JACKNIFE "Moment of Reckoning" (Zero Sum)

THE JACK LORDS "The Jack Lords" (Riding Mower)

JACK RUSSELL'S GREAT WHITE "Great Zeppelin II: A Tribute to Led Zeppellin" (Deadline)

JACK RUSSELL'S GREAT WHITE "He Saw it Comin'" (Frontiers)


JACKYL "Live from the Full Throttle" (Sanctuary)

JACKYL "Relentless" (Humidity)

JACKYL "ROWYCO" (Mighty Loud)

JACKYL "When Moonshine and Dynamite Collide" (Mighty Loud)

JACOB'S DREAM "Drama for the Ages" (Metal Blade)

JACOB'S DREAM "Jacob's Dream" (Metal Blade)

JACOB'S DREAM "Theater of War" (Metal Blade)

BEN JACKSON "Here I Come" (Jaxhammer)

ROBERT JACKSON "Personal Jesus" (AIF Records)

ROBERT JACKSON "Twilight Theatre" (AIF Records)


MICK JAGGER "Goddess in the Doorway" (Virgin)

JAG PANZER "Casting the Stones" (Century Media)

JAG PANZER "Decade of the Nail-Spiked Bat" (Century Media)

JAG PANZER "Dissident Alliance" (Pavement)

JAG PANZER "The Scourge of the Light" (SPV)

JAG PANZER "Thane to the Throne" (Century Media)

STEEVI JAIMZ "Damned If I Do ... Damned If I Don't" (Starry Eyes)

JAKETHEHAWK "Hinterlands" (Ripple Music)

JANUS "Red Right Return" (Glass Bottom Boat Records)

JAPANISCHE KAMPFHORSPIELE "Früher War Auch Nicht Alles Gut" (Bastardized)

JAPANISCHE KAMPFHORSPIELE "Hardcore Aus Der Ersten Welt" (Bastardized)

JAR'D LOOSE "Turns 13" (The Path Less Traveled Records)

JASON BIELER AND THE BARON VON BIELSKI ORCHESTRA "Postcards from the Asylum" (Baron Von Bielski)

JAUGERNAUT (A.D.) "Contra-Mantra" (Self-released)

JAW "Jaw" (Reversed Records)

JAY GORDON & THE PENETRATORS "Gold Rings Silver Bullets" (Shuttle Music)

JED "Sanctuary 200" (Self-released)

JED "Synesthesia" (Self-released)

JEFFERSON STARSHIP "Windows Of Heaven" (CMC International Records)

THE JELLY JAM (Century Media/Inside Out)

JENDZA "End of the World" (Self-produced)

THE JENERATORS "Hitting the Silk" (Wildcat)

THE JENNIFER ECHO "Be Dangerous on Rock Guitar" (Jumping Jupiter)

JOE JERMANO "Dreaming in Color" (Onamrej Records)

JESTERS MOON "Jesters Moon" (Man In Black Music)

JESUS KNEVIL "Jesus Knevil" (Self-released)

JET "Family Style" DVD (Atlantic)

JET "Get Born" (Elektra)

JET "Shine On" (Atlantic)

JETBOY "The Glam Years" (Deadline/MVD)

JET CIRCUS "Look at Death Now" (Hypersonic)

JETHRO TULL "Minstrel in the Gallery" (Chrysalis Records)

JETHRO TULL "Too Old to Rock & Roll, Too Young To Die" (Chrysalis Records)

JETHRO TULL "War Child" (Chrysalis Records)

JETT BLACK "Dead Town" (Fivecore)

JEZABEL "Legiones Del Sur" (Cruz Del Sur)

JIMBO "Where the Vultures Vultures Gather" (1103970 Records DK)

JIMMIE'S CHICKEN SHACK "Bring Your Own Stereo" (Island)

JIMMY CHAMBERLIN COMPLEX "Life Begins Again" (Sanctuary)

JINJER "Cloud Factory" (The Leaders Records)


JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS "Sinner" (Blackheart Records)

JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS "Mindsets" (Blackheart Records)

JO BELOW "No Control" (Inverse Records)

JOB FOR A COWBOY "Ruination" (Metal Blade)

JOBOJ "Orange" (Quad Records)

JOBOJ "Raw Sausage Finger" (Quad Records)

JOBOJ "X" (Quad Records)

JOE STUMP'S REIGN OF TERROR "Conquer & Divide" (Leviathan Records)

JOHN 5 & THE CREATURES "Sinner" (Big Machine)

JOHNNY MARR & THE HEALERS "Boomslang" (ArtistDirect / IMusic)

ERIC JOHNSON "Ah Via Musicom" (Capitol)

JOHN WILKES BOOTH "Sic Semper Tyrannis" (Bukkake Orange)

JOKE ADDICTION "G.A.S." (Spider Rock)

JOLLY ROGER "Cactus" (Self-released)

JONES STREET "Out of the Gutter" (Eonian Records)


JON OLIVA'S PAIN "Global Warning" (Locomotive)

JON OLIVA'S PAIN "Maniacal Renderings" (Locomotive)

JON SYMON'S WARLOCK "Lady McBeth" (Explore Multimedia)

JON SYMON'S WARLOCK "Memories of a White Magician" (Explore Multimedia)

JONUTIS "Solid" (Self-released)

SASS JORDAN "Get What You Give" (Elvair Entertainment / Universal Canada)

JORN "Over the Horizon Radar" (Frontiers Music; SRL)

JORN "Starfire" (Frontiers/Now & Then)

JORN "Unlocking the Past" (Frontiers)

JOURNEY "Arrival" (Columbia)

JOURNEY "Eclipse" (Nomota LLC)

JOURNEY "Evolution" (Columbia / Legacy)

JOURNEY "Greatest Hits" (Columbia / Legacy)

JOURNEY "Generations" (Sanctuary)

JOURNEY "Raised on Radio" (Columbia)

JPT SCARE BAND "Acid Blues is the White Man's Burden" (Ripple)

JUDAS PRIEST "'98 Live Meltdown" (CMC International Records)

JUDAS PRIEST "Angel of Retribution" (Epic)

JUDAS PRIEST "Battle Cry" (Epic)

JUDAS PRIEST "British Steel" (Sony Music)

JUDAS PRIEST "British Steel: 30th Anniversary" (Sony Music)

JUDAS PRIEST "Defenders of the Faith: Special 30th Anniversary Edition" (Legacy)

JUDAS PRIEST "Demolition" (Sony Music)

JUDAS PRIEST "Firepower" (Epic)

JUDAS PRIEST "Genocide" (Snapper Music)

JUDAS PRIEST "Hell Bent for Leather" (Columbia/Legacy)

JUDAS PRIEST "Jugulator" (CMC International, Inc.)

JUDAS PRIEST "Killing Machine" (Columbia/Legacy)

JUDAS PRIEST "Live In London" (SPV)

JUDAS PRIEST "Live Vengeance '82" (Columbia Music Video / Legacy)

JUDAS PRIEST "Metal Works '73 - 93" (Sony/Columbia)

JUDAS PRIEST "Nostradamus" (Sony)

JUDAS PRIEST "Painkiller" (Sony Music)

JUDAS PRIEST "Point of Entry" (Legacy)

JUDAS PRIEST "Ram It Down" (Sony Music)

JUDAS PRIEST "Redeemer of Souls" (Epic)

JUDAS PRIEST "Reflections" (Legacy)

JUDAS PRIEST "Stained Class" (Columbia/Legacy)

JUDAS PRIEST "Turbo" (Sony Music)

JUDAS PRIEST "Unleashed in the East" (Sony Music)

JUGGERNOTT "Necessary Evil" (Self-produced)

JUGHEAD "Jughead" (Inside Out / Ear Candy Records)

JUGULUR "Planet Dead" (Self-produced)

JULIET'S VICE "Decadence and Romance" (Self-produced)


JUNIOR BROWN "Mixed Bag" (Curb)

JUNGLE ROT "Skin the Living" (Victory)

JUNGLE ROT "War Zone" (Crash)

JUNGLE ROT "What Horrors Await" (Napalm)

THE JUNIOR VARSITY "Cinematographic" (Victory)

THE JUNIOR VARSITY "The Great Compromise" (Victory)

THE JUNIOR VARSITY "Wide Eyed" (Victory)

JUNKYARD "Tried and True" (Heat Slick)


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