"Trekkies 2: The Official Soundtrack" (Reboot Music; 2004)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

How much you enjoy this soundtrack to the film "Trekkies 2" probably depends on how much of a Star Trek fan you are. Oh, you can enjoy the various types of music contained herein without being a fan of the immortal series, but you'll enjoy it just that much more if you're in on the joke.

"Trekkies 2" apparently focuses on the aspect of fan music in the Star Trek world. Sometimes, it's really, really good (i.e., Warp 11, whose full-length CD is reviewed here), sometimes it's really weird (check out the Klingon death metal band Stovokor) and sometimes it's just over-the-top (the operatic "Italy Theme" by Billy Sullivan and Bob Chauls). And you have to hear the Iggy Pop-ish "No Kill I Theme Song" to believe it.

Throughout the CD, however, one theme remains constant: fun. Part of what made the first "Trekkies" film so enjoyable was that it allowed the viewer to laugh along with the fanatical, die-hard "Star Trek" fans (although some fans thought they were being laughed at rather than with). Virtually every song on this CD has a sense of wry humor, both lyrically and musically. When Ash Productions sings "I'm the Expendable Guy," you know it's about the security guys in the red shirts who were always the ones to die in the original series. And the CD begins with "Beam Me Up" by the B-52s Fred Schneider and keyboardist Pat Irwin. Like much of the B-52's material, "Beam Me Up" is humorous and entertaining.

Also included are insightful, if sometimes intrusive, audio clips and soundbytes from both "Trekkies" films. Inserted between songs, these are as often annoying as they are amusing. What's not included on the CD is profanity. There are several beeps and deletions apparent throughout the CD and, if you're like me, that's really, really annoying.

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