KABANG "Degeneration" (Tribro Records)

KABANG "Equilibrium" (Tribro Records)

KAIPA "Notes From the Past" (Inside Out Music)

KAIZEN "Supporting Continual Improvement" (Kontsha Productions)

KALOPSIA "Amongst the Ruins" (Godeater)

KAMELOT "The Black Halo" (SPV / Steamhammer)

KAMELOT "The Fourth Legacy" (Noise)

KAMELOT "Ghost Opera" (SPV / Steamhammer)

KAMELOT "Ghost Opera: The Second Coming" (SPV / Steamhammer)

KAMELOT "One Cold Winter's Night" DVD/CD (SPV / Steamhammer)

CHEZ KANE "Chez Kane" (Frontiers Music SRL)

CHEZ KANE "Powerzone" (Frontiers Music SRL)

KANSAS "Kansas" (Epic / Legacy)

KANSAS "Works in Progress" (Intersound Records)

KAOS "Kaos Among Us" (Self-produced)

KAOS RISING "Wiped Away" (Self-produced)

ELMO KARJALAINEN "Unintelligent Designs" (KC Sounds)

KARMAKANIC "Wheel of Life" (The End / Regain Records North America)

KARMAKANIC "Who's the Boss in the Factory?" (InsideOut)

KARMA TO BURN "Almost Heathen" (Spitfire/Jellysyrup Productions)

KARMA TO BURN "Wild Wonderful Purgatory" (Spitfire)

KARNIVOOL "Set Fire to the Hive" (Red)

KATAGORY V "A New Breed of Rebellion" (Metal Ages)

KATAGORY V "Present Day" (Nightmare Records)

KATAGORY V "The Rising Anger" (Nightmare Records)

KATAKLYSM "In the Arms of Devastation" (Nuclear Blast)

KATANA "Heads Will Roll" (Listenable Records)

KATATONIA "Discouraged Ones" (Century Media)

KATATONIA "The Great Cold Distance" (Peaceville)

KATATONIA "Last Fair Deal Gone Down" (Peaceville)

KAURA "Kaura" (Kaum Records)

KAUZ OF AFFLICTION "Fourward Motion" (Self-produced)

KAUZ OF AFFLICTION "The New Norm" (Self-produced)

KAUZ OF AFFLICTION "Put on Your Happy Face" (Self-produced)

KAUZ OF AFFLICTION "Soultaker" (Self-produced)

KAUZ OF AFFLICTION "Unhinged" (Self-produced)

KAYSER "Frame the World ... Hang it on the Wall" (SPV)

SAM KAZEROONI "Angry Planet" (Fossil)

SAM KAZEROONI "Delve" (Fossil)

SAM KAZEROONI "Light It Up" (Fossil)

SAM KAZEROONI "Vision" (Fossil)

KELLY KEAGY "Time Passes" (Now & Then / Frontier)

KEEL "Larger Than Live" (DeRock)

RON KEEL "Alone at Last" (Ron Keel Entertainment / A&R Entertainment)

RICHARD KENDRICK "Murder and the F Word" (Versailles)

KENZINER "The Prophecies" (Metal Blade / Leviathan)

KENOS "The Craving" (Lucretia)

KETTLE CADAVER "Among the Damned" DVD (Horror Rock)

KEYDRAGON "I Dance with Dragons" (Keydragon)

THE K.G.B. "The K.G.B." (Dreamworks)

KHALLICE "The Journey" (Magna Carta)

KHANN "Tofutopia" (Metal Blade)

KHOLD "Krek" (Candlelight USA)

KHOLD "Morke Gravers Kammer" (Candlelight USA)

KHZ "Reality of a Finer Scale" (Propain)

KICK AXE "IV" (Song Haus)

KID ROCK "Cocky" (Atlantic)

KID ROCK "Devil Without a Cause" (Atlantic)

KID ROCK "First Kiss" (Warner Bros)

KID ROCK "Kid Rock" (Atlantic)

KID ROCK "Rock N Roll Jesus" (Atlantic)

KILGORE "A Search For Reason" (Revolution)

KILL CHEERLEADER "All Hail" (Spinerazor)

KILL DEVIL KILL "Revolution Rise" (Century Media)

THE KILLER "Better Judged by Twelve Than Carried by Six" (Organized Crime)

KILLER BE KILLED "Killer Be Killed" (Nuclear Blast)

KILLER KHAN "Kill Devil Hills" (Killer Khan)

KILLER KHAN "Rock 'n Roll Forever" (Killer Khan)

THE KILLERS "Day & Age" (Island/Vertigo)

THE KILLERS "Sam's Town" (Island)

KILLERS BY TRADE "Pub Wolves of London" (Self-released)

KILL HANNAH "For Never & Ever" (Atlantic)

KILLINGBIRD "Kilingbird' (2KSounds/EMI)

KILLING SPREE "Deception. Betrayal. Revenge." (What's My Cut Records)

KILLING THEORY "Dead. Buried. Forgotten." (Tribunal)

KILLING TYRANNY "Church of the Twisted Prophet" (Twisted Prophet)

KILLING TYRANNY "Martyr" (Twisted Prophet)

KILL RITUAL "The Serpentine Ritual" (Scarlet)

KILLSWITCH ENGAGE "Atonement" (Metal Blade)

KILLSWITCH ENGAGE "Alive or Just Breathing?" (Roadrunner)

KILLSWITCH ENGAGE "As Daylight Dies" (Roadrunner)

KILLSWITCH ENGAGE "Disarm the Decent" (Roadrunner)

KILLSWITCH ENGAGE "The End of Heartache" (Roadrunner)

KILLSWITCH ENGAGE "Killswitch Engage" (Roadrunner)

KILLWHITNEYDEAD "Never Good Enough For You" (Tribunal)

KILLWHITNEYDEAD "Nothing More, Nothing Less" (Tribunal)

KILLWHITNEYDEAD "So Pretty So Plastic" (Tribunal)

KINDRED SAINT "Kindred Saint" (Self-released)

KINETO "Transform" (Self-released)

KING 810 "proem" EP (Roadrunner)

KING CRIMSON "The Collectable King Crimson Volume 3: Live in London, Pts. 1-2 1996" (Discipline Global Mobile / Inner Knot)

KINGCROW "Insider" (Consytech Limited)

KING DIAMOND "20 Years Ago: A Rehearsal" With Black Rose (Metal Blade)

KING DIAMOND "Abigail II: The Revenge" (Metal Blade)

KING DIAMOND "Give Me Your Soul ... Please" (Metal Blade)

KING DIAMOND "House of God" (Metal Blade)

KING DIAMOND "The Puppet Master" (Metal Blade)

KINGDOM COME "In Your Face" (Polydor)

KINGDOM COME "Rendered Waters" (SPV)

KING DUST "Full Denim Jacket" (Maggadee)

KINGFISHER SKY "Hallway of Dreams" (The Laser's Edge)

KERRY KING "From Hell I Rise" (Reigning Phoenix Music America, LLC)

KING KARMA "King Karma" (Self-produced)

KING PRAWN "Got the Thirst" (Plastic Head)

KING RAT "Beautiful Songs for Ugly People" (Fivecore Records / Hotshot Locksmith)

KING RAT "Duct Tape and Dreams" (Fivecore Records)

KINGS OF DUST "Kings of Dust" (Shock Records)

KINGS OF LEON "Aha Shake Heartbreak" (RCA)

KINGS OF LEON "Holy Roller Novocaine" (RCA)

KING'S X "Black Like Sunday" (Metal Blade / Brop! Records)

KING'S X "Live All Over the Place" (Metal Blade / Brop! Records)

KING'S X "Manic Moonlight" (Metal Blade)

KING'S X "Ogre Tones" (InsideOut)

KING'S X "Please Come Home ... Mr. Bulbous" (Metal Blade)

KING'S X "Tape Head" (Metal Blade)

KING'S X "XV" (InsideOut)

KING WOMAN "Celestial Blues" (Relapse Records)

KING ZEBRA "Between the Shadows" (Frontiers New Recordings)

THE KINISON "Mortgage Is Bank" (Fearless)

THE KINISON "What Are You Listening To?" (LaSalle)

KINRICK "Sense Your Darkness" (Leviathan)

KISMET "Shades of Clarity" (Dust on the Tracks)

KISS "Alive!" (Polygram)

KISS "Alive! 1975 - 2000" (Mercury)

KISS "Animalize" (Mercury)

KISS "Asylum" (Mercury)

KISS "The Box Set" (Mercury)

KISS "Carnival of Souls: The Final Sessions" (Mercury)

KISS "Creatures of the Night" (Mercury)

KISS "Destroyer" (Casablanca)

KISS "Destroyer: 45th Anniversary Edition" (UMe)

KISS "Hotter Than Hell" (Casablanca)

KISS "Kissology Volume 2: 1978 - 1991" (VH1 Classics)

KISS "Kissology Volume 3: 1992 - 2000" (VH1 Classics)

KISS "Monster" (Universal)

KISS "Off the Soundboard: Tokyo 2001" (UMe)

KISS "Off the Soundboard: Live in Poughkeepsie 1984" (UMe)

KISS "KISS Pinball" (PlayStation) (Tarantula Studios / Take2 Interactive)

KISS "Psycho Circus" (Mercury)

KISS "Revenge" (Mercury)

KISS "Rock the Nation: Live!" (Image Entertainment)

KISS "The Second Coming" DVD (Image Entertainment)

KISS "Sonic Boom" (Roadrunner)

KISS "Symphony: Alive IV" (Sanctuary / KISS Records)

KISSIN' DYNAMITE "Generation Goodbye" (AFM)

KISSIN' DYNAMITE "Money, Sex & Power" (AFM)

KISS IS KILL "Kiss is Kill" (Self-released)

KISS KISS BANG "Hearts on Fire" (The Label Group)

THE KITCHEN KNIFE CONSPIRACY "Worst Case in Stereo" (Self-produced)

KITTENS FOR CHRISTIAN "Privilege of Your Company" (Red Ink)

KITTIE "Funeral for Yesterday" (X of Infamy)

KITTIE "Spit" (NG Records / Artemis Records)

KIX "Blow My Fuse" (Atlantic)

KIX "Can't Stop the Show: The Return of Kix" (Loud & Proud)

KIX "Cool Kids" (Atlantic)

KIX "Kix" (Atlantic")

KK's PRIEST "Sermons of the Sinners" (Ex1 Records)

KLEEN "Fail" (Self-produced)

THE KNACK "...But the Little Girls Understand" (Captiol)

THE KNACK "Get the Knack" (Captiol)

THE KNACK "Round Trip" (Captiol)

THE KNACK "Serious Fun" (Charisma)

THE KNACK "Zoom" (Rhino)

THE KNAST "Reckless Soul" (Casuals Audio Group)

MICHAEL KNIGHT "Mechanica Diablo" (KM Records)

KNIGHT AREA "Realm of Shadows" (Laser's Edge)

KNIGHT AREA "Under a New Sign" (Laser's Edge)

KNIGHTS OF THE ABYSS "Shades" (Ferret)

THE KNIVES "Skin Flicks" (Criterion Records)

KNOCK OUT KAINE "House of Sin" (Dust on the Tracks Records)

KNOCKOUT KID "Your Name All Over It" (THC Music)

KOMA "Sinonimo de Ofender" (Locomotive)

KOMMANDANT "Stormlegion" (Planet Metal)

DAVID KONOW "Bang Your Head: The Rise and Fall of Heavy Metal" Book (Three Rivers Press)

TONY KORETZ "Kicking Cans" (Rocksure Soundz)

KORN "Follow the Leader" (Sony)

KORN "Issues" (Epic/Immortal)

KORN "Live & Rare" (Epic)

KORN "The Path of Totality" (Roadrunner)

KORN "See You on the Other Side" (Epic)

KORN "Untitled" (EMI)

KORN "Untouchables" (Epic/Immortal)

KORROSIVE "Toxic Apocalypse" (CDN Records)

KOSTO AND FULL "A.D.I.C.T.O.M.I.A." (Self-released)

KOTIPELTO "Coldness" (Century Media)

KOTIPELTO "Serenity" (Candlelight)

KOTTAK "Therupy" (Escapi)

KOTTONMOUTH KINGS "Fire It Up" (Suburban Noize)

KOTTONMOUTH KINGS "The Green Album" (Suburban Noize)

RICHIE KOTZEN "Bi-Polar Blues" (Blues Bureau Int'l.)

RICHIE KOTZEN "The Essential" (DGC)

RICHIE KOTZEN "Into the Black" (Headroom-Inc.)

THE KOVENANT "Animatronic" (Nuclear Blast)

KOZELJNIK "Deeper the Fall" (Paragon)

KOZELJNIK "Null: The Archeron of Multiform Negation" (Paragon)

LENNY KRAVITZ "It is Time for a Love Revolution" (Virgin)

LENNY KRAVITZ "Lenny" (Virgin)

KREATOR "Endorama" (Pavement)

KREATOR "Enemy of God" (Steamhammer / SPV)

KREATOR "Hordes of Chaos" (Steamhammer / SPV)

KREATOR "Live Kreation" (SPV)

KREATOR "Past Life Trauma" (Noise)

KREATOR "Renewal" (Pavement)

KREATOR "Violent Revolution" (SPV)

KRISIUN "AssassiNation" (Century Media)

KRISIUN "Bloodshed" (Century Media)

KROKUS "Big Rocks" (Columbia)

KROKUS "Hellraiser" (Locomotive)

KROMLEK "Finis Terrae" (SMP/Trollzorn Records)

KRYOBURN "Three Years Eclipsed" (Candlelight)

KRYPTIC "Premature Burial" (Self-produced)

KTU "Quiver" (Hoedown/7dMedia)

BRUCE KULICK "AudioDog" (Audio Dog Records)

BRUCE KULICK "Transformer" (Self-produced)

KUTLESS "Hearts of the Innocent" (BEC Recordings)

KUTLESS "Kutless" (BEC Recordings)

KUTLESS "Sea of Faces" (BEC Recordings)

KUTLESS "To Know That You're Alive" (BEC Recordings)

KVELERTAK "Splid" (Rise Records)

KYLESA "Static Tensions" (Prosthetic)

KYLESA "Exhausting Fire" (Season of Mist)

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