10 YEARS "Division" (Universal)

12 STONES "12 Stones" (Wind-up)

12 STONES "Potter's Field" (Wind-up)

1349 "Beyond the Apocalypse" (Candlelight USA)

23 LINK CHAIN "I'm All In" (Self-produced)

286 "286" (Self-produced)

286 "Profiled" (Self-produced)

2CENTS "Lost at Sea" (Atlantic)

2 TON CRUTCH "2 Ton Crutch" (Self-produced)

3 "Revisions" (Metal Blade)

3 YEARS HOLLOW "The Cracks" (Imagen)

30 SECONDS TO MARS "A Beautiful Lie" (Virgin)

311 "311" (Capricorn)

311 "Don't Tread on Me" (Volcano)

311 "Evolver" (Volcano)

311 "From Chaos" (Volcano)

311 "Grassroots" (Capricorn)

32AD "Test of the Enemy" (Self-released)

36 CRAZYFISTS "Bitterness the Star" (Roadrunner)

36 CRAZYFISTS "The Tide and Its Takers" (Ferret)

3 DOORS DOWN "Away from the Sun" (Universal)

3 DOORS DOWN "Another 700 Miles" (Republic Records/ Universal)

3 DOORS DOWN "The Better Life" (Republic Records)

3 DOORS DOWN "Seventeen Days" (Republic Records/ Universal)

3 INCHES OF BLOOD "Advance and Vanquish" (Roadrunner)

3 INCHES OF BLOOD "Fire Up the Blades" (Roadrunner)

3RD STRIKE "Lost Angel" (Hollywood)

T "Naive" (Galileo Records)

T "Voices" (Galileo Records)

T&N "Slave to the Empire" (Rat Pak)

TY TABOR "Rock Garden" (InsideOut)

TAB THE BAND "Long Weekend" (Professor Weekend)

TAD MOROSE "Modus Vivendi" (Century Media)

TAGGART "L'Maskin" (Self-released)

TAGGART "Parts of My Bicycle are Made of Chrome" (Face Down Records)

JOHN TAGLIERI "Lives" (Leap Dog Music)

TAKE IT BACK "Can't Fight Robots" (Facedown)

TAKING BACK SUNDAY "Louder Now" (Victory)

TAKING BACK SUNDAY "Tell All Your Friends" (Victory)

TALLAH "Matriphagy" (Earache)

TALL MARY "When Will I Find Something New" (Self-produced)

KEN TAMPLIN "Tamplin" (Benson)

KEN TAMPLIN AND FRIENDS "Wake the Nations" (Now & Then)

KEN TAMPLIN AND FRIENDS "An Axe to Grind" (Intense)

TANGENTS "One Little Light Year" (Restricted Release)

TANGORODRIM "Justus Ex Fide Vivit" (Southern Lord)

TANK "Re-Ignition" (Deadline Music)

TANK "War Machine" (Metal Mind)

TANKARD "The Beauty and the Beer" (Locomotive)

TANKARD "Disco Destroyer" (Locomotive)

TANKARD "Fat, Ugly and Still (A)Live" DVD (Locomotive)

TANKARD "Kings of Beer" (Locomotive)

TANKARD "Pavlov's Dogs" (Reaper)

TANTRIC "Tantric" (Maverick)

TANTRIC "The End Begins" (SMG)

TARANTULA HAWK "Tarantula Hawk" (Neurot Recordings)

TARD "Dining with the Lepers" (Fivecore)

TARJA "My Winter Storm" (Universal)

TARTAROS "The Red Jewel" (Necropolis)

TARTHARIA "Abstract Nation" (Crash)

TARTHARIA "A Secret Device" (Crash)

GEOFF TATE "Geoff Tate" (Sanctuary)

COREY TAYLOR "CFMB...Sides" (Roadrunner)

TAZ TAYLOR "Big Dumb Rock" (/No Hair)

TAZ TAYLOR "Caffeine Racer" (Warner Bros./No Hair)

TEAM SLEEP "Team Sleep" (Maverick)

TEARABYTE "Embrace Oblivion" (Sceaming Ferret Records)

TEARS "Memories of Things Unnecessary" (G Records)

TEASING LULU "Infatuation / You Ain't My Baby" (Single) (Militant Recordings)

THE TED BUNDYS "Look What We Dug Up ... Some More Porn Rock!" (Swill Product / Jefro Records)

TEER "Teer" (Frontiers / Now & Then)

TEETH OF THE HYDRA "Greenland" (TeePee)

TEMPEST "The Double Cross" (Magna Carta)

TEMPLE OF BAAL "Lightslaying Rituals" (Agonia)

TEMPLE OF BRUTALITY "Lethal Agenda" (Universal / Demolition / Warcon)

TEMPLE OF THE FUZZ WITCH "Apotheosis" (Ripple)

TEMPT "Under My Skin" (Sticky Audio Labs)

TEMUJIN "1000 Tears" (Renaissance Records)

TEN "Babylon" (Frontiers)

TEN "Spellbound" (Frontiers)

TENACIOUS D "The Pick of Destiny" (Epic)

TENACIOUS D "Rize of the Fenix" (Columbia)

TENACIOUS D "Tenacious D" (Epic)

TENEBRE "Heart's Blood" (Candlelight)

TEN JINN "As On a Darkling Plain" (Century Media)

TENSION RISING "Penumbra" (Tension Rising Productions)

THE TENTH CIRCLE "Of War and Reflection" (Bled Out Records)

TERAMAZE "Eli: A Wonderful Fall from Grace" (Wells Music)

TERMINAL "Headtraumarehabilitation" (Tsien Aerospace/Black Out Records)

TERROR "Lowest of the Low" (Bridge Nine)

TERROR "Rhythm Amongst the Chaos" (Reaper)

THE TERRORSURFS "From the Jaws of Hell" (Sharawaji Records)

TESSERACT "Altered State" (Century Media)

TESTAMENT "Demonic" (Prosthetic)

TESTAMENT "First Strike, Still Deadly" (Spitfire)

TESTAMENT "The Gathering" (Burnt Offerings/Spitfire)

TESTAMENT "The Very Best of Testament" (Rhino)

TEST TUBE RHINO "Invitro" (Self-released)

TEXAS HIPPY COALITION "Peacemaker'" (Carved Records)

TEXAS HIPPY COALITION "Rollin'" (Carved Records)

TEXAS TALIBAN "Runs on Hate" (Pavement Music)

TEXAS TERRI BOMB! "Your Lips ... My Ass!" (TKO)

THANOTOTIC DESIRE "Deathwish" (Self-released)

THEATRE OF TRAGEDY "Assembly" (Nuclear Blast)

THEATRE OF TRAGEDY "Musique" (Nuclear Blast)

THEE NOSEBLEEDS "Thee Nosebleeds" (HumanInHuman)

THIEVES AND VILLAINS "South America" (Victory)

THEM CROOKED VULTURES "Them Crooked Vultures" (DGC / Interscope)

THEOCRACY "Theocracy" (Metalages)

THEORY IN PRACTICE "Colonizing the Sun" (Listenable)

THEORY OF A DEADMAN "Gasoline" (Roadrunner)

THEORY OF A DEADMAN "Theory of a Deadman" (Roadrunner)

THERAPY? "High Anxiety" (Spitfire)

THERAPY? "So Much for the Ten Year Plan: A Retrospective 1990 - 2000" (Ark 21)

THERION "Crowning of Atlantis" (Nuclear Blast)

THERION "Deggial" (Nuclear Blast)

THE THESSALONIAN DOPE GODS "High Idol Pulsation" (Sin Klub)

THICKER THAN WATER "Demo 2001" (Strictly Heavy Management)

THIN LIZZY "Still Dangerous: Live at the Tower Theatre Philadelphia 1977" (VH-1 Classics)

THIN LIZZY "Shades of a Blue Orphanage" (Mercury)

THIN LIZZY "Thin Lizzy" (Mercury)

THIN LIZZY "Thunder and Lightning" (Wounded Bird)

THINNING THE HERD "Devil Mask" (Self-released)

THINNING THE HERD "Oceans Rise" (Self-released)

THIRD EYE BLIND "Blue" (Elektra)

THIRD EYE BLIND "Out of the Vein" (Elektra)

THIRD EYE BLIND "Third Eye Blind" (Elektra)

THIRST THINGS FIRST "E-Energy" (Self-Released)

THIS DAY FORWARD "In Resonse" (Equal Vision)

THONK "Earth Vision Impact" (Galileo)

THOR "Devastation of Musculation" (Smog Veil)

THOR "Ride of the Iron Horse" (Cleopatra)

THOR "Thor Against the World" (Smog Veil / Thortoen)

THOR AND MICK HOFFMAN "Beastwomen from the Center of the Earth" (Thortoen)




GEORGE THOROGOOD AND THE DESTROYERS "Half a Boy, Half a Man" (CMC International)

THOSE WHO BRING THE TORTURE "Tank Gasmask Ammo" (Pulverized)

THOUGHT CHAMBER "Angular Perceptions" (Inside Out)

THOUGHT INDUSTRY "Short Wave on a Cold Day" (Metal Blade)

THOUSAND FOOT KRUTCH "The Art of Breaking" (Tooth & Nail)

THOUSAND FOOT KRUTCH "Phenomenon" (Tooth & Nail)

THOUSAND FOOT KRUTCH "Oxygen: Inhale" (Self-produced)

THOUSAND FOOT KRUTCH "Set It Off" (Tooth & Nail)

THRALL "Demo 2003" (Self-produced)

THREAT SIGNAL "Vigilance" (Nuclear Blast)

THREE "The Radio Hits" (Silent Planet)


THREE DAYS GRACE "Three Days Grace" (Jive)

THREE LEFT "Three Left" (Self-produced)

THRESHOLD "Critical Mass" (Inside Out Music)

THRESHOLD "Dead Reckoning" (Nuclear Blast)

THRESHOLD "Hypothetical" (Century Media/Inside Out Music)

THRICE "Beggars" (Vagrant)

THROCULT "Hunted' (Self-produced)

THRONE "Pestilent Dawn" (Redefining Darkness Music)

THRONE OF SERPENTS "Baptized in Blood" (Obscure Music)

THRONEUM "A Decade of Necrostuprumical Madness" (Deathgasm)

THROUGH FIRE "Breathe" (Sumerian)

THROUGH THE EYES OF THE DEAD "Bloodlust" (Prosthetic)

THROUGH THE EYES OF THE DEAD "Malice" (Prosthetic)

THROUGH THE EYES OF THE DEAD "Skepsis" (Prosthetic)

THROW THE GOAT "Capitol Hell" (Regurgitation Records)

THRUST "The Helm of Awe" (Pure Steel Records)

THULIUM "69" (AKA Music)

THUMB "3" (Victory)

THUNDERBIRD "Thunderbird" (Delinquent Records)

THUNDERBREW "Red, White and Brew" (Self-released)

THE THUNDERLORDS "Noisy Songs for Noisy Kids" (Self-released)

THUNDERMOTHER "Black & Gold" (AFM Records)

THUNDERMOTHER "Heat Wave" (AFM Records)

THUNDERTRAIN "Hell Tonite!" (Gulcher)

THURISAZ "Circadian Rhythm" (Shiver Records)

THURSDAY "Waiting" (Eyeball Records)

THY DISEASE "Devilish Act of Creation" (Metal Mind Records)

THY PAIN "More Than Suffering" (Clenchedfist)

THY ROW "Unchained" (Rockshots Records)

THYRANE "Hypnotic" (Century Media)

THYRFING "Farsotstider" (Candlelight)

TIA CARRERA "Heaven/Hell" (Arclight)

TIAMAT "A Deeper Kind of Slumber" (Century Media)

TIAMAT "Skeleton Skeletron" (Century Media)

TIAMAT "Wildhoney" (Century Media)

TIDEWATER GRAIN "Here on the Outside" (Ruffnation/Warner Bros.)

TILT 360 "Day 11" (Love Muffin Records)

TILT 360 "Point Blank" (Entropi Records)

THE TIMEOUT DRAWER "Alone" (Consumers Research)

ANDY TIMMONS "That Was Then, This Is Now" (Favored Nations)

GLENN TIPTON "Baptism of Fire" (Atlantic)

TIPTON, ENTWISTLE & POWELL "Edge of the World" (Rhino)

TIRADE "Tirade" (Bill Boe Baggins)

TISHAMINGO "The Point" (Magnatude)

TITAN "A Raining Sun of Light and Love, For You  & You & You" (Tee Pee)

TITANIUM BLACK "Bleed For You" (Great Dane Records)

TKO "Let It Roll" (Divebomb)

TKO "In Your Face" (Divebomb)

TME "Worlds Collide" (Aphotic Records)

TNT "Transistor" (Spitfire)

TOADIES "Hell Below/Stars Above" (Interscope)

TODAY IS THE DAY "Live Till You Die" (Relapse)

TO DIE FOR "All Eternity" (Nuclear Blast/Spinefarm)

TOKYO DRAGONS "Give Me the Fear" (Escapi)

TOM PETTY AND THE HEARTBREAKERS "Damn the Torpedoes" (Blackstreet Records)

TOM PETTY AND THE HEARTBREAKERS "Live at the Fillmore, 1997" (Warner Records)

TONIC "Head on Straight" (Universal)

TONIC "Lemon Parade" (A&M)

TONIGHT WE RIDE "Of the West" (self-released)

TOOL "10,000 Days" (Volcano / Tool Dissectional)

TOOL "Aenima" (BMG)

TOOL "Fear Inoculum" (RCA Records)

TOOL "Lateralus" (BMG)

TOOL "Undertow" (Zoo/BMG)

TOO OLD TOO ROCK "Too Dumb Too Quit" (Self-produced)

TOOTHPICK "Time Travelin' Coach" (Empire Musicwerks)

TORCHBEARER "Warnaments" (Candlelight)

TORCHBEARER "Yersinia Pestis" (Metal Blade)

TORMAN MAXT "The Problem of Pain, Part 2: The Book of Job" (Dead Media Music)

TOROK "Addiction of Fools" (Sugar Shack)

TOROK "Binge & Purge" (Nightmare)

TORTURE "Storm Alert" (Escapi)

TORTURE KILLER "For Maggots to Devour" (Candlelight USA / Karmageddon)

THE TOSSERS "Agony" (Victory)

TOTAL CHAOS "In God We Kill" (Cleopatra)

TOTAL DEVASTATION "Roadmap to Pain" (Firebox)

TOTALLY FUCKING GAY "With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemas" (Hot Mann Records)

TOTAL WAR "We Are ... Total War" (Necropolis)

TO THE BONE "To the Bone" (Rosemont Recordings)

TO THE LIONS "Baptism of Fire" (Goodfellow Records)

TOTIMOSHI "Milagrosa" (Volcom)

TOTTENKORPS "Tharnheim: Athi-Land NHI; Ciclopean Crypts of Citadels (WW III/Mercenary Musick)

TOUCH THE SPIDER "Dead @ Last" (WhereAreYouFrom Records)

TOUCH THE SPIDER "Generation Zombie" (WhereAreYouFrom Records)

TOURNIQUET "Crawl to China" (Diadem)

TOURNIQUET "Microscopic View of a Telescopic Realm" (Metal Blade)

TOURNIQUET "Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance" (Intense Records)

TOWARDS DARKNESS "Solmen" (Twilight Foundation)

TOWER "Turn the Page" (Front Row Seat Media)

TOWERING FILTH "Majesties" (Self-produced)

DEVIN TOWNSEND "Addicted" (Inside Out)

DEVIN TOWNSEND "Devolution Series #1: Acoustically Inclined: Live in Leeds" (Century Media)

DEVIN TOWNSEND "Empath" (Inside Out)

DEVIN TOWNSEND "Ki" (Inside Out)

DEVIN TOWNSEND "Ziltoid the Omniscient" (Hevy Devy / Inside Out)

TOXIC BONKERS "Progress" (SelfMadeGod)

THE TRACEELORDS "The Ali of Rock" (Locomotive)

TRAGIK "Outlaw" (Self-produced)

TRAIL OF TEARS "Profundemonium" (Napalm Records America)

TRANSISTOR TRANSISTOR "Erase All Name and Likeness" (Level Plane)

TRANSISTOR TRANSISTOR "Ruined Lives" (Level Plane)


TRANSMISSION0 "Memory of a Dream" (Candlelight)

TRANSIENT "The Circle" (Self-produced)

TRANSIENT "Demo 2004" (Self-produced)

TRAPT "Live" (Eleven Seven)

TRAPT "Someone in Control" (Warner Bros.)

TRAPT "Trapt" (Warner Bros.)

TRASH WEDNESDAY "Trash Wednesday" (CTP Records)

TRAUMATISM "Traumatical Pieces" (Gorgans Productions)

THEO TRAVIS "Double Talk" (Voiceprint)

TREE "Our Day Will Come" (Wonderdrug Records)

TREMULUS "What I've Become" (Statue Records)

TRENCHES "The Tide Will Swallow Us Whole" (Solid State)

TRIBE AFTER TRIBE "M.O.A.B." (Rodeostar)

TRIBULANCE "The Aftermath of Lies" (V Entertainment)

TRIBULATION "Down Below" (Century Media)

TRIBULATION "The Horror" (Pulverized)

TRIBUZY "Execution" (Locomotive)

TRICK OR TREAT "Creepy Symphonies" (Scarlet Records)

TRIGGER EFFECT "Trigger Effect" (Self-produced)

TRIGGER THE BLOODSHED "Degenerate" (Candlelight)

TRIK TURNER "Trik Turner" (RCA)

TRIPPING HORSE "Tripping Horse" (Self-produced)

TRIP THE PLANET "Trance" (Self-produced)

TRISTANIA "Ashes" (SPV / Steamhammer)

TRISTANIA "Beyond the Veil" (Napalm)

TRISTANIA "World of Glass" (Napalm)

TRISTWOOD "The Delphic Doctrine" (Sound Riot)

TRITA "The Good Night" (Self-released)

TRIUMPH "Allied Forces" (TML / Universal)

TRIUMPH "Classics" (TML / Universal)

TRIUMPH "Live the the US Festival" (TML / Universal)

TRIUMPH "The Sport of Kings" (TML / Universal)

TRIUMPH "Surveillance" (TML / Universal)

TRINACRIA "Travel Now Journey Infinitely" (Season of Mist)

TRIVIUM "Ember To Inferno" (Lifeforce Records)

TRIVIUM "Shogun" (Roadrunner Records)

TROLL "Army of Lost Souls" (Screaming Ferret Wreckords)

THE TROPHY "Gift of Life" (Frontiers)

TROUBLE "Plastic Green Head" (Century Media)

TRUCKER DIABLO "The Devil Rhythm" (Ripple)

TRUCKFIGHTERS "Gravity X" (MeteorCity)

TRU SMOKE DIEZEL "Demo" (Self-produced)

TRUE TO FORM "True To Form" (Demo EP)

TRUMAN "Payne Avenue" (Geffen)

TrueZeroHook "Demo 2001" (Self-produced)

TRUST COMPANY "True Parallels" (Geffen)

GEORGE TSALIKIS "Return to Power" (Pure Steel Records)

TUB RING "Drake Equation" (Caroline)

TUB RING "Fermi Paradox" (Caroline)

TUNER "Mt: Live in Estonia (Unsung/Iapetus)

TUNER "Pole" (Unsung/Iapetus/Inner Knot)

TUNER "Totem" (Unsung)

TURBO "Broke & Ugly" (Crowprint Distribution)

THE TURBO A.C.s "Live to Win" (Bitzcore)

TURBONEGRO "Party Animals" (Abacus)

DALE TURNER "Mannerisms Magnified" (Intimate Audio)

JOE LYNN TURNER "Live in Germany" (Blistering)

TURRIGENOUS "Turrigenous" (Self-produced)

LUCA TURILLI "The Infinite Wonders of Creation" (Magic Circle)

LUCA TURILLI "Prophet of the Last Eclipse" (Limb)

TWELFTH GATE "Threshold of Revelation" (Season of Mist)

TWELFTH GATE "Summoning" (Crash Music)

TWELVEPOINTHEAD "Defaced" (Self-produced)

TWENTY RIPPED ANGEL "Days Full of Night" (Lime Records)

TWENTY RIPPED ANGEL "Sincerely Yours" (Killing Jar Records)

TWILIGHT OPHERA "The End of Halcyon Age" (Crash / Low Frequency)

TWIN METHOD "The Volume of Self" (Crash)

TWISTED INTO FORM "Then Comes Affliction to Awaken the Dreamer" (Sensory)

TWISTED METHOD "Escape from Cape Coma" (MCA)

TWISTED SISTER "Club Daze Volume I: The Studio Sessions" (Armoury Records Remaster Series)

TWISTED SISTER "Club Daze Volume I: The Studio Sessions" (Spitfire)

TWISTED SISTER "Club Daze Volume II: Live in the Bars" (Spitfire)

TWISTED SISTER "Double Live: North Stage '82/New York Steel '01" DVD (Eagle Vision)

TWISTED SISTER "Live at Wacken: The Reunion" DVD (Eagle Rock)

TWISTED SISTER "Rock'n'Roll Saviors: The Early Years" (Deadline)

TWISTED SISTER "Stay Hungry: 25th Anniversary Edition" (Rhino)

TWISTED SISTER "Still Hungry" (Spitfire)

TWISTED SISTER "A Twisted Christmas" (Spitfire)

TWISTED SISTER "A Twisted Christmas Live" DVD (Spitfire)

TWISTED SISTER "You Can't Stop Rock N Roll" (Armoury)

TWITCH "Underdogs" (Bow-Lit)

TWITCH "We the People" (Bow-Lit)

TWO "Voyeurs" (Sony)

TWO MINUTES HATE "Strong and On" (Thorp Records)

TWYTCH "Hatred" (Self-produced)

TYDYL WAVE "Break Down the Walls" (Tydyl Wave)

TYPE O NEGATIVE "Dead Again" (SPV / Steamhammer)

TYPE O NEGATIVE "Life Is Killing Me" (Roadrunner)

TYPE O NEGATIVE "World Comes Down" (Roadrunner)

TYR "Land" (Napalm Records)

TYRANNY "Bleak Vistae" (Firebox)

TYSTNADEN "In Our Eye" (Renaissance)

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