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KAUZ OF AFFLICTION "The New Norm" (Self-produced)

SPARZANZA "Announcing the End" (Dezpots Records)

RICK RAY "Killing Time" (Neurosis Records)

ROGER WATERS "Is This the Life We Really Want?" (Sony Music)

KATHLEEN STONE "Haven" Novel (CreateSpace)

BLACK BAMBI "Black Bambi" (20th Century Music)

"Welcome to My Nightmare / The Nightmare 1975 TV Special" (Eagle Vision)

THE KNAST "Reckless Soul" (Casuals Audio Group)

STYX "The Mission" (Alpha Dog)

ANDREW W. BOSS "Invincible" (Self-released)

ALICE COOPER "Paranormal" (earMusic)

HAREM SCAREM "United" (Frontiers)

CHEAP TRICK "We're All Right" (Big Machine)

LIV SIN "Follow Me" (Dezpots Records)

BLUE CHEER "Live at Rockpalast - Bonn 2008" (MIG Music)

EPITAPH "A Night at the Old Station" (MIG Music)

NIGHT DEMON "Darkness Remains" (Century Media)

DEEP PURPLE "InFinite" (earMusic)

THROUGH FIRE "Breathe" (Sumerian)

ANTHRAX "For All Kings" 7-Inch Vinyl Box Set (Megaforce)

MAPS TO THE HOLLYWOOD SCARS "Volume One" (Ocean Media)

JOKE ADDICTION "G.A.S." (Spider Rock)

FOUR STAR REVIVAL "The Underdog" (Headstone Records)

SHIT THE COW "67p" (Self-produced)

BROKEN FACTORY WINDOWS "Bright Lights, Bright Lights!" (BFW)

KROKUS "Big Rocks" (Columbia)

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