4 IN THE CHAMBER "Existence" (DaCore)

4 IN THE CHAMBER "Memories Die" (Self-released)

40 BELOW SUMMER "Invitation to the Dance" (London / Sire)

40 BELOW SUMMER "The Mourning After" (Razor & Tie)

40 BELOW SUMMER "Rain" (Crash)

40 CYCLE HUM "Secret Skin" (Self-produced)

40 GRIT "Heads" (Metal Blade)

40 WATT DOMAIN "Short Wave" (Gaki Records)

4TH FLOOR "Newton's Cradle" (self-released)

F5 "The Reckoning" (OarFin)

THE FABULOUS STONER BROTHERS "Sexual Warhammer of Death" (Self-produced)

THE FACELESS "Autotheism" (Sumerian)

FACES OF BLACK "The Beckoning" (Self-produced)

FACE THE PANIC "The Reclamation" (Reaper Records)

FACTORY 81 "Mankind" (Mojo)

THE FADES "The Fades" (Dirrty Records)

FAIR WARNING "4" (Frontiers / Now & Then)

FAIRWEATHER "Lusitania" (Equal Vision)

FAITHFULL "Horizons" (Perris Records)

FAITH NO MORE "Angel Dust" (Slash/Reprise)

FAITH NO MORE "The Real Thing" (Slash/Reprise)

FAITH NO MORE "This is It: The Best of Faith No More" (Slash/Reprise/Rhino)

FAKE FIGURES "Hail the Sycophants" (Shillen Records)

FALCON "Demo 2003" (Demo)

FALCON "Falcon" (Liquid Flames)

FALCONER "Falconer" (Metal Blade)

FALCONER "Grime vs. Grandeur" (Metal Blade)

FALCONER "The Sceptre of Deception" (Metal Blade)

THE FALLEN "Front Toward Enemy" (Metal Blade)

THE FALLEN "The Tones In Which We Speak" (Self-produced)

FALLEN WISDOM "Immortal" (Century Media)

FALLEN WISDOM "Pleasure Turns to Pain" (Orchard)

FALLING UP "Crashings" (BEC Recordings)

FALL OF SERENITY "Royal Killing" (Metal Age)

THE FALL OF TROY "Doppelganger" (Equal Vision Records)

THE FALL OF TROY "Manipulator" (Equal Vision Records)

FALL OUT BOY "Infinity on High" (Island)

FALSTAFF "Bastard Sons of a Pure Breed" (Self-released)

FAMILY "Portrait" (Pelagic)

FAMOUS "All the Wicked" (Burning Records)

FANGBOY AND THE GHOULS "Welcome to the Chamber of Thrills" (Dirt Poor Productions)

THE FANTASTIKOL HOLE "The Mathmatikol Oil" (Basement Apes)

FAR "Water & Solutions" (Immortal/Epic)

FARMAKON "Robin" (Candlelight)

FASTBALL "The Harsh Light of Day" (Hollywood Records)

FASTER PUSSYCAT "Like a Ghost" (Golden Robot)

FASTWAY "Bad Bad Girls" (Enigma)

FATALIST "The Depths of Inhumanity" (Ibex Moon)

FATAL SMILE "Neo Natural Freaks" (Locomotive)

FATE "V" (MTM Music)

FATES WARNING "Awaken the Guardian" (Metal Blade)

FATES WARNING "Disconnected" (Metal Blade)

FATES WARNING "No Exit: Metal Blade 25th Anniversary Edition" (Metal Blade)

FATES WARNING "Parallels" (Metal Blade)

FATES WARNING "Perfect Symmetry" (Metal Blade)

FATES WARNING "A Pleasant Shade of Gray" (Metal Blade)

FATES WARNING "Still Life" (Metal Blade)

FATES WARNING "Theories of Flight" (Inside Out Music)

FATIMA HILL "Aion" (Worldchaos Productions)

FAUST "...and Finally Faust" (self-produced)

FAVOR THE BRAVE "Entropy" (self-produced)

FDISK "Connection Reset By Satan" (Self-produced)

FEAD "Nameless" (Pacific West)

FEAR "American Beer" (Hall of Records)

FEAR "For Right and Order" (Atom Age Industries)

FEAR "Have Another Beer With Fear" (Fear/Sector 2 Records)

FEAR FACTORY "Archetype" (Liquid 8)

FEAR FACTORY "Concrete" (Roadrunner)

FEAR FACTORY "Digimortal" (Roadrunner)

FEAR FACTORY "The Industrialist" (Roadrunner)

FEAR FACTORY "Obsolete" (Roadrunner)

FEAR FACTORY "Transgression" (Calvin)

FEAR MY THOUGHTS "The Great Collapse" (Lifeforce)

FEAR MY THOUGHTS "Hell Sweet Hell" (Lifeforce)

FEAR OF WATER "Fear of Water" (Ten Fold Records)

DAVID ROCK FEINSTEIN "Bitten by the Beast" (Niji Entertainment)

FEN "Trails Out of the Gloom" (CDBaby)


KEVIN FERGUSON "Exotic Extremes" (DeBone)

KEVIN FERGUSON "Strad to Strat" (DeBone)

KEVIN FERGUSON "Strad to Strat II: Vivaldi" (DeBone)

KEVIN FERGUSON "Subtle Hint" (DeBone)

FERRIGNO / LEAL / KUPRIJ "Promised Land" (Lion Music)

FETID ZOMBIE "Abort the Messiah" (Metalhit.com)

DOUG FIEGER "First Things First" (Zen Records)

FIFTYWATTHEAD "Fogcutter" (Signed by Force)

FIGHT "A Small Deadly Space" (Sony)

FIGHT "K5: The War of Words Demos" (Metal God)

FIGHT "War of Words" (Sony)

FIGHT AMP "Birth Control" (Translation Loss)

FIGHTCAST "Breeding a Divinity" (Kolony Records)

FIGHT OR FLIGHT "A Life by Design?" (Warner Bros. Records)

FILTER "Anthems for the Damned" (Pulse)

FILTER "Title of Record" (Reprise)

FILTHY WHITE TRASH "Free Ride" (Runaway Productions)

FINAL BREATH "Let Me Be Your Tank" (Magick)

FINAL DAWN "Under the Bleeding Sky" (Candlelight USA / Karmageddon / New Aeon)

FINAL GRAVITY "Final Gravity" (Self-released)

FINAL REDEMPTION "Vindicated Carnage" (Self-released)

FINCH "Say Hello to Sunshine" (Drive Thru)

FINCH "What It Is To Burn" (Drive Thru)

FINGER ELEVEN "Finger Eleven" (Wind Up)


FINGER ELEVEN "Them vs. You vs. Me" (Wind Up)

FINNTROLL "Nattfodd" (Century Media)


FIREBALL MINISTRY "The Second Great Awakening" (Nuclear Blast)

FIREBIRD "Double Diamond" (Rise Above)

FIREBIRD "Grand Union" (Rise Above)

FIREBORN "Reflections" (Deko Music)

FIRE FOR EFFECT "Inner Dimensional Chaos" (Murderworks)

FIREHOUSE "Bring 'Em Back Live" (Spitfire)

FIREHOUSE "Hold Your Fire" (Epic)

FIREPROVEN "Epilogue" (Self-released)

FIRESIGN "Truth or Consequences'" (Self-produced)

FIRESIGN "Wheelin' an' Dealin'" (Self-produced)

FIREWATER "The Ponzi Scheme" (Cherry/Universal)

FIREWIND "Allegiance" (Century Media)

FIREWIND "Burning Earth" (Leviathan)

MICHAEL LEE FIRKINS "Blacklight Sonatas" (Magnatude)

MICHAEL LEE FIRKINS "Michael Lee Firkins" (Shrapnel)

FISH "13th Star" (Chocolate Frog)

GREG FISHMAN "She Wants to be a Star" (Ventilator Records)

FISTULA "Loser" (Patac Records)

FIT FOR A KING "Slave to Nothing" (Solid State)

FIVE.BOLT.MAIN "Venting" (Rock Ridge)

FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH "AfterLife" (Better Noise)

FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH "And Justice for None" (Prospect Park)


FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH "Got Your Six" (Prospect Records)

FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH "The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell, Volume 1" (Prospect Park)

FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH "The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell, Volume 2" (AIS)

FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH "War is the Answer" (Prospect Park)

FIVE POINT O "Untitled" (Roadrunner)

FL "The Shocker" (Rancho Relaxo)

FL "What Does That Stand For?" (Rancho Relaxo)

FLAGELLATION "Incinerate Disintegrate" (Last Entertainment)

THE FLAT TIRES "Freeborn" (Rusty Knuckles)

FLAW "Endangered Species" (Republic)

FLAW "Revival" (UMe)

FLED FIVE "Fled Five" (Self-produced)

FLESHCRAWL "As Blood Rains From the Sky, We Walk the Path of Endless Fire" (Metal Blade)

FLESHCRAWL "Made of Flesh" (Metal Blade)

FLESHCRAWL "Soulskinner" (Metal Blade)

FLESH GORDON "Flesh Gordon" (Self-produced)

FLIGHT-09 "Forbidden Lullabies" (Neurosis Records)

FLIGHT-09 "Human Nature" (Neurosis Records)

FLIGHT-09 "Rifflections" (Neurosis Records)

FLIGHT 16 "Flight 16" (550 Music)

FLIGHT OF ICARUS "Cleo" (Blindfoldead International)

FLOATER SIX "Spoonfed" (Self-released)

FLOGGING MOLLY "Float" (SideOneDummy)

FLOGGING MOLLY "Within a Mile of Home" (SideOneDummy)

FLORAL "The Second Floral EP" (Esque Records)

FLOTSAM AND JETSAM "Blood in the Water" (AFM)

FLOTSAM AND JETSAM "Flotsam and Jetsam" (AFM)

FLOTSAM AND JETSAM "My God" (Metal Blade)

THE FLOWER KINGS "Alive on Planet Earth" (Inside Out Music America)

THE FLOWER KINGS "FlowerPower" (Inside Out Music America)

FLUWID "From Surface to Suffocation" (Mortal Music)

FLUPEJAC "Sometimes the Bull Wins" (Landspeed Records)

FLUPEJAC "Who's Your Daddy?" (Landspeed Records)

FLYBANGER "Headtrip to Nowhere" (Columbia)

FLYING CUPID "All Turns to Dust" (Abstract Reality)

FLYLEAF "Between the Stars" (Loud & Proud)

FLYLEAF "Flyleaf" (Octone)

FLYLEAF "Memento Mori" (A&M/Octone)

FLYLEAF "New Horizons" (Octone)

FLYING BLIND "Push" (Universal)

FLYING PENGUIN "Orange" (Hicktown Records)

THE FLYS "Outta My Way" (Trauma)

FOG (California) "Through the Eyes of the Night Winged They Come" (World War III Records)

FOG (Maryland) "Jezabel's Dream" (Bethany Records/Terror Productions)

FOGHAT "Under the Influence" (Foghat Records)

F.O.N. "Adventures In Boredom" (Doc Hollywood)

FOO FIGHTERS "The Colour and the Shape" (RCA)

FOO FIGHTERS "Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace" (RCA)

FOO FIGHTERS "In Your Honor" (BMG)


FOO FIGHTERS "There is Nothing Else to Lose" (RCA)

FOOLS PARADISE "Demo" (Self-produced)

FOOLS PARADISE "In For the Kill" (Self-produced)

FOOLS PARADISE "This World" (Self-produced)

FORBIDDEN "Omega Wave" (Nuclear Blast)

FORBIDDEN "Twisted Into Form" (Combat)

FORCE OF EVIL "Black Empire" (Escapi)

FORCE OF EVIL "Force of Evil" (Diamond)

FORCE OF NATURE "Wreaking Havoc" (Independent)

FORDIRELIFESAKE "Dance Pretend Forget Defend" (Thorpe)

LITA FORD "Greatest Hits Live" (Dead Line)

LITA FORD "Living Like a Runaway" (Steamhammer)

LITA FORD "Out for Blood / Dancin' on the Edge" (BGO)

LITA FORD "Wicked Wonderland" (JLRG)

FOREIGNER "Alive and Kickin'" (Eagle Rock)

FOREIGNER "Double Vision" (Rhino)

FOREIGNER "Head Games" (Rhino)

FORGE "Bring on the Apocalypse" (Static)

FORGOTTEN SUNS "Fiction Edge 1 (Ascent)" (Galileo)

FOR TODAY "Fight the Silence" (Razor & Tie)

FORTRESS OF ATTITUDE "The Gift of Music" (Self-produced)

FORTY DAYS LONGING "The Head of the Demon" (Self-produced)

FORWARDHEAD "Pieces" (Hard Volume)

FOSTER CARE "Bad Vibe City" (Jackshack)

FOSTERCHILD "Independence Day" (Silent Majority)

FOUR DEGREES KELVIN "Demo" (Self-produced)

****VOLCANIC "Anhedonia" (Rut Records)

FOUR LETTER LIE "Let Your Body Take Over" (Victory)

FOUR STAR REVIVAL "The Underdog" (Headstone Records)

FOUR YEAR STRONG "Rise or Die Trying" (I Surrender)

FOZZY "All That Remains" (Deep Distribution)

FOZZY "Boombox" (Fozzy)

FOZZY "Chasing the Grail" (Riot! Entertainment)

FOZZY "Fozzy" (Megaforce)

FOZZY "Happenstance" (Megaforce)

FOZZY "Judas" (Fozzy)

FRACTURED SPINE "Songs of Slumber" (Inverse Records)

FRAGMENTS OF UNBECOMING "Skyward - A Sylphe's Ascension" (Metal Blade)


FRAMESHIFT "An Absence of Empathy" (ProgRock Records)

FRANKENSHRED "Evil Shred" (Guitar 9)

FRANKENSTEIN DRAG QUEENS FROM THE PLANET 13 "Little Box of Horrors" (Restless)


FREAK KITCHEN "Land of the Freaks" (Laser's Edge)

FREAKSHOW "Freakshow" (Code 7 UK)

FREAKS LIKE ME "Philosophies of the Modern Ant" (Pavement)

FREAX "Freax" (Self-produced)

FREEDOM AND WHISKEY "Super Real" (Self-produced)

FREEDOM CALL "Dimensions" (SPV)

FREEDOM HAWK "Holding On" (Small Stone Records)

FREEWHEELER "Demo" (Self-produced)

ACE FREHLEY "10,0000 Volts" (Mnrk Heavy)

ACE FREHLEY "Anomaly" (Bronx Born)

ACE FREHLEY "Greatest Hits Live" (Megaforce)

ACE FREHLEY "Origins Vol. 1" (Entertainment One)

ACE FREHLEY "Origins Vol. 2" (Entertainment One)

ACE FREHLEY "Space Invader" (Entertainment One)

ACE FREHLEY "Spaceman" (Entertainment One)

FRETERNIA "A Nightmare Story" (Arise Records)

FREYA "As the Last Light Drains" (Victory Records)

FREYA "Lift the Curse" (Victory Records)

RANDY FRICKE "Randy Fricke" (Self-produced)

MARTY FRIEDMAN "Dragon's Kiss" (Shrapnel)

MARTY FRIEDMAN "Music For Speeding" (Favored Nations)

FRIGHTMARE "Midnight Murder Mania" (Razorback)

FRIJID PINK "Defrosted" (Repertoire)

ROBERT FRIPP "Exposure" (BMG/Robert Fripp)

FROG BRIGADE "Live Frogs - Set 1" (Prawn Song)

FROG BRIGADE "Live Frogs - Set 2" (Prawn Song)

FROM A SECOND STORY WINDOW "Not One Word Has Been Omitted" (Black Market Activities)

FROM THE ASHES "Awakened" (Self-released)

FROM ZERO "One Nation Under" (Arista)

FRONTSIDE FIVE & McRAD "50-50" (Fivecore)

FRONTSIDE FIVE "Fall Out of Line" (Fivecore)

FROST "Out in the Cold" (Screaming Ferret)

FROST "Raise Your Fist To Metal" (Noise)

FROZEN CROWN "Winterbane" (Scarlet Records)

THE FUCKING WRATH "Season of Evil" (Goodfellow Records)

THE FUCKING WRATH "Terra Fire" (Tee Pee)

FUDGE "Dust to Come" (Fastball Music)

FUEL "Natural Selection" (Sony)

FUEL "Something Like Human" (Epic)

FUELED BY FIRE "Spread the Fire" (Metal Blade)

FUELED BY IGNORANCE "Widow" (Self-produced)

FULL DEVIL JACKET "Full Devil Jacket" (demo sampler)

FULL DEVIL JACKET "A Wax Box" (Island/Def Jam)

FULL FREQUENCY "Inside Madison" (self-produced)

FULLY LOADED "The Shocker" (Rancho Relaxo)

FULLY LOADED "What Does That Stand For?" (Rancho Relaxo)

FULL ON THE MOUTH "Collide" (Atlantic/Pioneer Music Group)

FULL SCALE "Full Scale" (Columbia)

FU MANCHU "California Crossing" (Mammoth)

FU MANCHU "Eatin' Dust" (Man's Ruin)

FU MANCHU "Gigantoid" (At the Dojo Records)

FU MANCHU "Go For It ... Live!" (Steamhammer)

FU MANCHU "No One Rides for Free" (Cube Farm / Bong Load)

FU MANCHU "Signs of Infinite Power" (Century Media)

FU MANCHU "Something Beyond" (Elastic)

FU MANCHU "We Must Obey" (Century Media)

FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND "Hours" (Atlantic)

FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND "Seven Ways to Scream Your Name" (Ferret)

THE FUNERAL PYRE "Vultures at Dawn" (Prosthetic)

FUNKY JUNCTION "A Tribute to Deep Purple" (Independent Italy)

FUNNY MONEY "Funny Money" (Perris Records)

FUNNY MONEY "Stick It!" (Perris Records)

FURIOUS JONES "Bread and Circuses" (Self-produced)

THE FURNACE "Beyond What's Become" (Self-produced)

FUTANTS "Pass Me the Butter" (Self-produced)

THE FUTUREHEADS "This is Not the World" (Nul Records)

FUZZ MEADOWS "Orange Sunshine" (Copper Feast Records)

FUZZTONES "NYC" (Cleopatra Records)

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