative buzz and blistering guitars of "Huh" ... and there's more. 

What sets "You Can't Escape Life" apart from other solo CDs is that Rich neither re-explores the pounding metal sound of his band Girth or spends the entire CD simply trying to show us what a great musician he is. Instead, he had recorded an album that is much more than a showcase and, instead, is a respectable collection of tunes on their own.

Bottom line: Adam Rich is one talented musician.

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