11k "Bring the Rage Now" (Self-produced)

THE EAGLES "Long Road Out of Eden" (Eagles Recording Company)

EAGLES OF DEATH METAL "Death by Sexy" (Rekords / Downtown)

EAGLES OF DEATH METAL "Peace Love Death Metal" (Rekords)

EARLY GRAVES "Goner" (Ironclad)

EARLY MAN "Death Potion" (The End)

EARSHOT "Letting Go" (Warner Bros.)

EARTH "The Bees Made Honey in the Lion's Skull" (Southern Lord)

EARTHBOUND SMOKE GHOST "Karma's Grave" (Self-produced)

EARTH BURNT BLACK "Harrowing Catharsis" (Self-released)

EARTH CRISIS "Last of the Sane" (Victory)

EARTH CRISIS "Slither" (Victory)

EARTHCUBED "The Dark and the Divine" (Self-produced)

EASTERN HIGH "Halo" (Self-released)

EAST WEST "Hope in Anguish" (Floodgate Records LLC)

EAST WEST "The Light in Guinevere's Garden" (Sony)

EASY RIDER "Animal" (Locomotive)

EAT MY PIE "First Slice" EP (Self-produced)

EAT THE GUN "Runner" (Metalville)

ECHOVALVE "HelloAgainGoodbye" (Rock Ridge)

EDGE OF ATTACK "Edge of Attack" (Spread the Metal Records)

EDGEWATER "South of Sideways" (Wind-up)

EDGUY "Hall of Flames" (Locomotive)

EDGUY "Hellfire Club" (Nuclear Blast)

EDGUY "Theater of Salvation" (Metal Blade)

EIDOLON "Nightmare World" (Metal Blade)

EIDOLON "The Parallel Otherworld" (Escapi)

EIDOLON "Sacred Shrine" (Perris Records)

EIGHT DAYS GONE "Silence to the Naysayers" (Ragin Grace)

DAVID GLEN EISLEY "Stranger From the Past" (Frontiers)

MATTIAS IA EKLUNDH "Freak Guitar" (Favored Nations/Thunderstruck)

MATTIAS IA EKLUNDH "Freak Guitar: The Road Less Traveled" (Favored Nations/Thunderstruck)

ELDER "Elder" (Meteor City)

ELDER "Omens" (Armageddon)

ELDON MAX "The Plague Is In My Socks" (Demo - Happyshit Records)

ELDON MAX "Surfin' Like a Mutha" (Self-produced)

ELDORADO "Babylonia Haze" (Self-produced)

ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN "Annie's Grave" (Victory)

ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN "The Buzz of 1000 Volts!" (Victory)


ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTA "A New World Record" (Epic / Legacy)

ELECTRIC PEACE "Kill For Your Love" (Barred Records) 

ELECTRIC PARLOR "Electric Parlor" (Smooch City)

ELECTRIC WIZARD "Dopethrone" (Rise Above)

ELEGANTLY WASTED "Desolation Row" (Flaco)

ELEINE "We Shall Remain" (Atomic Fire Records)

ELEMENT "Corrupt Desires" (Casket Music)

ELEMENT "Under the Influence" (Self-produced)

ELEPHANT TREE "Day of Doom Live" (Magnetic Eye)

ELEKTRIK MISTRESS "Elektrik Mistress" (Echo Relations Media)

ELF "Elf" (Epic)

ELIMINATOR "The One They Were Waiting For" (Obskure Somber Records)

ELKS "Destined for the Sun" (Tee Pee)

ELMER "Inside" (ELMERecords)

ELOY "Visionary" (The Laser's Edge)

EL PUS "Hoodlum Rock: Vol. 1" (Virgin)

MICHAEL ELSNER "Stained Voodoo" (Self-produced)

ELWOOD EMISSION "Ode to the Ego" (A Few Little Notes)

EMBRYO PICNIC "Embryo Picnic" (Self-produced)

EMBRYO PICNIC "Tax the Nation" (Self-produced)

EMERALD "Requiem" (Azura Records) 

EMERALD EYE "Night Without Day" (Independent)

EMERY "In Shallow Seas We Sail" (Tooth & Nail)

EMMURE "Goodbye to the Gallows" (Victory)

EMPEROR "IX Equilibrium" (Century Media)

EMPIRE "Hypnotica" (Lion)

EMPIRE "Trading Souls" (Lion)

EMPIRE STATE TROOPERS "Upstate Again" (One Cell Records)

EMPYRIA "The Legacy" (Nightmare Records)

EMPYRIA "Sense of Mind" (Scrape Records)

EMPYREAN FIRE "Deliverance" (Heavy Gloom Records)

ENCHANT "Blink of an Eye" (InsideOut)

ENCHANT "Tug of War" (InsideOut)

THE END "Elementary" (Relapse)

ENDLESS "With Everything Against Us" (Da-Core)

ENDLESS VOID "Apparitions" (Self-released)

ENDO "Songs for the Restless" (Columbia/Sony/DV8)

THE END "Transfer Trachea Reverberations From Point" (Relapse Records)

END OF LINE "End of Line" (Antibody Records)

THE END OF SILENCE "The End of Silence" (Killer Puppy Records)

END OF THE CENTURY "Hammer and the Anvil" (Self-produced)

ENDSTAND "The Time Is Now" (Lifeforce)

ENEMY OF THOUGHT "Enemy of Thought" (Self-produced)

ENERTIA "Force" (Animated Insanity)

TORBIN ENEVOLDSEN "Guitarisma" (Roxon)

TORBIN ENEVOLDSEN "Heavy Persuasion" (Lion Music)

ENGAGE "Demo" (Self-produced)

ENGEL "Absolute Design" (SPV / Steamhammer)

ENGINE "Engine" (Metal Blade)

ENGINE "Superholic" (Metal Blade)

ENGINEERS "Three Fact Fader" (K-Scope/Echo)

ENGRAVER "Behind" (Wormholedeath Records)

ENLOW "The Recovery" (Blood & Ink)

ENOCHIAN CRESCENT "Black Church" (Woodcut Records)

ENSLAVED "Vertebrae" (Nuclear Blast)

ENSOPH "Opus Dementiae" (Cruz Del Sur)

ENTER MY SILENCE "Remotecontrolled Scythe" (WWIII)

ENTER SELF "Awaken In Agony" (Lost Disciple Records)

ENTER SHIKARI "Take to the Skies" (Tiny Evil)

ENTHRONED "Regie Sathanas - A Tribute to Cernunnos" (Metal Blade/Blackend)

ENTOMBED "Inferno" (Candlelight)

ENTOMBED "Morning Star" (KOCH/Music For Nations/Threeman)

ENTOMBED "Uprising" (Sanctuary/Metal-Is/Threeman)

ENTWINE "diEversity" (Magick Records / Century Media)

ENUFF Z'NUFF "10" (Spitfire / Stoney)

PAUL EPIC "South of Heaven, North of Hell" (Self-released)

EPICA "We Will Take You With Us / 2 Meter Sessies" (The End)

EPIDEMIC "Epidemic" (Elektra)

EPITAPH "Fire from the Soul" (MIG Music)

EPITAPH "A Night at the Old Station" (MIG Music)

EPISODE ONE "First Degree" (Fusion Records)

EQUINOX "The Cry of Gaia" (Inophis)

ERASE THE DAY "Afraid of Nothing" (Self-released)

ERA VULGARIS "What Stirs Within" (Open Your Ears)


THE ERNIES "Meson Ray" (Mojo)

BOB ERNST "Hands-On" (Big Duck)

ESCUALO "Ritual" (Virtual)

ESCAPE FROM EARTH "Three Seconds East" (Sanctuary)

ESCAPE THE FATE "This War Is Ours" (Epitaph)

ETERNA "Terra Nova" (Crash)

THE ETERNAL "Sleep of Reason" (Firebox)

ETERNAL FLIGHT "Positive Charge" (Cruz Del Sur)

E. TOWN CONCRETE "The Renaissance" (Razor & Tie)

DAVE EVANS "A Hell of a Night" (Perris)

DAVE EVANS "Judgement Day" (KOCH)

DAVE EVANS "Sinner" (Heart Attack / Perris)

EVANESCENCE "Anywhere But Home" (Wind-up)

EVANESCENCE "Fallen" (Wind-up)

EVANESCENCE "The Open Door" (Wind-up)

EVANS BLUE "The Melody and the Energetic Nature of Volume" (Hollywood Records)

EVA UNDER FIRE "Love, Drugs & Misery" (Better Noise Music)

EVE 6 "Eve 6" (RCA)

EVE 6 "It's All In Your Head" (RCA)

EVEMASTER "Wither" (Crash/Low Frequency)

EVEN SONG "Even Song" (Demo)

EVENT "Human Condition" (Inside Out)

EVENT HORIZON X "Along Came the Winter" (Orion Publications)

EVENT HORIZON X "Fall of Darkness" (Orion Publications)

EVEN X "Angry Mirror" (Sunland Records)

EVERDAE "Lights Out at the Sound of Hysteria" (Upchuck)

EVERGREEN TERRACE "Burned Alive By Time" (Eulogy)

EVERGREY "In Search For Truth" (InsideOut Music America)


   EVERLAST "Whitey Ford Sings the Blues" (Tommy Boy Records)

EVERY MOTHER'S NIGHTMARE "Smokin' Delta Voodoo" (Perris Records)

EVERY TIME I DIE "The Big Dirty" (Ferret)

EVERY TIME I DIE "From Parts Unknown" (Epitaph)

EVERY TIME I DIE "Hot Damn" (Ferret)

EVERY TIME I DIE "New Junk Aesthetic" (Epitaph)

EVE TO ADAM "Auburn Slip" (Mikendra)

EVICK "Anachronism" (Potomac Records)

EVIDENCE "Truth From a Lie" (Wicked Productions)

EVIL BEAVER "In the Spirit of Resilient Optimism" (E. Lago Entertainment)

EVILE (Spain) "Evile" (Self-produced)

EVILE (U.K.) "Enter the Grave" (Earache)

EVILE (U.K.) "Infected Nations" (Earache)

THE EVIL QUEENS "First It Boils, Then It Spills" (Addison Records)

EVOCATION "Illusions of Grandeur" (Century Media)

EVOLOCITY "Evolocity" (Nuerra)

EVOLOTTO "6ixers" (Sin Klub)

EVOL WALKS "Our Time is Now" (Evol Walks) 

EXCESSUM "Death Redemption" (Death Strike Records)

EXECUTIONER "Anthology" (Patac Records)

EXCALIBUR "Volando Hacia el Infierno" (Fighter Records)

EXCALION "Primal Exhale" (Sound Riot)

EXCITER "Death Machine" (Massacre)

EXHUMED "Anatomy is Destiny" (Relapse)

EXHUMED "SlaughterCult" (Relapse)

THE EXIES "Inertia" (Virgin)

EXILIA "My Own Army" (AFM)

EVIL SURVIVES "Metal Vengeance" (Heavy Artillery)

THE EXIT "Home for an Island" (Some)

EXMORTUS "Beyond the Fall of Time" (Heavy Artillery)

EXMORTUS "In Hatred's Flame" (Heavy Artillery)

EXODUS "The Atrocity Exhibition: Exhibit A" (Nuclear Blast)

EXODUS "Blood In, Blood Out" (Nuclear Blast)

EXODUS "Exhibit B: The Human Condition" (Nuclear Blast)

EXODUS "Persona Non Grata" (Nuclear Blast)

EXODUS "Tempo of the Damned" (Nuclear Blast)

EXPLORER'S CLUB "Age of Impact" (Magna Carta)

EXPLORER'S CLUB "Raising the Mammoth" (Magna Carta)

EXTOL "The Blueprint Dives" (Century Media)

EXTOL "Burial" (Tooth & Nail)

EXTOL "Undeceived" (Solid State/Endtime Productions)

EXTREME "III Sides to Every Story" (A&M)

EXTREME "Extreme II: Pornograffitti" (A&M)

EXTREME "Saudades of Rock" (Open E)

EXUMER "Fire and Damnation" (Metal Blade)

EX-VAGUS "Ames Vagabondes" (Galileo)

EYEHATEGOD "Southern Discomfort" (Century Media)

EYE OF THE DESTROYER "The Wolf You Feed" (High Potency)

EYE OF THE STORM "Fall From Grace" (Self-produced)

EYES OF SHIVA "Eyes of Soul" (Locomotive)

EZPERANZA "Kilt the Konvention" (Rockparade)



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