1997 "...A Better View of the Rising Moon" (Victory)

900 POUND GORILLA "900 Pound Gorilla" (Self-produced)

9MM SOLUTION "The Trial" (Self-produced)

NAGLFAR "Sheol" (Century Media)

NAHEMAH "A New Constellation" (Lifeforce)

NAHEMAH "The Second Philosophy" (Lifeforce)

NAILBITER "Six Degrees" (Self-produced)


NAME TAKEN "Hold On" (Fiddler)

NAPALM DEATH  "The Complete Radio One Sessions" (Fuel 2000 Records/Varese Sarabande Records)

NAPALM DEATH  "Enemy of the Music Business" (Spitfire Records)

NAPALM DEATH  "Order of the Leech" (Spitfire Records)

NAPALM DEATH  "Punishment in Capitals" (Armoury / Feto Records)

NAPALM DEATH  "Time Waits for No Slave" (Century Records)

NARCOLEPTIC YOUTH "Chronological Disorder" (Finger Records)

NARCOSIS "Discography 1998 - 2007: Best Served Cold" (Earache)

PHIL NARO "Glass Mountain" (Z Records)

NASHVILLE PUSSY "From Hell to Texas" (SPV Records)

NASHVILLE PUSSY "Get Some" (Spitfire Records)

NASHVILLE PUSSY "Say Something Nasty" (Artemis Records)

NASTY IDOLS "The Best Of" (Perris)

NASTY IDOLS "Heroes For Sale" (Perris)

NASTY SAVAGE "Wage of Mayhem" (Crook'd)

NASUM "Human 2.0" (Relapse)

MAX NAVARRO "Hard Times" (Cherry Lips Records)

NAVIGATOR "Transcendental Union" (Self-released)

NAZARETH "Boogaloo" (CMC International)

NAZARETH "Hair of the Dog" (A&M)

N-CYDE "Soulblend" (Bodhisattva Records)

N-CYDE Untitled Demo (Self-produced)

NDE "End of Trust" (Crash Music)

NEBULA "Apollo" (Liquor and Poker Music)

NECHOCHWEN "Azimuths to the Underworld" (Bindrune)

NECROBLASPHEME "Destination: Nulle Part" (Agonia Records)


NEKTAR "Sounds Like Swiss..." (Beyond Before)

NELSON "Life" (Perris Records / Stone Canyon)

NELSON "The Silence is Broken" (Perris Records)

NEMESIS "Eden?" (Sensory)

THE NEMESIS THEORY "Hypnopaedia" (Independent)

NEO GEO "Digital DNA" (Hard Line Entertainment)

NEMOPHILA "Seize the Fate" (Masterworks Publishers)

THE NEOLOGIST "The 26 Letters of Your Universe" (Incense Lady Records)

THE NEOLOGIST "Coming Full Circle" (Self-produced)

THE NEOLOGIST "In Flames We Trust: Volume I" (Incense Lady Records)

NEON KITTENS "It's a No Thing" (Metal Postcard Records) 

NEPHASTH "Immortal Unholy Triumph" (WWIII/Mercenary Musik)

NERF HERDER "My E.P." (Honest Don's)

NERVECELL "Preaching Venom" (Lifeforce)

MIKE NESS "Cheating at Solitaire" (Time Bomb Recordings)

NETHERBIRD "The Ghost Collector" (Pulverised)

NEURAXIS "Asylon" (Prosthetic)

NEURAXIS "The Thin Line Between" (Prosthetic)

NEUROSIS "A Sun That Never Sets" (Relapse)

NEUROSONIC "Drama Queen" (Bodog Music)

NEUROTECH "Antagonist" (Self-released)

NEUROTIC "Mazy Craniacs" (Neurosis / Neurotic)

NEUROTICA "Living In Dog Years" (NMG)

NEUROTICA "Neurotica" (KOCH)

NEUTRAL BOY "Everybody Dies" (Fivecore)

NEVEREVEN "Nevereven" (Self-released)

NEVER HEARD OF IT "11 Days" (Unmotivated)

NEVERMORE "Dead Heart in a Dead World" (Century Media)

NEVERMORE "Dreaming Neon Black" (Century Media)

NEVERMORE "Enemies of Reality" (Century Media)

NEW AMERICAN SHAME "New American Shame" (Atlantic/Lava/Will Records)

THE NEW BARDOTS "Already Been Chewed (A Return to Bubblegum)" (Bongo Boy Music)

NEW BORN AUTHORITY "New Born Authority" (Self-released)

THE NEW CARS "It's Alive" (Eleven/Seven)

NEW CRASH POSITION "Music to Rob Banks To" (Handout Records)

NEW FOUND GLORY "Catalyst" (MCA/Drive-Thru)

NEW FOUND GLORY "Coming Home" (Geffen/Drive-Thru)

NEW FOUND GLORY "New Found Glory" (MCA/Drive-Thru)

NEW FOUND GLORY "Resurrection" (Hopeless Records)

NEW FOUND GLORY "Sticks and Stones" (MCA/Drive-Thru)

THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERS "Mass Romantic" (Matador)

THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERS "Twin Cinema" (Matador)

NEW RADICALS "Maybe You've Been Brainwashed, Too" (MCA)

NEW SKELETAL FACES "Celestial Disease" (Self-released)

NEWSTED "Metal" (Chophouse)

NEW YEARS DAY "New Years Day" EP (TVT)

NEXT BIG SOMETHING "Next Big Something" (2 Generations)

NIACIN "Live in Tokyo" DVD (Eagle Vision)

NIACIN "Time Crunch" (Magna Carta)

NICE NEW OUTFIT "Captura" (Lapdance Academy)

NICKELBACK "All the Right Reasons" (Roadrunner)

NICKELBACK "Here and Now" (Roadrunner)

NICKELBACK "Silver Side Up" (Roadrunner)

JARED JAMES NICHOLS "Jared James Nichols" (Round Hill Records (Frontline))

NIGHT DEMON "Curse of the Damned" (Century Media)

NIGHT DEMON "Darkness Remains" (Century Media)

NIGHT IN GALES "Towards the Twilight" (Nuclear Blast)

NIGHTMARE "Aeternam" (AFM)

NIGHTMARE "The Dominion Gate" (Candlelight)

NIGHTMARE'S END "Blackened Mystery" (Siegen Records)

NIGHTRAGE "A New Disease is Born" (Lifeforce)

NIGHT RANGER "ATBO" (Frontier Music SRL)

NIGHT RANGER "Hole in the Sun" (VH-1 Classic Records)

NIGHT RANGER "Seven" (CMC International)

NIGHTSHADOW "Strike Them Dead" (Nightshadow)

NIGHTS LIKE THESE "The Faithless" (Victory)

NIGHTS LIKE THESE "Sunlight at Secondhand" (Victory)

NIGHTWISH "Imaginareum" (Roadrunner Records)

THE NILLAZ "Home Wrecker" (Placeholder Records)

NILE "Amongst The Catacombs Of The Nephren-Ka" (Relapse Records)

NILE "Annihilation of the Wicked" (Relapse Records)

NILE "The Black Seeds of Vengeance" (Relapse Records)

NILE "In the Beginning" (Relapse Records)

NINE INCH NAILS "Ghosts" (Self-released)

NINE INCH NAILS "Hesitation Marks" (Columbia)

NINE INCH NAILS "Live. And All That Could Have Been" (Nothing)

NOCTUARY "When Fires Breed Blood" (Lost Disciple)

NOCTURN "Nocturn" (Self-produced)

NOCTURNAL BREED "Aggressor" (Pavement)

NOCTURNAL RITES "New World Messiah" (Century Media)

NOCTURNAL RITES "The Sacred Talisman" (Century Media)

NODES OF RANVIER "Defined by Struggle" (Victory)

NO FEAR "Our Saying" (Nightmare)

NOFX "Wolves in Wolves' Clothing" (Fat Wreck Chords)

NOFX "Backstage Passport Soundtrack" (Fat Wreck Chords)

NO INNOCENT VICTIM "Flesh and Blood" (Victory Records)

NOISY LITTLE SUNBEAMS "Noisy Little Sunbeams" (Benson)

NO MACHINE "A Terrible Thing" (Arion)

NO-MAN "Schoolyard Ghosts" (Snapper / KScope)

NOMINON "Recremation" (Deathgasm/Necroharmonic/Konqueror)

NON-DIVINE "My Obsession" (demo)

NONPOINT "Development" (MCA)

NONPOINT "Miracle" (954 Records)

NONPOINT "Statement" (MCA)

NONPOINT "To the Pain" (Beiler Brothers)

NOOGIE "Learn to Swim" (Trauma)

NO ONE "No One" (Immortal Records)

NOOSPHERE "Always and Never" (Range Records)

NO RETREAT "Rise of the Underdog" (Da'Core)

NORDREAM "Memories Progression" (Valiant Music Productions/MetalAgen)

NORMA JEAN "The Anti-Mother" (Solid State)

NORSELAW "Rape You Like a Gentleman" (Self-produced)

NORTHBOUND "Northbound" (Demo)

NORTHAUNT / VINTERRIKET "Vinterriket / Northaunt" (Flood the Earth Records)

JK NORTHRUP "Wired in My Skin" (Alien Records)


NORTH SIDE KINGS "Organizing Our Neighborhood" (Thorp)

JOHN NORUM "Another Destination" (Shrapnel)

NORWAY "Arrival" (Frontiers/Now & Then)

NOSOUND "Lightdark" (Burning Shed)

NOSTRADAMEUS "Illusions Parade" (Locomotive)

NOSTRADAMEUS "Pathway" (Locomotive)

NOTHINGFACE "An Audio Guide To Everday Atrocity" (Mayhem/DCide)


JEFFREY NOTHING "The New Psychodalia" (Surburban Noize)

NOTHING LESS "Here Goes Nothing" (Alcatraz Records)

NOTHING SACRED "Hollywood Striphounds" (L.T.P. Records)

ALDO NOVA "The Life and Times of Eddie Gage" (MRI)

NOVA LEX "Resurgenic" (Testing Point Records)

NOVEMBERKILLS "Russian Roulette" (Hotfoot Records)

NOVEMBER'S DOOM "The Knowing" (Dark Symphonies)

NOVEMBER'S DOOM "The Novella Reservoir" (The End)

NO WARNING "Ill Blood" (Bridge Nine)

NOXIOUS "Timbre" (Self-produced)

NUCLEAR ASSAULT "Alive Again" (SPV / Steamhammer)

NUDESWIRL "Nudeswirl" (Megaforce)

TED NUGENT "Craveman" (Spitfire)

TED NUGENT "Double Live Gonzo" (Rock Candy)

TED NUGENT "Full Bluntal Nugity" (Spitfire)

TED NUGENT "God, Guns & Rock'n'Roll" (Regnery) (Book)

TED NUGENT "Great Gonzos! The Best of Ted Nugent" (Epic/Legacy)

TED NUGENT "Love Grenade" (Eagle)

TED NUGENT "Motor City Mayhem" DVD (Eagle)

TED NUGENT "Motor City Mayhem" (Eagle)

TED NUGENT "Shutup&Jam!" (Frontiers)

TED NUGENT "Sweden Rocks" (Eagle)

NULL RAYS "Everyone's Dead" (Independent)

GARY NUMAN "Hybrid" (Artful)

GARY NUMAN "Pure" (Spitfire)

GARY NUMAN "Scarred" (Eagle)

NUSE "Hung Well" (Cornhead Records)

NUSE "Hungwell" (No Joke Records)

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