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Introducing our
East Coast Correspondent
Christopher J. Kelter

Rough Edge is pleased to welcome Christopher J. Kelter to its ranks as our first East Coast correspondent.

Christopher hails from Maryland where he works as an administrator in the State of Maryland government.

He first became interested in "heavy metal" after hearing AC/DC's "Highway To Hell" in late 1979. Now, twenty years later, Christopher continues to enjoy hard rock and heavy metal as the premier style of energetic music.

Christopher ranks the Metallica/Ozzy show back in '86 as one of his all-time favorite concerts. He recently saw Kilgore and Fear Factory open for Slayer in the Fall of 1998 and was blown away at the intensity and power of all three bands.  Christopher is eagerly awaiting OzzFest '99.

Christopher is always looking for the next band or song to really get his blood going. His current favorites include AC/DC, Fear Factory, Rush, Joe Satriani, Dokken/Lynch Mob/George Lynch, Ozzy Osbourne, Korn, Fates Warning and Metallica. Meshuggah is Christopher's pick as the next great metal band.

Christopher always enjoys talking about music and hopes to share his love for music in his CD reviews, concert reviews, and feature articles. He invites anyone to discuss heavy metal with him. Write to Christopher at

In his spare time Christopher enjoys watching ice hockey and baseball, plays roller hockey, plays the guitar, and brews his own beer (hey, we like him already!).

It was Christopher's style and devotion to the music that caught our eye. His reviews are thorough and entertaining and his style of writing brings the reader into the music. We very much look forward to Christopher's future reviews and features. You can check out some of his work already at the following links:

Sevendust Live

Joe Satriani's "Crystal Planet" Reviewed

Meshuggah's "Chaosphere" Reviewed

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