VADER "The Art of War" (Candlelight)

VADER "Blood + Reign Forever World" (Metal Blade)

VADER "Impressions of Blood" (Candlelight)

VADER "Lead Us!" (Regain)

VADER "Litany" (Metal Blade)

VADER "Revelations" (Metal Blade)

VADER "XXV" (Regain)

VAGIANTS "Short and Hard" (Sin Klub)

STEVE VAI "Fire Garden" (Epic)

STEVE VAI "Passion and Warfare" (Relativity)

STEVE VAI "The Story of Light" (Favored Nations

VAINAJA "Kadotetut" (Svart Records)

ERIC VAL "My Gift My Curse" (Green Valley Recording)

ROBERT VALDES "Acoustic Journey" (RV Records)

ROBERT VALDES "Out of the Shadows" (RV Records)

VALHALLA "The Aftermath" (Agent Records)

VALIENT THORR "Immortalizer" (Volcom Entertainment)

VALIOMIERDA "Valiomierda" (Fivecore)

VALKYRIE "Fear" (Relapse Records)

VAMPIRE MOOOSE "Serenade the Samurai" (Rotten Records)

VAMPIRE MOOOSE "Vampire Mooose" (Rotten Records)

VANDEN "Victims" (Disix)

VANDEN PLAS "Beyond Daylight" (Inside Out Music America)

VANDEN PLAS "Christ O" (Inside Out Music America)

VANDEN PLAS "Far Off Grace" (Inside Out Music America)

VANDEN PLAS "The Ghost Xperiment - Illumination" (Frontiers Music SRL)

VANDERHOOF "A Blur in Time" (SPV)

VANDERHOOF "Vanderhoof" (Nuclear Blast)

VAN EE "Powerplay" (H&H Records)

VAN GOUGH "Kingdom of Ruin" (Nightmare Records)

VAN HALEN "II" (Warner Bros.)

VAN HALEN "1984" (Warner Bros.)

VAN HALEN "5150" (Warner Bros.)

VAN HALEN "OU812" (Warner Bros.)

VAN HALEN "A Different Kind of Truth" (Interscope)

VAN HALEN "Balance" (Warner Bros.)

VAN HALEN "Best of Both Worlds" (Rhino)

VAN HALEN "Fair Warning" (Warner Bros.)

VAN HALEN "Van Halen" (Warner Bros.)

VAN HALEN "Van Halen 3" (Warner Bros.)

VAN HALEN "Van Halen Live: Right Here, Right Now" (Warner Bros.)

VAN HALEN "Zero" (Boo Records)

VAN HELSING'S CURSE "Oculus Infernum" (KOCH)

RAY VAN HORN, JR. "Coming of Rage" (Book) (Raw Earth Ink)

RAY VAN HORN, JR. "Revolution Calling" (Book) (Raw Earth Ink)

VANILLA ICE "Hard to Swallow" (Republic/Universal)

VANILLA FUDGE "Vanilla Zeppelin" (Golden Robots)

VARIANT CAUSE "Excavating - Volume I" (BDP)

VARIANT CAUSE "Excavating - Volume 2" (BDP)

VARIOUS ARTISTS (click here)

VAST "Visual Audio Sensory Theater" (Elektra)

VAUX "Beyond Virtue, Beyond Vice" (Lava)

VAYDEN "Children of Our Mistakes" (Silent Majority)

VEGA "Grit Your Teeth" (Frontiers Music SRL)

VEHEMENCE "God Was Created" (Metal Blade)

VEHEMENCE "Helping the World to See" (Metal Blade)

VEKTOR "Black Future" (Heavy Artillery)

VEKTOR "Outer Isolation" (Heavy Artillery)


VELVET REVOLVER "Live In Houston" (Eagle Vision)

VELVET VIPER "Respice Finem" (GMR Music Group)

VENDETTA "Vendetta" (Riviere)

VENOM "Black Metal" (Neat Records)

VENOM "Metal Black" (Sanctuary)

VENOMOUS "Tribus" (Brutal Records)

VENOMOUS MAXIMUS "The Mission" (Cutthroat)

CARL VERHEYEN "Sundial" (Cranktone Entertainment)

VERISMO "City of Kings' (Self-released)

VERMILION WHISKEY "Crimson & Stone" (10 South Productions)

THE VERMIN "A Fist Full of Hell" (Wood Shampoo)

VERTICAL AFTER "Bloody Murdoo" (Self-produced)

VERTACYN ARC MATERIALIZER "Phlodd" (10gevrecords)

VERY METAL "Hit and Run" (Beer City)

VEX RED "Start With A Strong And Persistent Desire" (I AM/Virgin)

VEXT "Cast the First Stone" (Lakeshore Records)

VHALDEMAR "I Made My Own Hell" (Arise)

VIATHYN "Cynosure" (Self-produced)

VICIOUS "Vile, Vicious and Victorious" (Sound Riot)

VICIOUS CIRCLE "The Art of Agony" (Neoblast)

VICIOUS RUMORS "Razorback Killers" (SPV)

VICIOUSPHERE "Third Degree" (Self-produced)

VICTORY "Instinct" (SPV / Steamhammer)

VIKING SKULL "Doom, Gloom, Heartache & Whiskey" (Powerage)

VILE "The New Age of Chaos" (Unique Leader)

VILE CYNIC "Agony" (Indepndent)

VILLAGE OF DEAD ROADS / SPIRITU "Human Failures" (Meteor City)

THE VILLEBILLIES "From the Belly of the Beast" (Hack Music)

THE VILLEBILLIES "The Villebillies" (Rhythm & Booze)

VINE "3 Days in the Desert" (Binary Triplet, Inc.)

VINTERRIKET / NORTHAUNT "Vinterriket / Northaunt" (Flood the Earth Records)

VINTERRIKET "Der letzte Winter: Der Ewigkeit entgegen" (Flood the Earth Records)

VINTERSORG "Cosmic Genesis" (Napalm Records)

THE VIOLET BURNING "The Violet Burning" (Domo)

V-PROJECT "New Machine" (DMV)

VIRGIL "Juggernaut" (Reprieve)

VIRGIN BLACK "Sombre Romantic" (The End)

VIRGIN STEELE "The Book of Burning" (Sanctuary / Noise Records / T&T)

VIRGIN STEELE "Guardians of the Flame" (Sanctuary / Noise Records)

VIRGIN STEELE "The House of Atreus: Act I" (Noise Records)

VIRGIN STEELE "Hymns of Victory" (Sanctuary/Noise Records)

VIRGIN STEELE "Virgin Steele" (Sanctuary / Noise Records / T&T)

VIRUS 7 "Sick in the Head" (Metal Blade)

MIKE VISAGGIO "Starship Universe" (Self-produced)

VISCERA TRAIL "Piled Up Dead" (Epitome Productions)

VISION DIVINE "Stream of Consciousness" (Metal Blade)

VISION OF DISORDER "For the Bleeders" (GoKart/Compound)

VISION OF DISORDER "From Bliss to Devastation" (TVT Records)

VISION OF DISORDER "Imprint" (Roadrunner)

VIS MYSTICA "Celestial Wisdom" (Dark Star Records)

VIXEN "Live & Learn" (Demolition)

VIXEN "Rev It Up" (EMI)

VIXEN (Hawaii) "The Works" (Pyram-Axis Records)

VOCIFERIAN "Universal Hate Decades Ultimatum" (Infernus Rex)

VOETSEK "Infernal Command" (Selfmadegod)

VOICES "Resurgence" (CD Baby)

VOIVOD "Infini" (Relapse)

VOIVOD "Katorz" (The End Records)

VOIVOD "Lives" (Metal Blade)

VOIVOD "Target Earth" (Century Media)

VOIVOD "Voivod" (Chophouse / Surfdog)

VOLBEAT "Servant of the Mind" (Republic)

VOLT "Rorhat" (Exile on Main Stream)

VOLTO! "Incitare" (Fantasy Records)

VOLUME "Requesting Permission to Land" (High Beam Music)

VOMITORY "Blood Rapture" (Metal Blade)

VOMITORY "Primal Massacre" (Metal Blade)

VOMITORY "Revelation Nausea" (Metal Blade)

VOODOO ANGEL "First Spell" (Sleaszy Rider)

VOODOO GLOW SKULLS "Adiccion, Tradicion, Revolucion" (Victory)

VOODOO GLOW SKULLS "Steady As She Goes" (Victory)

VOODOO HILL "Voodoo Hill" (Frontiers)

VOTUM "Metafiction" (Armoury)

V-PROJECT "New Machine" (DMV)

VULTURE INDUSTRIES "The Dystopia Journals" (Ragnarok Records)

VYNDYKATOR "Heaven Sent From Hell" (Unisound)


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